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  1. Esenno


    Gg ya nerd. But regardless. Welcome.
  2. I'll be honest with you. If we do no restrictions at least one of those departments will no longer exist by about twenty minutes in and the other will be mostly gone. So if I ever went with this event idea I'm not giving them hijack level leeway.
  3. I'm sorry but you're 2 much of a nerd for us to tell you things.
  4. Hey I think your 0 is broken. Don't worry. Fixed it for ya.
  5. As we all here probably know that's not the Magistrate's job. That's the HoS's job. And if this is something that's going on it'd be nice to be informed of it. Magistrate should only be ensuring proper sentencing under space law. That is the nature of protagonists (As I'm presently using to describe the crew due to literary reasons) and antagonists. One wins. The other doesn't. I have yet to read a good story where both sides win as the conflict between the two sides and the subsequent victory or defeat of either is what makes every story as compelling as it is.
  6. Honestly prefer this really. Because it's better than my idea.
  7. Can we maybe instead make it "EoCs that turn themselves in"? Because if you think of it showing mercy to some one who very well may have been planning to do their objectives and just got caught sounds kinda like a potential mine field.
  8. I know this pain. Marshal didn't smoke until I started working Magistrate as him. Plus it's fun when people are genuinely confused by it.
  9. You know. I am starting to believe we should be giving our security crewmembers classes on the potential negative impacts of smoking on their job performance...
  10. Look. Tetra's great. But when security is running like a well oiled spanner less machine it's just...
  11. Ah Cecilia. Always a pleasure to see as HoS. They're one of those ones that when Magistrate I know I can more or less just leave security be until they need me.
  12. Look I got GA this week so I'm gonna celebrate going from zero to zero with powers by resetting this thread back down to zero.
  13. Probably because you can get lots of loot from playing it. As for EVA/engineering access most HoPs will just give you it with out question and if you need anything from engineering more often than not they'll help you out.
  14. Welcome and good luck.
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