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  1. If this is something that happens then please ahelp that. That's being a dick. However if a pet is running around being a menace then getting killed is kinda what you should expect to happen.
  2. "Why is every one so toxic?" Asked the person who got banned for arguing with an admin over some minor trifle.
  3. Wow they just got here and you already are trying to put them to work. For shame!
  4. This, to the best of my awareness, has been the policy for at least as long as I've been an admin. Probably longer.
  5. This is already the type of event that happens every now and then. You just need to be online when an admin wants to run a Build your own station event.
  6. That's because initially this being a meme race was one of the biggest things standing in the way of them being merged. So memes like this don't help the race at all.
  7. This is the part of the forums for suggesting events. As in admin events. This would fit more in the actual suggestions area for suggesting it as a change. Changelings are, to the best of my knowledge, supposed to be able to have each other as targets that's part of the game because not all antags are supposed to be able to fully trust each other.
  8. When shotguns are so good that people will actively yell at cargo for getting autorifles instead there might be an issue with how good shotguns are.
  9. Welcome to the forums. Don't sweat asking for help. People tend to be fairly helpful and asking staff is very much encouraged if you've got questions and the like.
  10. Don't make the QM a head because you don't want to handle supply, if any one asks for all access tell them no, if people ask for additional access to departments ask the relevant departmental head, and for any other areas ask the Captain, and don't make the clown acting anything.
  11. You're hardly a gamer. You can't even get through a round of Unfortunate Spacemen with out mag dumping other innocents with a flamethrower.
  12. This. And pending more context even what other members of the admin team have said here will probably change too.
  13. I think people greatly misunderstand how powerful this spell kinda is. It's a touch spell that means you can then ignore the person and they'll just be killed off because Cluwnes are valid. Some one never rolling wizard doesn't mean they can't add to a conversation in a positive, constructive way. Experience as a specific antag isn't entirely a make or break when you have a lot of time on the server. What I've seen a lot of wizards win or lose on isn't not knowing what the right spells to take it's getting outplayed. I've seen absolute monster wizards get taken down because they didn't know some mechanic or they made a mistake that got capitalized on by a more advanced player.
  14. I feel the last thing any of us truly wants is Robotics having more time to mass produce combat mechs. The issue with this idea is that when roboticists may need to be called due to it not being part of their standard duties they'll likely either not know how to do it or not be as proficient. It's not really that out of place when you think about the fact that they do borgings and IPC repair. This doesn't work for genetics. I don't see why it would work for this idea. The issue for this isn't IPCs not getting repaired fast enough. I think their initial issue was "Man it sucks that robotics gets blown up so often." As an IPC you kinda just have to accept your lot in life in this regard.
  15. So I've quoted this from the advanced rules before but I feel I may not have explained this well enough. Yes. You are required to follow your laws. But you're required to do so in a way that shows you have common sense. I.E. why would CentComm send a borg to the station to open every door every one asks them to and not just issue out universal door remotes if that was they wanted? I feel that'd be substantially cheaper than an AI.
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