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  1. Wait, sm shard objective causes sm to delaminate?
  2. This is basically a list of scenarios and discussing whether or not they are breaking rules and other certain times when this rule should apply 1. Amassing guns and armor because of cult halos/Wizard/Nukeops/Traitor murderboning because hijack. 2. A security officer tries to tase you, but you dodge the shots, and disarm him of his gun, and run away. 3. Taking a bribe as an engineer to turn a blind eye to let a traitor steal a supermatter silver 4. See your objectives go "Nah fuck that shit" and build a saw deathtrap and kidnap random people to force them to compete for their lives 5. Assisting a traitor in hijacking the shuttle as an antag 6. Giving up high risk items to a traitor because you are being held at gunpoint. 7. Making a death trap at the centcom arrival area so when ert arrive they get killed when you are an antag
  3. Make it so you can use a glass shard to cut the implant out of your skin, the description says on the research "Electronic implants embeedded BENEATH the skin"
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