Natalya Sokolova

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Name: Natalya Sokolova

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Blood Type: B+

Height: 5'9"

General Occupational Role(s): Blueshield, Security Officer, Warden. 

[Clearance: Syndicate: U.S.S.P. operative.]

Biography: [Clearance: Captain, Nanotrasen Officers.]

2539: Born on a cold and rocky rimworld, Natalya was immediately introduced to poverty and hardships. On Cygni IV, designation Saratov, the U.S.S.P. has
already been established for nearly one hundred years. She was born the youngest of a family of eight. Her parents Vlaada and Vasily Sokolov, both worked 
in an outdated and poorly maintained botany lab with Natalya's older sister, Rossiya, as well as her four brothers: Artyom, Grigory, Mikhail and Semyon.
All food generated from the lab were collected by the U.S.S.P. and the family was rarely given enough to eat by the state, putting some strain on the 
relationships with all the siblings.  

2548: Shortly after Natalya's ninth birthday, another of many military police actions took place on Saratov, this time in the planets capital, Stukovgrad, 
to quell anti-communist revolts. As the conflict stretched out all four of the Sokolov boys were conscripted to assist the state and the family was
given a few extra rations to help them get by without them. Later that year, only Mikhial would return.

2555: Due to the U.S.S.P.'s aggressive recruitment policies, Natalya has been living alone with her parents for two years. All citizens of Saratov are 
recruited to the Red Navy at the age of 16 for a minimum of two tours of duty. Natalya both anticipated dreaded her upcoming birthday. Though it was 
considered an honor to serve the Union, U.S.S.P. raiding parties had notoriously low survival rates, and she had already lost all of her siblings 
to the conquests of Stukov Vedenin, the Chairman of the Union. When the time came, Natalya waited out front her home, an old bolt action rifle in her hands.
All soldiers are required to bring their own weapons, so if she had not made sure to purchase one prior she would have to rely only on hand-to-hand combat.

   Natalya was deployed to the U.S.S.P. Red October, receiving her military training and bolstering the ranks on-board the Navy's primary frigate. She exceeded 
in her subterfuge training and guerrilla combat tactics, but fell short when it came to piloting as well as received a less than average grade on 
her marksmanship. She would later be deployed to the Stoya Stealth Squad that winter.

2556: Still young and untested in combat, Natalya was tasked with an assassination mission alongside two other agents belonging to the Stoya Stealth Squad,
also known informally as the Troynoy Es. The target is an Elysium Project Chief Engineer, the mission also calls for the theft of a special pair of 
expensive magboots. The other agents had separate goals, but they all had to ensure they could reach their shuttle before the Elysium station could enter 

   Natalya decided she would be the least likely to be detected if she was not on the station, so she hijacked a mining shuttle to a nearby asteroid, 
and made her way to the Telecommunications Relay, sabotaging it in a way that would prevent all broadcasts to the primary station. Using her bolt-action
rifle, she took out a miner as he was preparing his oxygen tank. The 7.62×54 bullet pierced his hardsuit and embedded itself into his spine, dropping him 
instantly. She quickly drew an E-dagger from her U.S.S.P. PDA and finished him off before stealing his own PDA. After she vented the body into space, she 
paged the Engineer, telling him that the mining outpost was damaged and asked if he could take a look at it. By the time he arrived she was already 
disguised as the Elysian miner, wearing his hardsuit and ID, and silently lead him to the relay. While he was appraising the situation she unceremoniously 
carved up her target with the small e-blade, his screams were unheard by all but herself.

2558: After Nayalya's successful mission she had been granted a position on the U.S.S.P. Tchaikovsky Prison Station as the warden. Her duties consisted of 
ensuring the security of the facility and prisoners, as well as managing and documenting all interrogations. Her time there was uneventful, until the navy's
elite space operations team, the Spessnaz, arrived to drop off a high ranking SolGov official from Earth. Interrogations went as routinely as usual, but on
the sixth day of torture the station went into code red. A specialized TSF rescue team breached and entered the station with zero warning, gunning down any
resistance with practiced efficiency. Natalya was able to hear all of this going on before encountering the team, so she prepared herself. Armed with an
AK-814 she was ready to assault the intruders, but before she even could ID them a grenade landed at her feet. She attempted to toss it away, 
however it detonated mid throw, shredding her arms beyond repair. She was captured and interrogated, then imprisoned on [CLASSIFIED]

2560-2562: While in [CLASSIFIED] Natalya was offered a chance to take a vocational test, as some form of deal with the prison for a company called Nanotrasen.

If successful she would be enrolled in specialized training courses for Nanotrasen's elite security officers. She ultimately was accepted and after a year she graduated, shortly later being stationed aboard the N.S.S Cyberiad.



[Clearance: Security: U.S.S.P combat training]. Blueshield V.I.P. Protection training, TSF Space law and legal standard operating procedures training. Nanotrasen Command Officer's training.

Employment Records:

Natalia was previously employed by the U.S.S.P. she has since been pardoned.

Natalia has since been selected and undergone formal Blueshield training, learning how to effectively prevent the loss of Nanotrasen VIPs.
This training included full security testing on Space Law and how to identify common threats.

Security Records:

Known ex-U.S.S.P. operative. Handle with caution.

Medical Records: 

Natalya Sokolova was wounded by an explosion in a TSF raid of the U.S.S.P. Tchaikovsky, resulting in the loss of her arms. Bishop Cybernetics prosthesis have been implanted successfully.


Personnel Photo

Natalya has long blond hair, kept in a ponytail. She has modern and fully functional cybernetic prosthetics in place of her arms. She is rather petite, but still muscular. She has cold cloudy-blue eyes that seem to reflect her jaded attitude. 


Commendations [only to be added by admin]: 


Reprimands [only to be added by admin]:


Other Notes:

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Take the O- blood, die because medbay does not have O-, ??? , stay dead?

Btw cool story

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If it's not obvious to you Norstead,  I've been RPing my character to have a fixation with Natalya which started when, as Captain, I started losing my shit on comms when Natalya accidentally got spaced by an uncalibrated teleporter. 

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Oh hell, I forgot all about that round! I never used a teleporter before, and I think you told someone to "go" over comms, but I misunderstood and jumped in, ending up somewhere. I was confused and my last words were "Captain, why?"

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Gosh, I love your backstory! It would be much more interesting for me to patrol with Natalya, now when I know this much about her!!!! ❤️ So complex story ❤️ ^.^

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