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  1. That's already a normal feature, HoP doesn't have to do anything. Just select the view open job slots option. That does sound cool, but it should have a cost. Maybe require a new special item, or an agent id, or just an emag. Something. I mean, comms key costs 2 TC, so should this. Also, space ruins and gateway maps with newspapers should have news relevant to them instead of being completely empty.
  2. Oh yeah, now that I think about it, other types of notices would be really cool to have as well. Like a MISSING notice if a crewmember hasn't been seen for a while.
  3. From what I've noticed, on Baystation, the station announcements are also put in a newscaster feed (I think the public station announcements feed) incase you missed it or just want to read it again, which is really nice and gives newscasters atleast a basic practical use. It would be cool if we had that as well. Maybe the news feeds could be reworked to be more interesting. Perhaps the news feeds could be slightly tied to random events or something. Maybe there could be news of trading and that could indicate the possibility of a trader shuttle or something, etcetera, but that could probably metagamed or powergamed or whatever. But could be fun. Newscasters lack functions though, too. They should have surveys and votes and stuff! Would help for everyone who uses newscasters and needs the public's opinion. Like the Captain wanting the crew's opinion on what action to take. Or thepsychologist wanting to know what everyone's favorite colors are, for research purposes. Or the journalist asking about random stuff. Or something creative you admemes can come up with. Perhaps you could add an option for restricting certain feeds to certain access. Only doctors can post to the medical news feed for example, or you could set a feed only accessible by your friends. Newscaster articles should also get formatting. Like, come on. ...Can't come up with anything more and it's late, maybe I'll add something tomorrow, but those are my thoughts. quick edit: forgot to mention, there's also kind of a bug where images wont load in a feed unless you refresh and reopen the feed a few times, that really should get fixed. quick edit 2 final edition: Wanted to mention that I don't exactly make newsfeeds often, but I try to make one when I play Journalist. What really sucks however is how easily the Captain can just destroy all my efforts with the D-Notice feature just because I'm "causing a panic" or something
  4. also, Qix is a girl and Zixqu is a GUY
  5. they're just CLOSE FRIENDS I SWEAR
  6. From the same round: Zixqu sitting in his office with his new pet fox, which he named Quximu. Zixqu, Runtime and Quximu, along with what was left of the Command staff in the shuttle cockpit, about to depart.
  7. was a good round my plan was to kill Qix while they were bucklecuffed to a chair and sleepy penned, but i couldnt. then i later realized my objective was just to maroon, not assassinate so I guess that was stupid... we ended our adventure at russianstation (thats just where we were at round end). we killed a big spider, and then i had to fix Qix's internal bleeding via ghetto surgery. how romantic
  8. i bought minecraft today

  9. *warble on that day I found out that you can go on an underwater adventure, something I will have to keep in mind next time I play gateway explorer I wonder if I could build an underwater bar.....
  10. something everyone keeps forgetting is the other half of Zixqu's first name edit: this is apparently my first forum post, nice