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  1. I'm tired of box but I still don't want to go against the majority. A popup window would be nice as I mentioned earlier. Not everyone has all the time in the world to play videogames. If I joined recently and my schedule was as packed as it is now, I'd hate having to learn three maps.
  2. People love EORG on Paradise. I think a forced popup would help a lot because I don't wanna miss the incoming bar brawl.
  3. I have been playing medical ever since I started here. I don't love having a new annoying virus every 15 minutes, but I did notice something. This whole system made having a virologist who knows what he's doing just as important as having good chemists every shift. In my opinion this is a good thing because with the new system, virology is more interesting to play. However, it could be a lot better. Now let's say you're CMO and you don't have a good virologist. This is a problem that can be dealt with quite easily. Either hire a viro from inside or outside of your department or do this: 1. Enter viro. 2. Make a virus using the flu virus bottle and unstable mutagen. 3. Repeat until you have anti-bodies metabolism. 4. Remove the other symptoms with diphenhydramine. 5. Release and distribute. 6. ???? 7. Immunity. If you as a CMO does not know virology, you are screwed. You should always learn the entire department before thinking about leading it anyway. If you don't have a good chemist, CMO has to make chems. If you don't have a good doctor, you gotta fix people. It's the same thing with research directors and roboticists, head of security and warden (which is a hella lot more annoying imo).
  4. Frank

    Smoke grenades

    Oh hell yeah. Thanks a lot for making this.
  5. Hello! We had a shift last night where Flick got to do a TC trade for the ninja kit. The ninja kit involves smoke grenades, and after the shift we had a discussion about it and now I'm making a thread. I love smoke grenades. Ever since we added delta in the map rotation, there is a smoke grenade at a spawn point west of medical maints. If I roll antag on delta, you bet your ass I'm going to pick it up everytime. Why is that? Well, it's because smoke grenades are SO GOOD. Why are smoke grenades so good? Well it has so many many uses. Mainly you use it to screen your movements from whoever is chasing you and also hide whatever you are doing from everyone else. Obscuring vision can be helpful in so many ways, and it can also be used as a diversion. And best of all, it's harmless. Unlike the flashbang it doesnt stun and deafen everyone around you, which makes it useful for when you need just a LITTLE bit of crowd control. It is a little annoying, but it's not as annoying as someone spamming flashbangs. These are so much fun, and I would love if they were added in more places. Maybe have them spawn randomly in maints? They are harmless after all, and it could be a fun harmless prank for the clown to throw at someone because they do no harm. As a contractor player I would love it if they were added as a low cost traitor item as well, because getting smoke grenades in your contractor bundle would be so awesome.
  6. I havent killed every megafauna yet but I'll tell you what I know. Goliaths They are slow but can do a lot of damage. Just practice dodging and eventually they will become less of a problem. Bring a splint (from survival shelter) and a pen in case you end up badly injured so you can fulton out or walk to medical. Watchers Imo the most forgiving opponent, but can be very tricky to dodge in the beginning. Have a survival pen on hand in case you screw up and start dying. Legions Pretty easy but you can be overwhelmed. Have a escape route ready just in case. Dragons Grab a lot of cores the first few times (8-10) and have a couple pens. Avoid melee range if you're using a PKA. If you have a fire extinguisher, this can help you save a lot of healing items. Making a big space to fight it with a plasma cutter will help a lot. Use 1 range and 2 cooldown upgrades for the PKA in the beginning, then start using 3 cooldowns once you learn to dodge. Collossus Take all range upgrades for the PKA and fight it in a big cleared out area. Bring a lot of cores. Armor does not help at all for this fight, so you will have to learn the patterns and dodge all the shots. This is all I know so far. Bubblegum Run. You will die several times and there is nothing wrong with that. Just focus on learning from your mistakes and you will eventually become a true loot goblin. Good luck!
  7. Science benefits greatly from the plants they get from botany. It is in their best interest that they recieve a dispenser. You can grow the plants without a dispenser, but at a slow pace. There is a reason why you should never give a perma prisoner access to banana seeds.
  8. Ok so I will be a little harsh here and tell you how I feel about this. Friendly gestures become pointless when someone has to tell you to do them. Being nice and respectful to other people should be common sense. I dont think recieving a task about "make x feel like they are in Sweden" is going to make anyone want to do that. While its a wholesome idea, I think its still bad. But then again, I'm one of those people who hate being told what to do.
  9. Its not the worst of ideas but sometimes you have to sit back and think "can this be abused?" And it can. We already have traitor HoPs giving out AA and opening 30 clown slots all the time. Now sec comms can be incredibly useful and hard to come by so giving HoP the ability to freely distribute comms might make the shifts even more chaotic. I'm not saying it should not be added just because it can be abused. It should however be announced somehow that 'x is printing comms to x channel' or something like that. Maybe the AI should get notified? I don't know.
  10. Imo voxes belong in trashcan not in space station. I hope they make patch soon.
  11. Slime people are remarkably easy to heal up because they never get fractures due to not having bones. I dont think they any buffs even if its a minor one.
  12. Absolutely not. We have all been there, and being antag can be nerve cracking at times. You will fail several times, but do know that one failure is a step closer to success. Learn from your mistakes and you will eventually stop making them. My best advice is to try and master the stealth tactics first. Sometimes you will eventually have to go loud, but that is significantly easier if you have a secret identity, several different disguises and a hidden base in maints.
  13. Hello everyone. I have not made a proper forum post in ages. Work has kept me very busy lately and so I have spent most of my freetime working out or playing in the mornings. I'm gonna try to fix that eventually as I do enjoy a little shitposting every now and then, but for now let's talk about the cultist ability Rune of the Spirit Realm. So what is wrong with this rune? Well let's start with describing the rune and what it does. I stole the wiki description for this as it is easy to understand and can be seen below: What is this rune used for? As you can see you have two options when using this rune. The first option lets you spawn in ghosts that can aid you a lot of different things, mainly conversion. You can also spam pylons around yourself and summon a lot of ghosts and tell them to go kill sec or your target. This is incredibly frustrating to go up against as the ghosts can just go ham without the fear of dying or anything. Self preservation is not a factor when you can just be respawned by the same guy again. These guys can also soak up a lot of damage from lasers and do a lot brute damage to people all around. It's very cheesy. The main problem however is the usage in conversion. Spawning in a couple cult zombie things is what makes it possible to be a solo cultie in the first place. You don't have to rely on your teammates and you can just go all "Gal'h'rfikk harfrandid mud'gib!" and convert people by summoning however many zombies you require. To convert or sacrifice your victims you do need to be 2-3 cultists around the offer rune and the zombies count as cultists when doing this. The second option lets you ghost from your character. It's extremely busted, but I have no problems with this because it helps you track down your target and coordinate fellow cultists to take them down and offer them to Nar'Sie. This is useful and sometimes necessary for a cult to even be able to find the right person to sacrifice, as Kerberos is fricking huge and Cyberiad is a pretty big station as well. Teamwork is the only way: The cultist gamemode is one of two gamemodes where antags work together, the other being Shadowling. I'm not counting revs because it's just unga and it's not in the main rotation. Not gonna talk about abductors either even if that is somewhat teambased. The description of the gamemode tells you that "You must work with your brethren to summon an avatar of your eldritch goddess". But you don't have to do that. A cultist both can work alone if they choose to because of how this rune works. You don't have to rely on anyone. All you need to do is grab some plasteel, make yourself a nice base, grab unsuspecting people from maints, pull them into your base and summon ghosts for conversion. In my opinion this is not how it should be, because you are supposed to be a team of cultists. This is not a solo operation and I feel like the first option of this rune should be removed. Balance and impact on the game: The shadowling gamemode has a lot of problems, but when they win it's most of the time because they manage to work as a team. This is how a teamantag is supposed to be. If you're fairly capable and you have three bald shadowlings on your side you are gonna have a bad time. Sometimes you get unrobust or incompetent players and this is fine. That's just how the game is. It's the same with security, as security relies heavily upon teamwork. If you have an incompetent team you will end up getting stomped and possibly game ended while recieving no backup. Shadowlings can work alone, but they don't have an ability that lets you straight out ignore teamwork completely and do your own thing. So why should strong independent cultists who need no team be allowed to exist? This should be the most teamoriented gamemode on both sides. It's just straight out silly that this is possible. Cultists should win by working as a team, not by having 1-2 competent cultists converting crewmembers until the cult snowballs out of control. Reckless conversions are not necessarily a good thing for the cult either. The moment the halos show up, the crew is allowed and even encouraged to protect their workplace from cultists. And unlike sec, they will rely on stuff other than stunbatons and tasers which can end horribly for you. Facing the wrath of the tide is not in your best interest at all. My suggestion: As I mentioned early, I think the first option should just be removed. This will make cultists a lot more team oriented. In the early game, converting will be a lot harder. This can be fixed by having more roundstart cultists (6 at high pop and maybe 4 at lowpop?). The only big difference this will make in terms of difficulty is that it requires cultists to be more coordinated when converting. Unrobust cultists who are self aware will still be helping out as they will end up teleporting around or stay at the base to help convert crewmembers. This is optimal as converting as a cultist is way too easy right now and it might add some more balance to a cult round. And the pylon zombie spam? That can fuck right off. It's garbage and should be more frowned upon. It's dumb. Sorry, not sorry. The second option should be the only option even if it is completely bonkers. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Mr. English is my third language.
  14. Add a space version of gonorrhea into the game. Instead of banning people for ERP, give them super space gonorrhea. A non infectious disease that will turn crewmembers into non sentient hivebots in the final stages. Update hivebot lore to make sure that people know about the hazards of having sexual intercourse in spessman simulator 13.
  15. Yeah we will keep on disagreeing there and thats fine. I know it is quite powerful, but trust me on one thing. If security officers didn't have to hold back on vampires or regular traitors, dealing with them would be a piece of cake.
  16. Compared to traitors which are captured and put in perma, clings are a lot harder to play due to being KOS. Once a cling is confirmed you get beat to shit and beheaded normally. The kit doesn't quite make up for that in my opinion.
  17. What other methods are you thinking about that doesn't involve pushing onto a table and performing amputation on the head?
  18. Well my man, it's both quicker and easier to just forcefeed someone one 1u pill of SR instead of decapitating. This can be done in the field without surgery tools, no need for a table or anything. And when it happens, you're screwed.
  19. Clings are hands down my favorite antags. I get this feeling of paranoia whenever they are confirmed. It's as if anyone nearby that I don't know can be a cling. It's awesome. They are a little weak right now in many ways. Unlike vampires, they dont have a million stuns. Instead they have survivability and identity theft. Lots and lots of identity theft. However I do feel like the cons do outweigh the pros a little bit. If you get caught and beaten to the point of death, you do always get a second chance unless you happen to be decapitated by security or gibbed. I have a problem with the gibbing part, as recently I see a trend of Brig Physicians rushing to medbay to get SR the moment clings are confirmed. This is clearly powergaming, and it can ruin a cling run completely. My suggestion is to make clings either completely immune to all the effects of SR or just immune to the gibbing part. I'm not sure how hard this is to code but it would help balancing it out a little. My English is very nice and I will not apologize for it.
  20. I don't see a problem with bridge hoboing. It's only natural that the more you do sonething, the more efficient you become. If I'm at the point where I've made all the chems for medbay as chemist or everything is upgraded as scientist I'm gonna go hang out with the people at the bridge. That is of course unless something else is happening or I find something else to do.
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