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  1. I feel the last thing any of us truly wants is Robotics having more time to mass produce combat mechs. The issue with this idea is that when roboticists may need to be called due to it not being part of their standard duties they'll likely either not know how to do it or not be as proficient. It's not really that out of place when you think about the fact that they do borgings and IPC repair. This doesn't work for genetics. I don't see why it would work for this idea. The issue for this isn't IPCs not getting repaired fast enough. I think their initial issue was "Man it sucks that robotics gets blown up so often." As an IPC you kinda just have to accept your lot in life in this regard.
  2. So I've quoted this from the advanced rules before but I feel I may not have explained this well enough. Yes. You are required to follow your laws. But you're required to do so in a way that shows you have common sense. I.E. why would CentComm send a borg to the station to open every door every one asks them to and not just issue out universal door remotes if that was they wanted? I feel that'd be substantially cheaper than an AI.
  3. Code 407- Grand theft. Thus them letting the clown in to steal that stuff can lead to the clown being executed. Which means you just performed an action that leads to crew harm. Yeah cuz what would Spark and I know about what an admin would bwoink some one about, am I right? Look. I hate crewsimov. But you are grossly overthinking the consequences of telling people "No" on it.
  4. I always just treat it as a "The box isn't for you it's for some dip shit meat bag who you can reasonably save." because it's easier to get to your box in an emergency than theirs. I've had to use it working in toxins when my partner plasma floods it to save them far too many times for me to prefer something I can go to cargo to get if I need it over that.
  5. Oh definitely. That's why I felt obligated to post here and explain things.
  6. Reading the advanced rules is a pretty solid idea. For example: Advanced rules silicon and drone policy bullet 3: "The AI, while having the responsibilities of Command does not carry the same authority as command and is to be considered a tool to assist the crew in their duties aboard the station." So basically... yes you're not associated with the departments. But for the most part you are obligated to do your job. Yes there are lawsets that obviously exempt you from this. But it's less "You only help them when your tools align with theirs" and more "You're a tool made to help them unless your laws specifically dictate otherwise" Bullet 2: "Common sense should be used with interpretation of lawsets. The AI is assumed to be one that NT and CC want on the station." Common sense typically would dictate that NT likely doesn't want people entering places they shouldn't with out a legitimate reason.
  7. Oh hey! I saw one of these in a World War 1 Museum. Except that one had a giant hole through it.
  8. So you're saying you didn't dream of being a toaster as a kid? Just wound up as it. I'm sure it's roughly the same thing.
  9. Posted at the request of @Calyxmanwith a bit of personal flair.
  10. As good a place for it as any I reckon. But honestly yeah. Original post is pretty on the nose about it all.
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