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  1. That's when an Admin should spawn a Changeling to mess with those people.
  2. It's always been like this. Turning the Messenger off stops all the cartridge virii. It could be worse, like on Goon where everyone throws the PDA away immediately on round start, making the cartridge useless. Atleast you can catch someone with it. Not to mention the PDA bombs never were enough to instantly kill a target, they had the force to knock them down, letting you grab them and kill them without warning.
  3. Wait someones been playing ALICE other then me? I feel betrayed.
  4. Wasn't expecting anyone to remember A.L.I.C.E, to be honest.
  5. This is how the Goonstation borg system works, but if we adopted that we might need to scrap all the different borg sprites we have since they weren't made to be interchangeable with one another and you wouldn't be able to tell the different borg parts on the current sprites.
  6. I wouldn't mind maybe dropping Plasma man price down, but to what would be a question. Not mentioned here is that while they do have a round start spacesuit and internals, the suit ALSO doubles as armor that the job in question usually needs. For instance, Security Plasma men have the armor equivalent of Security Armor, and Engineering have their Hard suit values, without the slowdown I think.
  7. I loathe to let this happen as Slimepocalypse is still a thing that can happen if Xenobio is not paying attention, and because while slime's SEEM harmless, actually killing them with fire extinguishers are really hard when they are in the open hallways. However with the firefighter backpacks and the temperature guns working extremely well, I don't think this would be a problematic event. Still can happen quite well, so I don't think we should let it be a random event specifically for letting Slimes out.
  8. The Potter Generation is growing up, in this case. We will be seeing A LOT of people named after fictional characters in real life. I don't feel like commenting much since neca hit a good number of points, but the only person who makes these connections are other people. I don't think twice about where a name comes from or what it means. A name is a name, its who the person is not what they are called. Though personally Harambe named people are just like Groot diona and should be punished. But that's just me.
  9. This will cause more problems then it would allow them to fix anything. It would allow players to run up and pull something away from someone who is trying to do something. Yes the player in question will get Jobbanned, but he already stopped the antag from killing his target or he pulled the nuke away from Nukies if you make it restrictive to Machines. There's not many instances where there would be a breach that needs to be repaired but a machine is in the way. It feels very niche. No. You chose not to play in the round, you don't get a free "I'm off to goof off and make my own thing" spawn. Not to mention the drone's entire purpose is to be a station repairer, not to build on the station. That room you are building might cause problems for someone else in a round. A good example of it is the old bar area. That is a good spot for S.Lings. to go and make a crude base of operations, but because a maintence drone decided to make the place pretty, there's now lights everywhere.
  10. Very much this. Xenos have TERRIBLE win rate whenever you look at round that the crew doesn't run headfirst into the nest. They win when people forget to work together. The only thing that is a problem is their infinite stuns and leap, and one of those is being addressed.
  11. Gone since you can just bug science to make corgi smoke.
  12. Plasman Sprites look incredibly similar to the Void Suit in the TComms. I sometimes take a bit to realize it's not an RD wearing the suit when I see one. Sure the colors give it away at times, but I don't look for colors I look for shapes, since there's a lot of unique shapes in the game. If the Suits didn't have an armor value on them for their various departments (Medical hasBio, Engineering has minor stats, Security has moderate stats, Miner has Brute, Scientist has Bomb(?)) I can see a good reason for this, but it defiantly would screw people up thinking the Plasman is something else.
  13. I thought Emagging the Sleepers removes the Dialysis safeties and allowed you to drain the blood out of a person completely.
  14. Very much this. The newscasters already do this, photo and all.
  15. I don't know much about the code but maybe the roundstart robotics/mechanic/experimentor/rnd/gateway consoles could be kept the same, but the Circuit Imprinter (and Tech Storage board) prints a different machine board codewise which is exactly the same but the resultant machine has no lock? That's exactly what I mean when I said about the subtype.
  16. I do not believe that it's possible to do this, unless you make a separate machine subtype specifically for that console. Someone who knows the code better can confirm or deny it. Not to mention that would remove the access requirement on the Round-start console as well just by screwdrivering it, completely ruining the purpose of having it.
  17. Honestly I would like Credits to replace Supply Points. Each department starts with 5k in it's department funding, so it's completely reasonable. It would also allow us to also pay the miners along side their point allotment, and could bring up some bribery things that Cargo could do. Making Credits into Supply Points just feels kinda redundant compared to just using Credits to buy things. Unfortunately, last time this suggestion was made, a lot of people posted that "Cargo is meant to give stuff out for free!" and such and shot it down.
  18. Then that brings up the problems of not being able to use equipment because a specific race is with you (IPC's), You have to wait for them to catch up to the group when charging in (Diona) or have some silly shit happen to them (Vox). Not to mention the Drask will need a nuke op and elite op hardsuit, and the Elite Op will need icons for all the races now (I do not know if they already do).
  19. Can I ask what about this is ahorrible nerf? Atleast it makes Overload Machine worth using, before there was no utter reason to ever pick it because Override is just so much better in every way. The readdition of one of the strongest tool is a bad thing? To keep this ontopic, however, speaking as someone whos been here from the beginning, I can agree that some of the lethalness of the game is gone. However, in some cases that's because we been removing one hit kills (which the old days were filled to the brim with) and general "Throw up your hands and lean back, waiting to die" shit, much like how ZAS was. But truth be told this game is still hideously lethal and you can die on a drop of a dime, but no one ever does anymore because you know all the mechanics, the quirks, and ways to get around things. People cry and complain about the bite being taken from antagonists but when you can't use half the list because people know what to look out for or specific behaviors, that's not a problem with the antagonists. You know someone getting close might be trying to Sleeper pen or Changling Sting you, people have macros that immediately input "Say; HELP!" and then scream, and not to mention "memechems" which tons of scientists and medical personnal keep on themselves. Of course it feels like Wizards suck when their win percent is way below average when a wizard can teleport on station and immediately die because someone had a syringe on them "just in case". That's not even going into the double standard that people have created. I honestly feel completely fine with how things are, there's no more absolute bullshit that isn't regarded as "well it's your fault", but I would have to say in the eyes of someone whose "new" to the game it is still a metal death trap.
  20. This was never really "added". The feature itself was broken this entire time, they were always meant to have the locks. And like what many people said, people would just break down the windows to get in to make toys if no one stopped them. You shouldn't have to close down all of Science just to keep people from getting into one room.
  21. As much as I believe the Tesla should be changed, as Goofball keeps pointing out in PR's there's not much reason to until Power matters. As it stands right now we don't even need the engines much, Solar Panels can power the station for the most part without much excess power. Goonstation encourages better power management by using the excess power to send off station for more money, but as it stands there's really no reason to change much engine wise since it doesn't matter.
  22. Yea but then you run into situations where the blob eats the nuke and then....its time to sit down and wait for it to win. Plus wasnt it removed from blob because blob was made somewhat weaker and needed less station % to win?
  23. I forgot to announce this. The server is currently back relisted on the Hub for an indefinite amount of time. Please take care when dealing with people and do not hesitate to ask for AdminHelp. But also please understand if we cannot answer you if there is problems, as we often will have our hands full with other complaints. As always new players, do be sure to MentorHelp to ask questions, the Mentors will assist you in any way they can to solve your curiosity.
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