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  1. Commission work of someone’s FFXIV character, a Dancer.
  2. “Good Morning, Tucson!” The lights come on and so I smile wide and say, “Good Morning, Tucson!” I throw to you before I throw the rest away.
  3. Are you happy, Citizen?
  4. Thanks for the positive words, guys I use Photoshop CC as my main art program. Some doodles I made for my boyfriends, and a friend
  5. Recent works: Sekiro as a wolf, and a friend, illustrated in a style inspired by Yoji Shinkawa.
  6. Full resolution image of the (now defunct) Oracle Station server splash screen.
  7. various illustrations of my incineroar.
  8. I got contacted to paint custom Magic: The Gathering token art for "Kobolds of Kher Keep". Honestly, one of my most involved pieces this year.
  9. A pair of illustrations.
  10. I like to post art, but my second forum hobby is checking out the declined unban appeals. Some of the non-appeal locked threads are a doozy to go through, too.
  11. I'm still here, but all is lost.
  12. ꙮ there's something out there, breathing. Watching.
  13. Then what's stopping security from using eswords or ebows against traitors, or enacting martial law in the first sign of hostilities, or performing extrajudicial executions and full departmental inquisitions? Why doesn't security lingtest every suspected changeling or force inmates to down holy water during vampire inquests? Adhering to realism should not be the end goal if it sacrifices fun and/or balanced play.
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