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  1. Uv'uidrrixz, Herrington, NT-Sam, Aelwyn, Sigurd, and Kyani vs Joey Spuff & Central Comand After a 20 minute argument in the bar over station diversity spawning from Joey's advanced race theory, followed by a nearly 10-minute kidnapping of him, Uv and Co took matters into their own hands to permanently retire Joey and to make sure Central Command heard their voices loud and clear. In this image, Uv, Sigurd, Kyani, and Herrington prepare to fly the ERT shuttle to CentCom after a skirmish with two ERT soldiers. It ended as well as one would imagine.
  2. Name: Sigurd Ludevig Age: 27 Gender: M Race: Vulpkanin; Dalstadt Blood Type: O- General Occupational Roles: (In order of competency. These represent how competent Sigurd would be in that role for a shift.) Surgeon/Medical Doctor Chemist Paramedic Geneticist Security Biography: Sigurd Ludevig was born on Dalstadt into a small habitat with several brothers and sisters. An intrinsic interest in chemistry and anatomy earned him the elders’ encouragement to pursue a life of medicine. After a few years of saving, Sigurd’s family and a few others managed to pool their resources together in order to send him to the Lunar Academy of Medicine. He soon learned that what he had been given was not enough to earn any degree, nor was it enough to secure any living space. Desperate to not return home to Dalstadt, Sigurd signed into a contract with a creditor and offered up his limbs as collateral. Replaced with cybernetics, Sigurd now had enough funding to finish his education and receive years’ worth of practice at a Nanotrasen-owned facility: the NBS Anansi. Having demonstrated potential and skill in his field of work, Sigurd was offered a contract to work on board the NSS Cyberiad. Sigurd continues to owe ever-increasing amounts of money to his creditor and has been threatened with "repossession" of his internal organs. Qualifications: M.D. from the Lunar Academy of Medicine Employment Records: Three years of surgical residency at NBS Anansi Current crew-member of NSS Cyberiad Security Records: Reprimanded for smoking cigarettes in operating theatre. Medical Records: Occasional acute sleep deprivation Right & Left Arms Mechanical Right & Left Hands Mechanical Right & Left Legs Mechanical Right & Left Feet Mechanical Personnel Photo: An average sized Vulpkanin with bright orange and white fur. Other Notes: Enjoys head pats
  3. He wanted a liver surgery, but not from any Vulpkanin present (of which there were many.)
  4. These chibis are so cute!!
  5. This has some pretty good info, I had no idea what I was doing as cultist when I became one.
  6. Hello, hello! Welcome to the forums, there's lots of good stuff here.
  7. Hello and welcome to Paradise! There are a lot of mentors and players ready to teach others if they find someone willing to learn, it was kind of surprising to me! As for medical and security records, I've poked around a bit and I personally use these templates from Aurora Station. For other examples, check out the Crew Records subforum to get an idea for what to write in yours.
  8. Connor

    Hey guys!

    Hello, and thanks for introducing yourself, glad to have you around! Have you played any antagonist roles yet?
  9. About a million years ago I played Space Station 13 and later on SomethingAwful had picked it up and good times were had, but I eventually stop playing. A long time goes by and they make their code open source and my friends get very excited, but I mostly ignored it. I peeked at Paradise before, when they had ambassador jobs, and it seemed pretty fun. I think I played elsewhere, however. Fast forward to now, it seeped into my recommends on YouTube and I looked around at what servers were around, and saw that Paradise encouraged some roleplay and here I am!
  10. Name's Connor! I'll admit it, I got interested because of some YouTube videos and the wacky shenanigans that happened in them. I poked around the Wiki and read most of the lore behind the station, NanoTrasen, and the species on board. That was a fun read. I hope to see you in space!
  11. Better late than never! Here's my attempt, assuming medical records are kept.