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  1. I am rarely aggressive in tone ( putting that one appeal aside ), but i'll still try to stay composed. You are absolutely lucky and God blessed that this server actually has an appeal system implemented. I used to be an administrator for Counter Strike 1.6 when i was younger, and boy, when you get banned, you are fucking done. So keep your tone down, suck it up and adapt to the situation, or...... end up like me. I'm still trying to appeal for my probably 5th ban because I thought I was the almighty J of Paradise station and that I posses all the knowledge required to fool the admins. Long story short, I ended up with more ban time than playing time. So, you can be the judge of your own actions. And trust me you do not need Tully explaining to you how you fucked up and that part where you lied was pretty stupid, I mean come on man.
  2. You seem to misunderstand, the HoP provides them with weapon permits, the HoS however does not have to be inclined to provide them with weapons. They can either make their own ( improvised shotgun, crossbow etc...) or order some from cargo.
  3. While i have had a bit of time to think this whole thing over, I believe i came to a sound enough conclusion based on some other topics as well. I have stated elsewhere that the HoP should really not be as engaged in Cargo as he is IF there is a Quartermaster present, and if not really cargo techs can do it all alone... So i only deem it logical for the HoP to both organize and arm the Gateway expeditions. He is the one that grants weapon permits and he is the one in charge of general public so I honestly see no other reason or role in the game that could fit this job any better. Now whether or not the Head of Security is willing to provide arsenal support to the expedition team is another thing, and I will agree that Gateway expeditions should not be forced but rather spontaneous and heavily dependent on the type of round currently being played.
  4. 2. Don't you have to get a weapons permit first before you can even touch weapons? And that's usually done by the Head of Personnel so i don't really understand why the Head of Security has so much to say there. The HoS should be more interested in keeping the station safe, the HoP, RD and Captain should worry about equipping the expedition squads. 5. I think only Captain and HoP should be worried about sending a rescue team. Just my opinions, everything else seems cool enough.
  5. First time in my life when i don't understand the post, please explain I'm getting brain blemishes. WHAT DOES HE WANT???
  6. Ryse Son of Rome was a decent game, a tad bit tedious later on but still an amazing game.
  7. I have nothing against the gateway Explorer or anything the job stands for. With that being said i believe that enough focus has been shifted onto this issue in the time being, I also don't understand why people don't talk about space exploration more. I don't see anything wrong with the Captain letting two unemployed civilians taking a couple of hardsuits and adventuring into deep space. As far as I can recall there are many interesting things and features to find out there and there is no limit to what we can do with those things provided those people have a lot of imagination. So honestly, i could personally care less if there is or is not a wiki page regarding Gateway Exploration.
  8. Don't mean to be quite the asshole sticking out the kind of obvious here, but.... how different is this from the Revenant?
  9. Welcome aboard my German friend! Hope you have an awesome time on Paradise!!! And please if you haven't played much of SS13 before be sure to thoroughly read the rules as it is quite easy to break most of them without even knowing it.
  10. I see someone else likes the Life of Boris.
  11. I know, i messed it up but don't know how to fix it. Help please?
  12. Hahhh..... my first banning admin, sad to see him go actually. This guy was the only reason i ever bothered to appeal and keep on playing in the first place. Thank you for everything you've done brother and i really do hope to see you back one day!
  13. Trying to give the engineer the saw you had just produced but was unaware that left click is not the give button....