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  1. I mean their point is to be creepy psionic demon things
  2. Shadowlings just need a better sprite in general. Didn't hippie station add a really cool one with pulsating red markings and a freaky aura? EDIT: Found it
  3. Oxandrolone is the burn equivalent of Salicylic Acid on servers, such as TG. At the moment only salicylic acid exists for brute and brute alone. Should be a super easy change, seeing as it's basically just changing brute to burn on the code that exists already. The recipe on /tg/ is 3 parts Carbon 1 part Phenol 1 part Hydrogen 1 part Oxygen Again, it is functionally identical to salicylic acid except it heals burn damage
  4. At the very least I'm in favor of the poultices being renamed to Trauma Poultice and Burn poultice. Though I also wish that comfrey and aloe instead just has a trait called Topical which lets you apply the plant as a patch rather than food
  5. Hello, in this I'm going to detail a few ideas that should change borers from their sad state they are now to a mid round antagonist role that actually causes issues while not being too dangerous for the station, all of the changes suggested should be relatively simple. As they are now, borers and hosts come in few shapes. You either have great roleplay borers that make things fun, or shitters that take you over and make you bash your head in, fill you with fliptonium and generally troll. As for hosts, you either get in security/antagonists who want you for powergaming purposes such as infinite meth, someone who doesn't do anything, thus making you a glorified PAI or someone who will bolt to a vending machine the second you say "hi" to OD on sugar. My suggestions should hopefully make it harder to kill the fun for either side and have them work together as the symbiote the host now is. First change, remove the ability for borers to take over their hosts, now you may go "Hang on, this is signature, why would you do this?" This has just lead to people hating borers, it doesn't promote any symbiotic activity, it just kicks the player from their own body for a while. The second change however now gives borer hosts an antagonist flag and objective. "You never knew you were so alone, but now you can hear a beautiful chorus of singing! Everyone should experience this unity! Objective: Protect your borer and ensure the spread to new hosts." This addition will make borers slightly more antagonistic yet beneficial at the same time, hosts will now be encouraged to protect their borer and help spread borers to other people. Now that borers cannot control their hosts, they can reproduce without being in control and they now can also directly infect people next to them with a borer, provided they both stay still, similar to shadowling enthrallment. The third change, let borers retain their psychic stun ability while in a host, this will give borers and their hosts a tag team approach to things as the borer will stun the victim and the host can cuff them. To prevent abuse and easy fleeing from security, it will take a hefty chunk of stamina from the host and leave them very slow. Meth cannot fix stamina damage. The fourth change, borers and borer hosts can see other hosts, represented by an icon besides their head like thralls. With these changes in place, borers should be a somewhat interesting antagonist that will spread like cultists but without the heavy negative effects. Borers will not remove current traitor objectives, only add theirs as a secondary objective. They will not trigger a round ending event but their presence on the station will be taken much more seriously. TL:DR Borers are now proper mid round antags. They can't ruin people's rounds easily and neither can hosts They shouldn't interrupt the flow of the round too much They will be taken seriously Borers can't control hosts, hosts can't purposefully get rid of their borer. Hosts are encouraged to kidnap and force people to take in a borer.
  6. You're right on the AI part, my bad. The turrets function no different to beepskies though, they shoot you with disabler beams only and they only do it if you have a wanted status. Literally beepskies that don't move and instead disable criminals in a 7 tile radius around them, granted they don't report crimes but that might be an interesting PR to make in the future to give the turrets the ability to broadcast notifications when they engage someone. an important research station would have a state of the art security system, saying it's not a warzone is fine and obvious seeing as this is about nonlethal sec turrets with disablers, not lethal turrets like in the AI sat.
  7. This entire discussion got derailed from the ERT not being on the crew manifest to a discussion about the turrets. The ERT not being on the manifest means the AI is completely fine to screw them over on most lawsets, only avoidable by the server's rules. If the turrets are shooting at them, security is aware of the threat they pose, otherwise they will ignore them so why are the turrets an issue again?
  8. It's always worth it to ensure your safety, crew! Also I really like turrets...
  9. I've recently been building turrets to help security, ones that shoot based on security status. If the ERT shows up, they also shoot them and I'm assuming it's because they don't actually show up on the crew manifest, thus the turrets shoot them because they aren't crew.
  10. What if the luminary could eat tech levels as an objective?
  11. Cyiko


    If it's possible, why not a floor type called mag flooring which has the same properties as on magboots when standing on them... For whatever reason. Can use them for airlocks
  12. We don't have realistic atmos seeing as somehow gasses ignore the GIANT GRAVITY GENERATOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STATION
  13. ScraaaaAAAAtttchyyyy faaAAAaaaAAAbriiiiiiIIIiiiC!
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