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  1. Wow thanks forum for letting me set size adjusts then just saying big fuck you to my nice formatting.
  2. Y'all like Lizards? Here's some Lizards. [ From left to right: Lusooso, Fenton, Sulls, Koick, Keos, Ozz ]
  3. I'm super late because I never check the forum but, whaaaaaat dooooeeesss ttthhhhiiisssss meeeeeaaaaannn?
  4. With Among Us becoming recently popular I decided to play it and honestly? Reminded me so much of SS13 I decided to look up game servers and get back into it because honestly, the back'n'forth and lack of communication in game leaves something to be desired. I remember playing botanist back in the day but I've probably forgotten everything at this point. Low-key RL dream job right there. Looking forward to playing with y'all. Godspeed.
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