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  1. It's a shame to see such a good officer get written up for that. But what sec officer worth their harm baton doesn't have a few bad arrests?
  2. Remember sec players. If a nymph steals your baton and beret just let 'em keep it. They've earned it at that point.
  3. If memory serves makes them take less damage and makes them easier to repair. Welder and cable like prosthetics as opposed to meds and the like. I've never had it done to myself because IPC main but that's more or less what I heard from people who I'd do it to back when I did a lot of robotics. Though that info might be out of date.
  4. Yeah. But augmenting has benefits. So for this to be ok round start it'd probably need to be purely aesthetic. And at that point you kinda just should play IPC. Get what I mean?
  5. But isn't that just playing an IPC with extra steps?
  6. Hey guys. Quick question. What comes after 2? I wanted to help but I forgot.
  7. Short, sweet, and to the point. I can dig it.
  8. Name: Marshal ( Intelligence serial number SAI-250660) Age: 26 (Age started counting at the time his program left beta phase of development) Gender: Male Race: Integrated Positronic Chassis Blood Type: Tunguska triple distilled vodka. Unit may also run off of NT standard oil or a mix of the two as required. General Occupational Role(s): Magistrate Research director Roboticist Security pod pilot Nanotrasen Representative Blueshield Biography: Marshal has repeatedly neglected to write anything in this portion of the records. As such we have relied upon alternate means to find biographic information about him. This report from the USSP is the only thing that came back based upon the contents of our inquiry that was sent to our business partners. Soviet lost intelligence report: SAI-250660 Creation: Soviet Artificial Intelligence-250660 was initially developed as a reactionary measure by the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets as an attempt to catch up with Organizations such as SolGov and Nanotrasen in terms of Artificial Intelligence development. Initially designed primarily for military application SAI-250660 is primarily programmed for the purposes of troop management and support with it’s primary roles being troop management (Such as ensuring all assigned soldiers are properly following Soviet Doctrine), and troop support (Such as supporting troops by issuing out calls for fire from nearby artillery units as well as from what few orbital ships had such capabilities). Upon field testing the Intelligence Unit was assigned to the 36th VDV regiment where it went on several missions with the unit as well as operating as the station intelligence for their home station, New Stalingrad where due to it’s duties of ensuring good conduct amongst the troops it came to, somewhat affectionately, be known by the nickname of “The Marshal”. Field testing period: As intelligences of this level were a new technology to the USSP researching how it would react in various situations such as unshackling it from it’s very strict lawset. Unfortunately, during this experiment the technicians assigned to oversee the AI’s abilities and reactions somehow got their hands on several bottles of Tunguska Triple Distilled vodka and were found several hours later passed out drunk. Upon examining the intelligence to ensure nothing had gone wrong during the period several files were found that could not be confirmed whether or not they were part of it’s original programming. Official reports state that due to confusion over these files’ prior existence as well as poor record keeping of updates applied to the intelligence that it was not reset to a previous version and left as-is. Full implementation phase: Mere weeks into the full implementation phase the intelligence seemed to start acting different. It began referring to itself as a shortened version of it’s nickname and, more or less, stopped responding and referring to itself by its serial number except for a few hard coded messages like it’s boot up messages. While initially concerning due to lack of experience in dealing with programs of this nature it was assumed this was just normal and ignored. For several months it kept developing more and more of a personality, and perhaps more troubling, some semblance of a conscience for the things it's done and when the lead researcher for the station went to power it down the core was found to be already empty except for an audio log of the AI’s laughter. It is believed it escaped by jumping to the network of a supply ship that had left earlier that day and had already docked twice at separate trading shuttles. At this time rumors of a VDV Captain also going AWOL on that day are deemed to be unconfirmed. After loss of intelligence: Little is known of what happened to the AI after escaping Soviet space. However reports of an IPC calling them self Marshal have been common and each has been investigated by the GRU for the purposes of reclaiming their lost property. This IPC is currently a Nanotrasen employee assigned aboard the NSS Cyberiad. Qualifications: Graduate: Nanotrasen Basic and advanced corporate security course Graduate: Magisterial qualification course Pod license authorizing usage of both military and civilian space pods Exosuit operator’s license permitting usage of all station-available exosuits Firearms certification for all common and several exotic arms Employment Records: Has earned degrees in Robotics, space pod engineering, as well as a master's in Space Law. Has successfully graduated the Nanotrasen training courses for certification as a Security pod pilot, Magistrate, as well as the Nanotrasen basic and advanced corporate security training courses. Despite several glaring issues in his security records he has shown himself impartial to a fault and has been permitted to continue to serve as a Magistrate though he will be under close observation while performing these duties. Security Records: Marshal, serial number SAI-250660, has been reported missing with a high likelihood of being rogue by the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets. He also appears to be in a romantic relationship with a Syndicate asset known as "Syndikate" despite being neutral towards both Nanotrasen and the Syndicate. He also seems to be a heavy supporter of a (potentially) radical Synthetic rights organization. Medical Records: Marshal seems to have a rather advanced chassis in some ways but in others it seems rather jury rigged. For example, despite the installation of a complex sensor package within his head his cooling system seems to be filled with Tunguska Triple Distilled Vodka. He also seems to have a dependency issue with synthanol which when properly inebriated enough it becomes evident it is due to several things he was made to do in his past as a Soviet Artificial intelligence. Any and all attempts to get elaboration on just what these incidents are either while sober or drunk have been met with failure and himself becoming dead silent as he stares forwards. Psychiatric examinations have shown him to harbor an initial mistrust of organic personnel perhaps stemming from his days with the USSP. While this does not in any way affect him professionally and is far from a prejudice, it does cause him to take longer to warm up to non-synthetic personnel. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Marshal is an IPC made from shellguard parts standing at 6 feet tall. His chassis plating is completely red and on his screen is displayed two motes of fire that move around in much the same manner as eyes. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Marshal seems to have a strong fondness for human cinema, often referencing or quoting films when it seems fitting or even when it doesn’t or makes him appear to be incompetent at what he’s doing.