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  1. Also sidenote, I'd be glad to help you part (or most) of the way for coding this!
  2. The idea is quite interesting, but I'm not sure it'd work out of the box - Grabs starting as aggressive is interesting but is a melee instastun, which makes it impossible to 1v1 and quite hard to 2v1, alongside instastuns being quite unfun to fight - The combos seem a bit too long for their effects, while yes I could sever one of their limbs, with a 9 hit combo, I can also do `grab -> harm x 8 ` and deal 160 damage which is enough to kill someone usually - 40% reduced stamina damage is a way to make it win from batons/disablers, but I'm not sure this martial art needs it - Could be interesting if help/disarm did something aswell?
  3. I mean this'll just cause half the crew to suicide or cryo, so there's a lot less people in the round and a lot of salty people in dchat who got tricked into not playing the game
  4. They already can, they can add oculine and salbutamol, that is how the enhanced sense and breathless symptoms work This would be kind of interesting as a secondary way to make death viruses, but it would have to be done delicately because 24/7 toxic chemical buildup in a body is just unfun to play against
  5. Isn't this the intention? Good/Dangerous symptoms have lower stats so you can't just fill a virus with killing symptoms, but actually have to work for it? In any case, this post is a massive "WYCI" (Or pay someone else to do it)
  6. You could instead make it normal behaviour, and only have automenders mend the exposed bodyparts, by having it run a quick check before it starts mending Feel free to ask me if you want to code this in
  7. Yeah, ashwalkers were consciously not made a guaranteed spawn
  8. What do you mean with this?
  9. Not against the idea, but wouldn't people who enjoy RP already set out these goals for themselves/their character? Admins can already give people objectives without making them an antag luckily!
  10. A la Cunningham's Law, here ya go. There should be a variable on `/obj/machinery` that's called `requires_power`. You should set this to `FALSE` on the drying rack, and then remove any code on the drying rack that checks for it needing power, and after that, making sure it will always work!
  11. It would give use to the most useless feature since paper cult was removed: hiding pieces of paper in vents I like the idea, would every tot spawn with a camera if they had an assasination objective then?
  12. I respect it, we appreciate it a lot, and we'll take the rest of the stuff!
  13. This is actually a lot easier to do than before the TM!
  14. Heya Jedediah, Welcome to Paradise station! I hope you'll like it here! I can at least guarantee you that while the sad sleepy pen into death will sometimes exist, that there's a lot of people that will RP, or attempt to do so! Sadly Ebba doesn't usually mine or build mechs, but she is a very fanatic HOS, so I hope I'll see you around soon! Best regards, Ebba Anderson (Also, know that being good in RP isn't a requirement, and the effort to try is usually already enough to be engaging to other people)
  15. If CQC can go on discount, should carpfu be able to be discounted aswell then? In general, CQC and carpfu are priced the same.
  16. Heya! Just gotta say I love how this station looks! I love that atmos now gets some big, out of the way maints for some warcrime experimentation! I have a few small issues however: - Engineering gets a tesla roundstart, with which is nothing wrong as Kerberos (Or Cerebron? idk they are very similar) does it too, but instead of there, here you don't get a SM to experiment with, as it is one of the things to experiment the most with. - What's with the big empty space in the middle of the station? To me, it seems like you could put something else in there, maybe EVA as that seems to be missing too?
  17. Heya! In addition to what you've said, it's not the pinpointer that tracks the AI (it does while the AI is going malf and doomsday, but that's an edge case), it's the camera console being able to jump to the camera that is set to the AI, so sec can easily track you from there!
  18. Hey John! Glad to see you on our lovely station! If you ever have any questions about the game, medical or other, don't be afraid to either ask IC, the discord, on the forums or just DM me! I hope you'll have fun with this amazing game :)
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