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  1. Thanks, I've made those edits and I find it much better. Always appreciate good criticism.
  2. Few points The first point seems more like trying to reason why such a change is good for the server despite the main focus of the PR being behind nerfing a combat mechanic. The original PR was not worked around aiming to encourage other forms of moving stuff around the station, this is a side effect, not an original goal that pretty much proves my point that the nerf is too broad. I do not believe that changing the entirety of how people have been used to doing things just to nerf the three robust players who cleverly use lockers as cover is a fair or good trade off. This is essentially using a shotgun to kill a fly when there are other methods that do not hurt the general community. The PR has people discussing other possible ways to handle this, all of which are far better then telling everyone to simply adapt to such a poor change. While I understand the point, I find it a bit odd that the general d of what I was trying to say is considered "negative water". We've had a similar PR that was controversial that many people found to be too harsh or unfun for such a change, example would be when batons had passive power drain. It had a similar reaction in terms of community opinion and changing how the game worked due to combat (balance). It was decided however that the change was a bit too harsh and testing in-game only proved it further. Which is why I said that it should have been tested first before a full merge to get a general community feedback and reaction. Obviously community input isn't the main factor to changes but it does make people aware of a PR's existence, and encourage better alternatives. 357 + Ebow is already a pretty strong combo, with or without locker. I think the frustration you felt is being aimed at the wrong place as the locker is probably the smallest offender out of those three items. The balance of the other two isn't relevant here but I can safely say a 12 TC and 13 TC item both paired is going to be strong in nature, and not by the addition of a destroyable locker. The removal of lockers wont actually encourage people to stealth more, nor will it make people avoid fighting disablers. Its just going to encourage more antistuns like meth and adrels since another choice of evading security is now gutted. This feels more anecdotal then a common occurrence with the existence of lockers, which I think is a bit of an extreme and rare case of a locker being used in combat.
  3. Hi, I believe that the Slowdown on Pulling PR should be reverted as I find it its argument rather poor and weak, and lowers the skill ceiling of the game by removing a technique people have used that rewarded being aware of their surroundings and made fights more engaging. This PR despite being controversial and having some opposing and agreeing parties on the balance team was not given any sort of testing or focus before its complete merge into the codebase. I have listed a few points that explain my reasoning why I believe this PR should be reverted and hope to see further discussion before the revert is made, thank you. I do not agree that pulling a crate or locker behind is a quote "gamer move". The word gamer moves is a generalization or buzzword that is slapped on things people do not like or agree with. There was nothing gamer about using objects in the world as cover to avoid taking hits or damage from engagements. Pulling a locker wouldn't 100% secure you a victory or disengagement, it would however help in extending a chase or allowing people to escape if used properly with map awareness and positioning. This entire tech has been gutted and has lowered the skill ceiling of the game despite it not being a one and done solution to all your problems. I believe this PR needed more input and testing before being completely merged into the codebase. Like I've said previously, this was a PR that had both balance team objections and approvals, with a majority community feedback of negative reception, in essence it was rather divisive in the community. It is also a massively change to the general gameplay of the server as pulling things not even related to combat are now affected by this change. I believe this was too broad of a change and that this has more negative effects on the server then what the PR aimed to accomplish. Lastly, I believe that instead of nerfing an entire mechanic in the game and affecting the entire server with a proxy nerf, there are other more constructive methods that can be used to handle these problems. Locker pulling or dragging is a majority antagonist mechanic when evading security to avoid projectiles. Use of teamwork like flanking, communication, and better positioning can solve the issues of being able to catch someone dragging cover behind them, its not rocket science its just general teamwork. A crate being dragged behind someone does not completely cover them, they are still prone to getting shot from certain angles, having their cover destroyed from excessive damage to the structure, or accidently boxing themselves in from poor movement. Skillful players can easily beat this and its all a matter of improving against it.
  4. I am so honored to be in so many of these screenies, love you bro, stay amazing.
  5. Yeah I fucking love Widescreen, genuinely really amazing to play Para in a screen that isn't a constipated box. Don't really have any issues with it personally, I play the game just fine and the only thing I can really say off the top of my head is add a fullscreen mode, otherwise good shit AA.
  6. Sibling Rivalry You are now under BAR RP
  7. Its been years, time to revive my art thread. My Vox Art (there's a lot/not in order). (Click the spoiler) IPC painting Slime Painting Gloppie Vulp painting Mike Spike Yeah that's pretty much it, ill be putting future works here as an archive. Thank you
  8. Chapter 9 - The Insight of a Stack As a general reminder of what a stack is, a stack or "cortical stack" in scientific terms is a neural artificially made brain that contains the consciousness and personality of a vox. All vox are born with one, and its creation is secretive to the arkship it is made from. No vox Primalis can know its method of design or materials. This ensures the Primalis depends on the arkship and its apex. All vox depend on their cortical stack to survive; many consider it the most precious organ of the vox species. The body is disposable, but the stack is biologically eternal. Origins of the Stack The origins of the stack, however, are clouded. Vox history has been dark or deliberately destroyed since thousands of years ago. The formation of arkships across the universe is the same time the Auralis invented a vox cortical stack. The formula and method of creation have been locked to only a handful of vox who have the authorization to work alongside the Apex, including Armalis and only the Haruspex caste for their psychic sensitivity. Materials and Tissue The tissue of a stack is composed of many similar materials inside a Vox. It's organic and bone-like in structure to be cellular in nature and grow alongside vox as they grow older and absorb more information and skills. It, however, has elastic metallic alloys embedded inside the stack to support nerves and reinforce the medulla of a Vox. This makes the stack bio-organic and allows it to be easily sleeved into any new body. The materials inside a stack are reinforced and more durable than the skin or flesh of a Vox. This is necessary to ensure bio immortality can occur and to secure the core of any bacteria of harmful cells. The stack is usually locked underneath layers of bio-metallic material to ensure it does not become contaminated. Errors can occur during creation, but the Apex always handles the result of a stack unless assistance is necessary. Stack Integrity The general overview of vox's stack. As a vox lives their life of eternity, they may be prone to accidents or possible hazards along the road to ascension. These can occur and result in fatalities for the vox. However, as long as a stack survives, the vox inside lives and can easily be restacked to return to work. While this may be the case, stacks are still prone to taking damage. Anything blunt-related, sharp, or extreme heat exposure, like lasers, can cause true death, meaning the stack is permanently destroyed and only recyclable. Most vox are very careful about avoiding being put into these situations, as being exposed to dangers like these are life-threatening, even if they have an endless supply of bodies. 100-90%: Pristine and functioning at peak performance. Vox with this level of stack integrity are rare, and typically only found in recently born or repaired stacks. 90-75%: Average stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity are considered healthy and functioning normally. Minor issues may arise, but can usually be treated with medication or minor surgery. 75-60%: Below average stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity may experience moderate health issues such as difficulty with movement, speech, or cognitive function. Medical attention and possibly surgery may be necessary to maintain functionality. 60-40%: Poor stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity may have severe health issues such as loss of motor functions, memory loss, or sensory impairment. True death may occur if not treated promptly with extensive surgery or replacement of damaged parts. 40-0%: Critical stack integrity. Vox with this level of integrity are in danger of true death, as a significant portion of their stack is permanently damaged or destroyed. They may have lost essential functions such as movement or communication, and medical intervention may be insufficient to prevent true death. Ego, P-Blockers, and Culture around Stacks. The Ego and imprints inside a Vox are random. While the stack is artificially made and created with usually a designation in mind before being put into a body, personality can have more factors during the growing period when a Vox is learning its place in society. Environment, Hazards, Other Vox, and P-Blockers, which are designed to suppress certain emotions or behaviors if necessary, are all factors in the outcome of how the Vox behaves. P-Blockers are stimuli enhancers that sometimes are put inside Vox to push their behaviors towards efficiency, usually nulling negative personalities that can hinder their work and making or encouraging ones that aid or help if efficiency. Enforcers, for example, are usually forced to be distant around low-level drones to avoid sympathy or attachment. They are given P-Blockers to suppress kindness and emotions of love and encourage ruthless behaviors and mannerisms to maximize efficiency in the field. Labor Drones can sometimes also be put onto P-Blockers to breed out laziness and promote incentive workaholic personalities. While they still have some identity that makes them unique, they will generally share similarities in activities and productivity with anyone else manipulated by P-Blockers. Suppose a Vox tries to ignore the P-Blocker enhancer they are dosed with. In that case, it becomes unpleasant, migraines start to take over, and even short hallucinatory visions can occur, all designed to manipulate the Vox in what the P-Blocker wants. Despite all the things P-Blockers are effective for, there are cases where being off P-Blockers for long enough will eventually make suppressed emotions return, freeing the stack of any shutoff personalities while on the drug. However, the longer one is on P-Blockers, the longer it takes to return to normal, from decades to centuries. In Vox society, the integrity and preservation of stacks are of utmost importance. Consequently, the Haruspex caste is revered for its expertise in managing the integrity of Primalis stacks, imprints, and bodies. Through their specialized skills and understanding, they are responsible for maintaining the stability and longevity of the Vox population. The cortical stack also indicates a Vox's status and identity within the caste system. The integrity and quality of a stack can impact an individual's role, responsibilities, and privileges. As such, the health of a stack is closely monitored and maintained to ensure the proper functioning of the societal hierarchy. Furthermore, the stack is pivotal in Vox's loyalty to their arkships and devotion to their respective roles. Through the stacks, a sense of collective identity and purpose is imbued in the Vox population, ensuring their unwavering commitment to their society's objectives. The cortical stacks serve as the foundation of the Vox society by preserving their memories, experiences, and consciousness while reinforcing the societal hierarchy and loyalty. The importance of maintaining stack integrity cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the survival and prosperity of the Vox species. Vox Taboo Lastly, there is one taboo in Vox society that many see as evil or sins against their kind, the destruction of a stack through murder, resulting in true death. Many gangs and criminals avoid destroying stacks to reduce pressure or heat from local authorities like the Overseers and their Enforcers. However, this does not mean that murder intending to cause true death is impossible. Some Vox can grow jealous of others and their living conditions, disputes about food and work imbalances, territory wars between rival Primalis gangs in slum sectors, and maybe even cutthroat bureaucracy to gain more in society by removing roadblocks. A vox caught guilty of murdering another may have their rations reduced, demoted to a lower caste like a slave, or repositioned to another sector. A vox caught guilty of murder resulting in the true death of their kin will always be reset and given the ultimate punishment. True death. Chapter 10 - Diseases and Rare Conditions In the complex world of the Vox species, their unique biology and cortical stack technology make them susceptible to a range of diseases and rare conditions. While their advanced bioengineering capabilities provide them with immunity to many conventional ailments, Vox still face a number of challenges specific to their species. This chapter delves into various diseases and rare conditions that affect the Vox, exploring the intricate interplay between their organic bodies and the cortical stacks that house their consciousness. We will examine the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies for conditions like Stack Amnesia, Stack Decay Syndrome, and Organic Rejection Disease, among others. Despite their highly advanced technology and medical prowess, Vox society is not immune to the existence of such diseases. These conditions often arise due to genetic predispositions, external factors such as radiation, or even errors during the creation or maintenance of cortical stacks. By understanding the mechanisms behind these diseases, Vox society can continue to develop novel treatments and preventive measures to safeguard the wellbeing of their kind. NCS - Neurological Cortical Shock (Stack Amnesia) SDS- Stack Decay Syndrome ORD - Organic Rejection Disease Vox Wizardfication Chapter 11 - Designation Caste's The caste system within Vox society plays a crucial role in maintaining order, stability, and efficiency within arkships. Each caste, High, Mid, and Low, serves specific purposes and carries out distinct functions. In this chapter, we will delve deeper into the roles and responsibilities of each caste, while many of the listed roles provide good context as to their duties and the purpose of the primalis, you can be creative and make something that fits into the scenario similar to the examples below. High Caste: Mid Caste: Low Caste: In conclusion, the Designation Caste system within the Vox society is a complex and intricate structure that reflects the various roles and responsibilities required to maintain the arkships and their inhabitants. The High, Mid, and Low castes each serve vital purposes, ensuring the stability, productivity, and well-being of the Vox population. The High Caste, consisting of the elites govern and guide the arkships, interpreting the will of the Apex and maintaining order within the Vox society. The Mid Caste, which includes specialist, serves as a backbone for the arkship's military, healthcare, resource management, and exploration efforts. Lastly, the Low Caste, comprising of menial but crucial infrastructure and production roles, supports the everyday functioning of the arkship and contributes to the economy, infrastructure, and overall stability of the Vox society. While the caste system imposes a hierarchical structure within the Vox society, it also ensures that each individual has a role to play in maintaining the delicate balance of the arkship and its inhabitants. Although the caste system may foster inequality and struggle for some, it also provides the framework necessary for the Vox to thrive in their unique environment. Ultimately, the Designation Caste system serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Vox as they continue their journey through the cosmos.
  9. 1. Security Officer 2. 3. 4. 5. Doesnt wag :) JSON made on 2/24/23
  10. Chapter 8 - Vox Biology The inner workings of a vox are pretty different from a human's. While vox are gifted the power of immortality due to their birth and cortical stack, they still face issues with their bodies' upkeep and health, most importantly, their species' unique organs. Vox organs are specialized and designed specifically for ark ships or skipjack environments. They are adapted and designed by the Apex to be as low maintenance as possible while keeping their versatile and valuable organs in top shape. Vox Bodies Their bodies and inside organs are designed to live for an estimated 40-50 years before showing symptoms of decay or failure. Vox who have decaying bodies will usually do two things. The former is the vox will replace the decaying and failing organs with new ones. Harvested from another host and placed inside. This preservation method can be used to keep a vox body alive forever. They can keep replacing the body with healthy and fresh organs as long as they have a source, as they are immune to outside decay, like their skin or bones. Other species' organs can work inside but tend to either show health symptoms or fail due to the nitrogen blood and alien nature. Cybernetic implants are also a good alternative but much more expensive, depending on the quality, and rarer to find. The latter is moving their stack to a new empty fresh body, discarding the old one, and recycling it to whatever is most convenient. New bodies depending on the circumstances are challenging to obtain. Arkship vox can wait years for a new body as the Apex and Haruspex responsible for growing new bodies need time. As many vox are dying of decay, accidents, and crime, the demand is high while the supply is steady but slow. Overpopulation can strain this process. Free vox or those not bound to their ark ships must either steal or buy a body from traders in that niche. A market for vox bodies exists among pirates and traders. Traders usually offer worn-out and partially decayed bodies that were missing organs at a fair price. While pirates usually deal in stolen bodies, taken from raids or conflicts among other vox. The pirates' methods to obtain bodies are mostly homicide of another vox. However, this is a general case, and unique situations exist for finding donors. The main point is vox bodies are challenging to get or upkeep. Their rather difficult as their only manufacturing source inside an Arkship is the Apex and its servants. They are difficult to gain inside the ark, and even more so outside with no connections. This rarity is why vox treasure the body they use and try to keep it for as long as possible, as replacement or alternatives are very lackluster, expensive, or impossible. A merchant outside of the ark normally tend to charge thousands of credits for bodies, price rising with size, implants, and quality of freshness. Vox Organs The inner organs of a vox are designed and grown inside of an ark. Each organ is intended for daily use in vox society with a specific function. From the bottom to the start, these organs are noticeably different from other species. Inside the body of most vox primalis races lies... A skeleton made of collagen and calcium phosphate. A nervous system and vascular system designed to carry signal and blood over the body. The Head Two eyes with a bioluminescent pupil that glows in the dark. A cortical stack with the ego and spirit of a vox. Responsible for the nervous system and functions to control said body and give life. Two tongues inside their beak. The beak is made of keratin and sharp rows of teeth hidden inside for ripping flesh. Their throat is born with unique vocal cords. The vocal cords or syrinx of the vox can make their well know screech and language. The Chest In the chest lies the heart Two kidneys and the stomach, capable of digesting non-organic materials. Two specialized vox lungs made for breathing nitrogen which cannot process the elements of oxygen, or suffer pulmonary toxicity or disease. The Limbs Vox have two arms, made of keratin and muscle, and with three phalange-like claws (this rule is exempt from beast-vox due to their unique alien design) and have opposable thumbs. Vox have two legs, similar to their arms. They have three phalange-like toe claws (Beast Primalis are exempt from this rule) made for standing. They are digitigrade by nature, and their feet are made of keratin and muscle. Vox have a long prehensile tail that can be used like a third limb and serves to keep balance. It can grasp small things and occasionally be used to throw or slam as a defensive tactic, but it depends on the size of the vox and its muscle mass.
  11. Economy PR is pretty based, remember to charge people for drinks lads its not against SoP!
  12. Chapter 7 - Vox Religion and Loyalist Vs Separatist Vox religion is comprised of many factors, all surrounded by the worship of the creator and its divine creations. The Primalis and Armalis see their Auralis as gods and the Apex as their holy creation that gives life. Auralis are worshiped as the great ascender to bring the arkship into a different plane of reality. One free from the bounds of the universe and with a holy gift of ascension. Vox loyal to this belief are told to be given a reward once ascension day comes, the right to join the creator in the higher plane for their life of work. Or any variant that gives them a divine blessing. This sort of religious belief is the standard for most arks due to; conditioning, strict laws against heresy, and isolation from the outside universe. Many young Vox blind fully follows the dogma preached by Acolytes and Haruspex as their teachings are the holy word of the Auralis. Most Vox who reach 1000 years as loyalists will have developed into a total zealots on their ark. In contrast, others who struggle or have doubts will turn deviant or be labeled a heretic. Overly religious Vox are common in core sectors and aboard ark ships. At the same time, uncertain and heretical Vox are found in crowded areas far from the center of the ark (The Wall) or outside the arkship, where they have freedom against influences and choices in their life. Some ark ships can have several Auralis onboard that are given titles, holy names, and niche specifications on proper worship, while others can only have a singular Auralis. This depends highly on the type of ark you design for your Vox. However, making gods should be simple and align with the primary goal they all seek- ascension. It is said that when a Vox is loyal to the ark, it will do whatever it takes to perform its designations. This same dogmatic religious belief is how the elites keep the lower and mid caste in line, false promises all sustained on hope and rare rewards. A drone loyal to the ark and overly religious with its beliefs is more likely to be promoted and avoid true death. In contrast, the heretic who doubts their creator will be reset or demoted, depending on the severity of their heresy. This sort of behavior creates conflicts in beliefs, leading to violent actions against heretics and creating hidden groups labeled Separatists. Loyalist v Separatist Loyalist vs. Separatist is a general term for the conflict between the zealots versus the heretics. Loyalist factions aboard ark ships work towards keeping every Vox aligned with their religion and beliefs. They are rooting out and destroying any sources of information that can disrupt their control of the masses and their gods' will. Many high caste Vox and mid-caste will ensure that sinful behavior is rooted out before deviancy occurs, taking precautionary measures and even policing those they find suspicious. They preach the mantra of the inviolate and believe that a Vox should be loyal to the ark wherever they are, as that is their reason for creation, to serve the gods. The most universally known worship belief is to stay in your designation and work. A Vox who does not question or doubt their orders is loyal. Separatists work towards the ideology of a free Vox, one unchained from the arkship with the ability to act or believe whatever it wants freely. Many separatists are aged deviants who have become so cynical and doubtful of their ascension that they see it as a lie to control them. These Vox are constantly on the run to avoid punishment, or they usually form underground organizations that try to conduct a criminal activity to sustain their numbers and control. Crime syndicates or freedom-fighting groups usually work to smuggle and expose Vox to outside beliefs, all to bring down the elites and grow their numbers. Neutral beliefs can exist, as not all Vox are aligned to the spectrum's extremes. You can have a loyalist Vox that is very loose on the following of the Inviolate, or a separatist who finds cutting corners and living aboard an ark as a fake follower a possibility, or even simply just an atheist' who wishes to leave and wants nothing to do with arkship drama. Your Vox, your decision on how you design their beliefs. Cases of Schisms However, on ark ships that are chaotic or in a state of dying (Post Ascension), many religious groups will start infighting and having holy wars—claiming their sector Armalis as prophets of the Auralis to attempt takeovers due to the power vacuum. These events usually occur when arks grow dire in supplies, when high deaths and riots are frequent, and especially if the sector Armalis begin feuding with each other. However, it is a rarity but still a plausible situation with how religion influences an arkship and the Vox inside.
  13. Chapter 1 - What are Vox? So the question to Vox lore is a very convoluted one. Since the creation of Vox, it's been scattered throughout multiple codebases, like the game itself. It is constantly changing and being re-adapted inside the lore base of its server. Vox, as a lore species, is continuously evolving beside it. The main question is, what is a Vox? Many consider Vox to be just birds that breathe nitrogen- or aliens that have become a dystopian society devoid of morals. The honest answer is Vox are nitrogen-breathing aliens that are born and made into a different society depending on the arkship the Vox was born in. Many types of Vox are docile, aggressive, and downright detached from their culture. This essay is meant to be a guideline for those seeking to RP a Vox. And learn much about their alien world. Chapter 2 - Their races and overall species. There are many different types of vox inside the Family. The most different type of Vox not seen throughout most servers and used more as story pushing background are as follow, Vox Auralis These are considered the original and first Vox, having multiple eyes and standing over 12ft tall. They are labeled as gods beneath the ark ships they once built millennia ago and are rare in few. They are incredibly dangerous, powerful, and have the most potent psychic abilities known to the Vox world. Only a handful of Auralis live aboard their original arkship and exist in their ivory tower, each sharing the same end goal - ascension. Auralis are not commonly seen or sometimes never witnessed by the Vox they rule. They are usually in the core of the arkship hundreds of miles deep in a meditative state as they research and focus on finding the true power of escaping the plane of reality. Some inside ark ships with no sight of an Auralis claim they have already reached the higher plane, leaving behind this mortal coil and essentially dying or slowly becoming extinct as a species Vox Apex Only one Apex exists inside each arkship. While considered a type of Vox, it is commonly known as the Apex. An artificially made species by the Auralis, its purpose was to be responsible for creating, handling, and managing the ark ship's population. Generally controlled by the Armalis or Auralis, wildly deafferenting per ark, it is alive to be nothing more than a tool. A biological computer that always has a single personality cold of any emotions or attachment to the species it serves. Apexs will generally be placed in the core of the arkship, above the tunnel system designed for their overlords. Vox Armalis These Vox are considered the elites of society. Usually having a third eye and standing and not limited to above 8 feet tall. They are permanently stationed as grand overseers, fleet commanders, and any critical position of authority inside an ark. They are born with psychic powers weaker than an Auralis but still deadly if challenged, usually having much more muscle mass and strength in their giant bodies compared to a Primalis. While they are gifted muscular super strength at birth, they are also brilliant in combat prowess and commanding, able to process multiple tasks without breaking the flow of concentration. They, however, are born highly loyal to the ark they originate from. Many Armalis would rather die than betray their creator Auralis. It is the reason why they are considered so rare outside of arks. They are also commonly made with death implants, designed to dust and turn the body into a mush- so other species cannot study their body. Vox Primalis Races Inside the vox Genus lies multiple different types of Vox, each created from a unique arkship with their own sets of features and designs. Like darwins finches- their bodies and visual appearance can be changed from milenia of evolution and mutation. Design created by drawsstuff Single Beak Primalis- These are the most common Vox found in the universe, looking raptor like in appearance, they have quills, a beak, two eyes, and can range from sizes of 2 feet to 8 feet. Their size usually being respective to their caste and designation. This is the most common vox body type due to being untouched by many ark's. They are common on servers like Paradise, /vg/ and are considered generation one. Tri Beak Primalis- These Vox have a unique beak type that allows them to split their maw. Being considered a rare design type among vox culture, they are specialized and given unique traits only found in arkships that have developed into evolving their Primalis type. While also having a split maw they are accompanied by three eyes instead of two, and have a forked tail with longer limbs. Their sizes vary from 4 feet to 7 feet. These are found in TauCeti, Baystation, and are considered generations two, three, and four and have evolved rapidly during their existence. Art by beanysprout Beast Primalis- A rarer type of Vox well designed for bulk and size. Usually being around 6 ft to 8 ft, these Vox are known to have a design close to Single Beak Vox while having a noticeable size difference and sharper rows of teeth under their maw. They are particularly rare due to the sheer upkeep required to maintain their biological bodies in tandem with any artificial parts, but far flung rumors suggest a colony devoid of the apex as a whole. Their protective quills laden over warm feathered down insulates them well from the harsh cold conditions of space, but necessitates proper cooling in more well developed environments. These are found currently on Shiptest and are considered clockvox generation. Art by clockworkdoorhinge All of these Vox exist in the same universe, and depending on the location of space, Vox races are usually very aggressive towards each other or cordial. Generally, on the personality or previous interactions they have had. When it comes to the size of a Vox body, it depends mostly on what is comfortable. Many Vox who are given a 3'5 body at birth will grow to find that similar size range to be preferred size- while a Vox can be 3'5. It doesn't stop the transfer of a stack into, per se, a tri-beak-raced body around 6' feet. All stacks are made to adapt inside any body created by an apex. Most Vox are not limited to their original body and can freely change- however, getting an empty body is easier said than done and usually involves the practice of murder for the sake of wearing someone else's skin. A relevant topic for later. Chapter 3 - Vox Birth and Creation When a Vox is created, its stack is artificially made by the master apex of the arkship. Forged with a unique craftsmanship only possible by the super computer and its precise recipe gifted from the creators. It uses organic matter and mechanical implants to fuse and create the stack- a living, durable, and biological immortal brain. There are two species that are artificially made, the Primalis and the Armalis. However for this we will be more focused on the Primalis. For elaboration biological immortality, When a Vox dies before its set body has reached its decay timer (aging) it will either be replanted inside a new host to continue work, or be restacked and memory wiped for rebirth. When a Vox dies it simply a regular death. When the stack is wiped for reset, or destroyed to the point it is unable to properly function- it is true death, or for simpler terms ego death. This condition is permanent. Chapter 4 - Designations and the Caste Designations however are something every Vox should have because their species as a whole was designed to be nothing but tools for the Auralis in upkeeping their ships. Vox are born to have a set of duties and tasks aboard their arkship and their societies since birth. There is no childhood for a Vox, no long lasting innonence, and no sort of free choice to what roles they are allowed to become. They are placed into a caste system inside their species and forced to work until their restack day (death of the body.) These ranks can however differ depending on arkship, and culture inside the society. Some arkships are probably more lax on work quotas, while others are extremely punishing that failure to meet standards can result in true death. When it comes to the caste system there is usually a divide between ranks and hierarchy. The most base form would be the high caste, mid caste, and low caste. This pyramid is not absolute- a simple example of structure. However a Vox does not need to be forced to follow the roles it is given at birth. Some Vox can turn deviant after years of struggle, lack of direction, and possible PTSD. With deviancy comes its own issues of Vox crime ill touch on later, but failure to be a loyalist to the arkship and its kin can be punishable by true death, or demotion to a lower caste. While this is the case it is still common for a majority of Vox to not stray far from their birth designations, as many believe that hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded after ascension. High Caste Vox Valuable Primalis that have lived for around 1000 years aboard their arkships. They are extreme loyalist to the master apex and the Armalis great goal of ascension. Restacked probably hundreds of times- they have a dogmatic belief to their work and kin, which is why they are rewarded greatly by being given a high position in society. Most Primalis are taught to respect and follow in the foot steps of the high caste, and those who get into their wrathful eyes may be labled as heretics or accused of being a deviant to the ark. Some roles of a high caste are Haruspex's, Second Command to Enforcer and Fleet squads, and even Sector overseer roles. Mid Caste Vox Niche specialized Vox who are born with higher benefits then their lower caste kin. While they are given much more rights and authority, they still are under the watchful eye of their sector overseer or fleet commander. They act as a buffer between the elites and the menial drones, tasked with more difficult work or dangerous duties only done by their caste. Some Primalis view mid caste as examples of loyalty being rewarded, while others see them as nothing more than tools or slaves who only look out for their own benefit. There are multiple types of designations inside the mid caste- these are not limited to; Enforcers, Soldiers, Explorers, Bio-Engineers, and etc. Low Caste Vox Called by their higher caste kin as a general term drones. The purpose of a low caste Vox is rather simple in their duties and their authority inside the arkship. Most low caste are born into the bottom during the early age of their stack to develop and show growth in their lifetime. They work many of the general duties that upkeep the ark and keep the figurative blood of society flowing. They are usually the most numerous as it takes a large amount of Primalis to upkeep a planet sized arkship and maintain the always expanding society. Many low caste however tend to grow deviancy due to inexperience, mob mentality, and their living conditions, most usually having ambitious dreams to go higher in the caste, have power in their sectors, or escape the arkship in pursuit of free rights. Roles that are commonly found for low caste are, not limited too Labor, Atmos Techs, Industrial, Slave, and any wanted Vox considered rogue (Deviants.) Chapter 5 - Arkships Arkships are the home and birthplace of all Vox in the universe. All Vox originate from an ark, but many have their own sets of rules, beliefs, and culture, while still having some of the same original principles from millennia ago. While not all arkships are the same, they all follow a similar formula in their structure and society, with a caste system that is either very oppressive or freer to its Vox. There are a reported 20 confirmed arkships in existence. However, some speculate there are more hidden in deep space, a majority of them taking the position of isolationism to focus on the creator's primary goal of ascension. They have naming schemes like Refuge of Lost Souls Searching the Stars, Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies, or even Arkship Sunborn Sanctuary of Mended Hopes, Hardened by Cosmic Sands, Esteemed Heart of the Sanguine Void, Wizened by Victories, of Many Trees and Branches. Naming of arkships are rather long and expressive. To describe what an arkship is, it's a giant floating vessel the size of a small planet built to house millions of Vox aboard it. It's compromised of many sectors, all with their functions to keep life support and the ship stable. Like the vox who live aboard it, each sector is given designations inside the ship. These are not limited to but primarily consist of- The Core The middle of the arkship, housing the Apex and most of the elites. This sector is an urban area that is the crossroad of the main ship. While being the busiest part of the ark, it is second to population density. This sector comprises mostly bureaucratic facilities, precincts, and the central Apex core, which leads to the ship's heart and houses the Auralis. The Underbay The ark's lower section is responsible for trade, docking, and travel. Many merchants, logistics officers, and visitors from other arks usually enter through the bay as it holds the only safe entrance into the ship. Like a checkpoint, it's guarded and patrolled by the security of the ark to maximize safety and catch contraband. The Walls This area is the outer sectors of the arkship that make up the hull. It is the ship's most densely populated area, composed of primarily shanty towns. Towns inside the sector are considered hot zones for their most chaotic and dense placement of low-caste drones. Gangs and small factions compete to survive in over population is an issue, a topic on vox criminality for later. While the purpose of the sector is to keep a majority of laborer drones to fix breaches and constantly maintain the walls of the ship, it also acts as an area for bootleg and vox-made entries. Hidden passages inside the thick walls have a subzone called the Tunnels- these can either be quick shortcuts around the inner district of the sector or run for thousands of miles and have a vein-like structure composed of it. There are more sectors inside vox society, but these are the three main ones found consistently inside all arks. Arkship Diplomacy While having their own culture, beliefs, and authority, arkships are not very similar to each other in most regards. This difference in ideology has caused what most say is a hidden war inside vox society- from inside influences and outside ones. Arkships that have a rivalry with each other tend to attempt to sabotage one another. This can be spies and traitors sent to abduct and capture vox for their ark. Destroying infrastructures like life support or hull breaches and fueling and inciting rebellions, causing a wave of deviancy to damage the ark's stability. These arks are usually at war and rarely ever settled diplomatically during the war. Wars can last for thousands of years until both parties have acknowledged a cease-fire. Some arkships are not at odds with each other, usually sharing a sense of neutrality and occasionally trading for supplies, amenities, and even slave drones to bolster and replace numbers. Arks commonly travel in different areas of space, and the most interaction they get are traders and small explorer fleets sent by the home ark. Chapter 6 - Vox Culture and Society Vox culture is fragmented depending on caste, location inside of the world, and even beliefs. Many arkships all house a similar style of systems inside their societies designed to separate the masses from the elites. These parameters and even barriers can result in a difference in belief from how you, a Vox, would adapt and learn. However, arkships are relatively flexible in their designs. These are mostly limited by the creator's imagination and the already set parameters of vox society as a whole. Even with said parameters, you can be flexible about the idea of an ark you choose to make or borrow from someone else's designed arkship. Arkships are rather ruthless in their authority and their systems. All towns and sectors within the ark are governed like districts. Either by a high-casting Armalis or subsidiary Primalis who always work as a proxy to an overseer. Each sector controls and functions in tangent with The Core to sustain life support and ensure the ark is stable. In the case of no active Auralis, Armalis are usually the head of these sectors and work together as a senate to maximize and control the Primalis. The Inviolate The main body of law or rules all Vox are born to follow is the Inviolate. These laws were told to have been preached by the Auralis millenia ago, and shared across many ark vessels. While some have discarded them as old teachings or lack of reinforcement, aboard most, these are the words of a subservant and loyal Vox. Daily Life and Designations Once a vox inside of an ark is told their duty in life- and the teachings of the inviolate. They usually follow it like a gospel until their unforeseeable promotion or demotion. If they're lucky, they can climb the ranks of their starting position in society and reach a new social level that gives more opportunity and authority from their previous designation. Inside the ark, slums and sprawling shanty towns tend to litter the ship. These sprawling makeshift homes and buildings are built around actual well-designed structures mainly to help in housing as arks tend to be overpopulated for maximum efficiency. Vox tend to spend most of their days working doing their tasks and designations. If the sector overseer declares a hull breach- every laborer and atmos tech in that sector is expected to fix the issue. Suppose a sector fails to meet standards or is underperforming. In that case, the punishment can result from demotion to a lower caste position like slave or sector wipes- in which a percentage of the vox are executed and reset to avoid deviancy, as well as sending a message that failure is non-negotiable. However, if most work is completed ahead of time or tasks are in low demand Vox of lower caste slack off or avoid work, doing whatever they wish inside the bounds of the Inviolate. In that, they socialize with each, do productive activities, explore and exercise, and practice their designation. Vox Economy Vox have a bartering system in which they trade to gain and amass wealth in society. Some areas have bazaars designed for trading and collecting. Merchants, Crafters, and even Entertainers like Card readers and gamblers all exist in this space to try and gain more supplies inside of an ark. The main currency that most Vox understand is food rations, a type of MRE given by Vox as they live in an ark. Not very appealing to most- but to Vox, food is food, and with nutrition to one important vessel (the body), it has value everyone can understand. Objects that are traded can range from exotic foods, amenities, rare collectibles, and illegal stuff like drugs, weapons, and implants. Guilds Guilds are a relatively common thing that tends to pop up inside Vox society. Trader, Warrior, and even Religious guilds are usually legal organizations that work to maximize their respective field's skills. As many of these organizations are run by high caste Vox who are loyal to the ark, they are never seen as a threat to authority and work as smaller branches to control the masses. Fleets and Vox Navy Outside of arks come the fleets, which have their authority and hierarchy for commanding the skipjack. Many vox stationed on a skipjack as either a laborer, atmos tech, or war drone are lucky- given the opportunity to explore the galaxy and even leave the arkship when deployed onto missions. Usually, a Quill commands a skipjack, while a Talon is a second in command. Composed of lesser subservient warrior drones slowly descending the pyramid to the bottom of menial laborers and slave assistants. Each Vox aboard a skip knows its place, and given how strict or loose the rules can be, much only progress outside their ranks once they return to their home ark. Usually, jobs like scavenging, research, scouting, and combat are reasons for the arkships navy to exist to protect their personal interest. Alternative Arkships However even with all this said, many things depending on an arkship can be lacking at times. In rare situations arks can be volatile or different then the norm. A few examples of possible arks that can exist- Post Ascension Anarchy- these arkships are believed to have a post Armalis ascension that leaves a power vacuum inside of the ship. The Armalis fight for power and turn the society into raider lords, warring against other competitors for the leading factories that produce resources. Pollution is usually rampant, and culture is primarily cut-throat. The legitimate authority of the ark struggles to try and bring order with some areas now considered badlands run by criminal gangs and syndicates. Usually, this dying state of an ark is when many Primalis attempt to escape, known as a migration exodus. Pre Ascension Progressivism- arkships like these are usually built with many Vox taken or abducted from rival arkships. These arks have more accessible social standards, are much more forgiving in quotas, and tend to promote looser belief laws. Many of the overseer Vox are run by Primalis but still under the watchful eye of an Armalis supervisor. However, these arks tend to rival or war against more authoritative believing arks due to their stealth psyops and rebellious behavior. Many operations conducted by these arks are frowned upon or hailed as deeds of good. The most common is abducting and memory-wiping stolen Vox from rivals to be absorbed into the arkship, usually under the false guise of liberators. These are not limited, but are examples of possible society's to take inspiration from.
  14. As someone who has been playing Vox for almost a year. I've learned to enjoy and research the many codebases that all host Vox as a playable species. From Bay to Paradise to even the dark servers hidden on the hub, Vox is primarily my favorite species to write about as they have the most alien society and beliefs. This writing is mostly my headcanon on Vox lore that I've written and studied from many servers, lores and wikis. It's currently being done during my free time, but here are a few pointers I will attempt to answer. What are Vox? Their Races and Species Designations The Caste System The Arkships Vox Culture And Society Vox Religion Vox Biology And Disease Vox Crime And Conflict Deviants Versus Loyalist Vox Outside The Arkship Feel free critique, but I only request civility. Otherwise thoughts and opinions are nice. The lore is supposed to try and fit all servers to an extent. Its primary purpose is to unify a species divided by personal server lore and mechanics. At the same time, it may not work for all. It's still a rather in-depth vision of an alien species born to struggle in dystopia, and while you may dislike or despise Vox as a species or find them interesting and mysterious, this has a little something for everyone. Credits: mira#2009 for their Haruspex caste and concept to the lore.
  15. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/16346 I wanna try this, but I was told to make a forum post first to get opinions before I start. So whats the issue with this, what needs to be done so we can have this.
  16. Please do it to make box main's seethe, force them to learn a new map for once.
  17. Some bar designs I've been doing, not all of them but here's the two I think are my favorites from experimenting with layouts.
  18. HALT! HALT! HALT! (Idea sketch) Heres a sketch idea ive sorta been working on and off for a while, it was supposed to be done a while back as a quickie but ill be honest, SS13 is a very fun and time consuming game. None the less this was pretty much created as a way for me to practice my dynamic poses and shading as I always felt i could try to improve it. Self critique wise, line-work needs improvement, shading is prob off, and I could have colored it a bit more but i didn't want to get too invested, and anatomy is rather mediocre but either way. Not my finest work but I hope it meets satisfactory, ill try to make something more better next time. Anyways, thanks for reading and stay tuned folks.
  19. Coffee Break This took longer than it should have... after multiple redraws, fixes, color edits... and learning tricks in art. I present you this piece with some of my favorite Vox on station, @SlimeBird as Chikitita, the Caffineoholic, @BlackDog as Kar-Ski, the Maestro, and myself as Toko, the Vicious. Overall I am happy and tired with how this came out, im gonna be playing video games and finishing up my finals in the upcoming week, either way stay tuned folks. Story Flavor Text:
  20. thanks for the criticism on the first one, funny story but the first one was on my phone and the second one was my first actual project on a tablet, so hopefully that can explain the quality change. Ill prob get back to redoing that one another time. But yeah the Vox pic could use more work.
  21. This is where I dump my art, I try to do the best in my work. Either way I like to improve, all criticism no matter how blunt or soft is welcomed, but I will always prefer the truth then a white lie. Stay tuned for more work folks. Tokorizo the Vicious Vox The Mission
  22. The pull request for this suggestion is here if anyone who saw this thread wants to the see the current progress were working on. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/13252
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