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  1. hrrrrgkgrrrk appel sauc

  2. You can blame @Rebel0 and @Harkness for getting me into this. no seriously blame them for me being here, they're the ones who took the time to intro me and a dozen others to the game, help us learn all the little things on a small private server, and were there for me whenever I had a slew of questions about what the fuck to do. I still have to ask them about stuff at times and I've logged a decent few hours.
  3. Warden is SUPER FUN, I love being the one who decides on if you're nice enough for a light sentence or deserve all I can give you for being a twit, buuuut if I have a sec team under me that's about as useful as tits on a bull, I get rather frustrated. Botany is a nice and quiet job, I find, it's pretty up there in terms of how much I like it. And I love to be a total and complete shitter, of course. Using plastic flaps to escape a bunch of angry sec officers is a thing of beauty.
  4. Kete Wawakari is 100% my self-insert into space station, just... hairy, with a more colourful background, and with a fair bit more of a mind-to-mouth filter. Also totally not my fursona or anything My mute vulp I play when I want a bit of a challenge, as that means I have to get around the whole communication block in super interesting ways. She's not much like me at all, really. All my other characters are literally just for memeing and dicking around hardcore, so other than my love of being an utter twit, not much of me with them either.