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Proposed Library Rework Part 1


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Hello everyone, I've been drafting up and beginning the first code reworks of our library system. Library code has been around for.... a very very long time. The Library and Librarian as a role are very underutilized due to Librarians having very little to do, not to mention the UI and library system being pretty out of date. With this proposed refactor I'm hoping to tackle the issue of outdated code and UI. Later down the road (part 2?) I'd like to give the library more functionality with scanning in documents and possibly contributing to research or a knowledge system that would allow crew to learn things like different languages or possibly even light magic.

Proposed Changes

Library Computer

  • Remove the Public/Checkout computer and replace it with a single computer
  • Port browserUI to TGUI
  • Tabs for Library System
    • Patron Management - Place where book checkouts are managed and fines are handed out against peoples accounts who do not bring books back in time. Barcode scanner will perform most of the work for checking out books but it can all be done from this tab aswell.
    • Book Archive - Search player-made library books with a much more fleshed out search system. You can now see short book summaries, ratings of books, and up to three categories for books. Additionally, the flagging system has been made much more clear that it is an OOC action
    • Programmatic Books - All hardcoded Manuals/SOP/Religious books will be populated in here separate from the player archive.
    • Book Upload - Where books can be uploaded to the archive. Selected books will show up here, allows editing information about books before uploading them.
    • Possible Security Log screen for any actions (fines, checkouts, etc) taken during the shift
  • Library Computer will have a login screen
    • Librarian Access - All library management tools available
    • Public Access - Can only view player/programmatic book archive and can't order anything

Barcode Scanner

  • Chat Output from changing modes will be significantly cutdown to a single line
  • User feedback is much more clear (with sounds)
  • Will no longer stores information in barcode object, instead it just relays information directly to the library computer
    • Allowing for on-the-go library work 
  • Will be able to Swipe ID's on the barcode to get crew member information for checking out books.


  • Will have a TGUI menu
  • Will be able to print multiple books at a time
  • Option to choose book cover + decorations


  • Will remain BrowserUI (this is something non-negotiable due to security issues)
  • Will be able to have up to 3 editable Pages
  • Books will open to a "cover page" with the book summary, title, and author available to read. Additionally this page will show if the book is checked out and/or a part of the stations library system.
  • More Book Information
    • Books can now have a short few sentence summary denoting what the book is written about
    • Books will now have a X/5 star rating which is determined by players through the library system
      • This is to help sort through good and shit books
    • More covers + cover decorations (overlays) will be available (I'm hoping to sprite a few more)
    • Examining books will yield extra information such as the book rating on the side as well as if the book

RFID Scanners

  • Goes off when player walks through it with a non-checked out book
    • Makes a log in the librarians computer
  • Special Punishments for Book Thiefs
    • Lights people on fire when emagged if they steal a book
    • When fully upgraded it stuns the crew member and launches the crew member back into the library
  • Has an R&D circuit board


  • Hope to resprite these
  • Make them rotatable

Administration Tools

  • Will remain browserUI, however it will have a significantly improved interface
  • Players now get a yes/no popup before flagging books warning them that they are performing an OOC action
  • Players now have options to choose from for flagging a book so that staff have an idea of what they're looking for
  • Viewing flagged books is much easier and the raw HTML is not dumped in a window

Database Changes

  • Adds a few columns to the library table
    • Rating *#/5 integer rating of book
    • RatingNumber *integer number of rating reviews left by patrons
    • Summary *string
  • Modifies how data is stored on a few columns
    • flagged column now stores a JSON list of player flags based on report IDs
    • content column now stores a JSON list of book pages

Thoughts, questions, concerns?

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RFID Scanners

Goes off when player walks through it with a non-checked out book

Makes a log in the librarians computer

Special Punishments for Book Thiefs

Lights people on fire when emagged if they steal a book

When fully upgraded it stuns the crew member and launches the crew member back into the library

Has an R&D circuit board

This is the best thing EVER. 

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My only two gripes:
I'd like to see more than three editable pages (although I'm sure there's a reason for the length limit?)

I'd also like to see librarian integrated more into the round somehow as there's still very, very little impetus to play as the librarian beyond dedicated roleplaying and being an assistant+.

I wonder if departments like research could have bonus objects or randomized data each round that the library has in books each round, so they become part of a no-super-essential-but-appealing-to-robust-players integration. 

Some ideas:
- An "electrical code updates" textbook that populates a list of some random wires and their functions each round. (Vendors, doors, lathe, air alarms, apcs - obviously not ALL of them, but a little smattering)
- A system in science where a few random object types each round are picked for bonus research levels each shift, alluded to in an "annual research report"
- A journal reporting on the supply chain in this sector this year, listing some items that if shipped back to CC by cargo are worth bonus points this round
- A "fine dining on a budget" cookbook that shows some random recipes this round the chef can cook for less ingredients

Other than that, the improvements listed sound fantastic, this is just me spitballing, I'm very thankful for work you've done

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Figured I'd post some updates/screenshots on my current progress of this.




corporateliterature tab.PNG

upload book tab.PNG

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update it's merged :D, feel free to leave suggestions for what could be added in the future, tweaked, or improved. The second part I eventually want to do with the library will come sometime later, probably not for a few months. But when it does I'm hoping to add a few things

  • The ability to specify the type of cover you want your book to have
  • Ability to edit certain attributes of your book once it's uploaded so you don't have to delete and reupload
  • Ability for librarians to edit checkout times + apply fines for delinquent books
  • A way to hook the library into the economy
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