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  1. NanoTrasen likes technology, money, and plasma. The Syndicate likes fucking over Megacorporations and big guns. The USSP likes doing soviet stuff.
  2. Casually minding my own business in the halls. Some civilian with a flashlight is running past. Suddenly, i get instakilled. It was him. No one bats an eye. Thankfully, said tatoraide had the decency to deliver me over to Robotics afterwards.
  3. Tried to make an edit, but one does not simply forum on mobile.
  4. Not sure if i'll use this more organized approach, since i've already color-coded department specific items, can't be fucked to redo the icons, and i'm just used to the layout i have. Still, is nice.
  5. The great search for item icons has come to an end. Next comes adding tech orgin stats for all items.
  6. Become toaster. Ping. Explore the house. Explore the spooky basement fucking fallout shelter right under my house. Shop for augmentations. Ask the neighbors for sugar. Go to work. Ping some more. Do science. Die. Get reconstructed. Enjoy life.
  7. If Voxxy yaya and plasmeme have their own survival kits, then IPC should get their own too. I agree with this.
  8. One of the few lore conflicts with gameplay is that there's no reasoning behind why IPCs have and require Oil to survive. If i had to make it up, i belive there would be a tempature manager component in an IPC's body that uses oil to cool or heat practically anything in the IPC chassis. Wihout the tempature managing component, or the oil to power it, most of the servos and components in the IPC body would slowly overheat and stop functioning. Also, how do people get on board the NSS Cyberiad anyway? If i had to make that up aswell...
  9. 50u is the max bottles have and i'd say it's enough, don'tcha think? I don't see a reason as to why removing the fine control of substances in the chem dispencer is neccesary. I'm assuming that this would hinder newcomers, as if they put in too much of a certain chemical into the beaker, they can just remove the exess, instead of having to delete the whole mix or moving the beaker to a Chemmaster 3000. What's this? Non-antags with dangerous chems? Yeah, no. Some traitor chemist or scientist could just get the syringe gun, make himself loads of ketamine, shoot it at security and have them stunned for days. Okay, a slight increase in size of the basic beakers would be nice for the way recpies work. Could essentially port one of theese from TG Station. I belive they exist there.
  10. SUPER BIG DISCLAIMER This R&D guide contains an edited version of 'Meex's guide to R&D in 10 minutes or less'. @Xantholne made the forum post originally, and this is just a version that i use for my own convenience. (And whoever else is reading this because i posted it) This version has also been updated to adapt to the removal of telescience. To do R&D, you input all the things listed below. From top to bottom. Basic R&D items do not require materials other than Metal and Glass. There is a stack of both in R&D at roundstart. If that's unavailable, there's also a stack of both in Sci/Chem. PROTIP: You can use the CTRL + F Browser search function to look for a specific item, or specific tech orgin. (For example writing (Power: 4), into the browser search will find items with that tech orgin. ONE THIRD Load 20 Glass and Metal sheets into the Protolathe Load 15 Glass sheets and 2 metal sheets into the Circuit Imprinter Basic Capacitor, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Power: 1) Micro Manipulator, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Materials: 1Data: 1) Basic Micro-Laser, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Magnets: 1) Mechanical Toolbox, located in R&D (Combat: 1, Engineering: 1) Weaken the table in the back before deconstructing the welding tool. You will be able to place an autolathe there later. Welding Tool, located iside the Mechanical toolbox (Plasma: 1) High-Capacity Power Cell, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE, MECHFAB, PODFAB (Power: 2) Science Goggles, made in PROTOLATHE (Engineering: 1, Magnets: 2) Reagent Scanner, made in PROTOLATHE (Biotech: 1, Plasma: 2) Health Scanner HUD, made in PROTOLATHE (Biotech: 2, Magnets: 3) Advanced Reagent Scanner, made in PROTOLATHE (Biotech: 3, Magnets: 4, Plasma: 3) Advanced Hard Disk Drive, made in PROTOLATHE (Data: 2, Engineering: 2) Holographic Sign Projector, made in PROTOLATHE (Data: 3) Mining Drill, made in PROTOLATHE (Engineering: 3, Materials: 2) Tracking Beacon, made in PROTOLATHE (Bluespace: 1) Global Positioning System, made in PROTOLATHE (Bluespace: 2, Materials: 2) Advanced Capacitor, made in PROTOLATHE (Power: 3) Advanced Matter Bin, made in PROTOLATHE (Materials: 3) Indirect round 4's reached. Sync. SECOND THIRD Machine Board (SUPERPACMAN-type Generator), made in IMPRINTER (Power: 4) Machine Board (Teleporter Console), made in IMPRINTER (Bluespace: 3) (Small edit here due to telescience removal) Machine Board (MRSPACMAN-type Generator), made in IMPRINTER (Plasma: 4) Machine Board (Quantum Pad Board), made in IMPRINTER (Bluespace: 4) Machine Board (Teleportation Hub), made in IMPRINTER (Materials: 4) Indirect round 5's reached. LAST THIRD Security HUD, made in PROTOLATHE (Combat: 2) Large Grenade, made in PROTOLATHE (Combat: 3) Exosuit Board ("Gygax" Weapons & Targeting Control module), made in IMPRINTER (Combat: 4, Data: 4) Cybernetic Heart, made in PROTOLATHE, MECHFAB (Biotech: 5) Cybernetic Heart, made in PROTOLATHE, MECHFAB (Biotech: 5) Wired Network Card, made in CIRCUIT IMPRINTER (Data 5) Round 5's surpassed. Basic R&D is now DONE. (Data 6, Biotech 6, Everything Else 5) UPGRADING STUFF Under stock parts print 1 Rapid Part Exchange Device 10 Super matter bins 10 Pico-manipulators 5 Advanced capacitors 5 Advanced scanning modules 5 High-power micro-lasers Upgrade the ORM. Upgrade Botany if they're contributing. Upgrade the Protolate and Imprinter. Moving on onto Advanced R&D. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADVANCED R&D Each category shows items you need to deconstruct in order to get tech levels to 7. Advanced R&D items require advanced materials from Mining to complete. (Gold, Silver, Uranium, Solid Plasma, Diamond, Titanium, Bluespace Polycrystals, etc...) All materials are obtained from the Ore Redeption Machine (ORM for short) in Mining. Most categories may have multiple ways to achieve level 7's. The advanced R&D guide was made by me, this time. (With the help of @BeanOS.) Items colored Emerald require items from Botany. I hope you upgraded their equipment prior. Items colored Amethyst require items from Xenobio. Someone did do Xenobio this shift, right? Riiiiight? Items colored Orange require items from Mining. Better hope all the miners are still alive. Items colored Bright Blue require items from Command. The only one being the Chain of Command. Ask the Captain and he'll get it for you. If he says no, he's a comdom. When inserting materials into the Destructive Analyzer, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, USE ONLY ONE PEICE. YOU'LL FUCKING WASTE THE WHOLE STACK OTHERWISE!!! Inserting a whole stack of materials into the Destructive Analyzer will only use up a single peice from that stack. Still, it's less confusing to just take out a single peice from the stack and then jam it in. For the Mining Jetpack, it has to be a Mining Jetpack specifically. It can't be any other jetpack. No. The CO2 jetpack from EVA won't do. MATERIALS FROM 5 Uranium (Materials: 5), Diamond Mining Drill (Materials: 6), (Reccomended) OR Uranium (Materials: 5), Diamond (Materials: 6) OR Diamond (Materials: 6), Diamond (Materials: 6) OR Ambrosia Gaia Branch (Biotech: 6, Materials: 5), Diamond Mining Drill (Materials: 6), (Reccomended) ENGINEERING FROM 5 Machine Prototype (Engineering: 6), Machine Prototype (Engineering: 6) OR Mining Jetpack(Engineering: 5), Machine Prototype (Engineering: 6) (Reccomended) PLASMA FROM 5 Green Glowcap , Green Glowcap (Reccomended) OR Phazon Torso, Green Glowcap OR Charged Slime Core, Green Glowcap POWER FROM 5 Charged Slime Core, Red Glowcap OR Red Glowcap , Red Clowcap (Reccomended) BLUESPACE FROM 5 Bluespace Polycrystal(Bluespace: 6), Bluespace Polycrystal (Bluespace: 6) (Reccomended) (Only viable option) BIOTECH FROM 6 Sentience Potion OR Conciousness Transfer Potion OR Ambrosia Gaia Branch (Reccomended) COMBAT FROM 5 Chain of Command(Combat: 5), P-X Tesla Cannon(Combat: 6, Magnets: 6, Engineering: 4, Materials: 4) (Reccomended) OR Gatfruit , Gatfruit OR Clown Mortar, P-X Tesla Cannon (Combat: 6, Magnets: 6, Engineering: 4, Materials: 4) (Bananium can be obtained from Clown Statue in the Clown office.) OR Deathnettle, P-X Tesla Cannon (Combat: 6, Magnets: 6, Engineering: 4, Materials: 4) ELECTRONICS FROM 5 Lazarus Injector, Lazarus Injector OR Ghost Chili,Lazarus Injector OR P-X Tesla Cannon, P-X Tesla Cannon (3 silver bars, 12 metal sheets total) (Reccomended) (Requires Chain of Command to unlock) DEETA FROM 6 Minebot AI Upgrade (Only possible option) TOXINS GUIDE Getting levels in Toxins is done differently then placing specific items into the Destructive Analyzer. In Science, there is an area called the Toxins Test Range. In the Launch Room of the Toxins Test range, there's the Tachyon-Doppler Array, wich has a random target value each shift. In order to get Toxins tech levels, you need to trigger and explosion in the Toxins Test Range with the same/close enough strength as the target value. It is assumed that you perform Toxins using TTV-based bombs. Meddling with oxygen and plasma however i find confusing, so i preffer to use Chemical-based bombs. (Aka. Black Powder) Let's learn how to make Black Powder bombs for use in the Test Range. PEAK PERFORMACE SUMMRAY At peak performance, the total items required for Advanced R&D are... Uranium, Diamond Mining Drill, Mining Jetpack, Machine Prototype, 2 Green Glowcaps, 2 Red Glowcaps, 2 Bluespace Polycrystals, Ambrosia Gaia Branch, Chain of Command , 2 P-X Tesla Cannons, Minebot AI Upgrade, A competent Toxins Scientist. 3 items are required from Mining. 5 items are required from Botany 1 item is required from Command. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to point something out, just say it in the comments. And i'll hopefully try to fix it. Once again, thanks to @Xantholne for the original forum post and @BeanOS for helping out with the advanced R&D guide. Credit to @rapaskoti and @AffectedArc07 for providing item icons i was unable to find myself.
  11. Here are all my pet peeves in no particular order, prepare for a wall of text.
  12. Carrying around at least two (2) full spools of cable coil and one (1) welding tool of the best quality you can find in your internals box can save you in a pinch. Welding tool qualities from worst to best. (The experimental welding tool and alien welding tools are effectively the same.) Emergency Welding Tool (10u of fuel, printed in autolathes and found in red toolboxes) > Welding Tool (20u of fuel, printed by autolathes) > Industrial Welding Tool (40u of fuel, printed by hacked autolathes and found in syndicate toolboxes) > Upgraded Welding Tool (80u of fuel, found in hacked Youtool vendors) > Experimental Welding Tool (Infinite fuel, printable by R&D, may overheat from rapid use, such as when attacking with it) = Alien Welding Tool (Infinite fuel, starting equipment for Abductors, printable by R&D if reverse-engineered, may overheat from rapid use, such as when attacking with it)
  13. No. Mechs are one of the rarely used counters to whatever superfuckery the antagonists are up to. (Read blob getting out of hand, tatoraide murderbone permakilling with a chainsaw, terror spiders literally exsisting) Yeah. I hereby say no to nerfing mechs. Mechs are encountered rarely as is.
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