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Tezotzotl's Book of Bountiful Bombs


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So, you wish to master the art of bombs like voxxie? Voxxie can shows, but it takes lots of time and experience to get truly good at making things go boom! Time in science and access to the toxins test lab is essential to learning and perfecting your very own bomb mix, yaya!

To start, voxxie is gonna break down various things about bombs - the methods of delivery, spreaders, and then useful and harmful chemicals, before delving into some sample mixes!

The Delivery

Yaya, you dustlungs could just take metal and bend it into a grenade case, but where's the fun in that when you have many types of canister?

  • Soda cans: Drinky drinky, then fill it with bomb mix, add some wire, then throw!
  • Standard grenade: Simple metal boom canister.
  • Large grenade: Made in a protolathe, this bomb spreads the boom stuff further!
  • Pyro Grenade: Made in a protolathe, it heats up the boom stuff by a lot! Useful for heat chemicals.
  • Cryo Grenade: Made in a protolathe, it's the opposite of a pyro bomb! Super cold, yaya!
  • Advanced Release Grenade: It uses only a little of its contents, but can boom multiple times! Also, made in a protolathe

If you haven't noticed, most of your bombs are gonna be science only, yaya? If you want to make em, be in science, or just break in. 

Now, there are multiple ways of making your bombs go boom too, of course.

  • Standard wire. Five seconds, can be made into three with a screwdriver.
  • Mouse Trap: It's a landmine!
  • Remote Activated: For when you like toxins but wanna use chemicals instead.
  • Proximity: If someone comes close, blow em up!
  • Timer: Tick, tick, tick, without that annoying syndicate beeping!
  • Tripwire: Don't touch the laser!


So, you selected your method of delivery (voxxie likes remotes and pyro bombs...), now you gotta decide: Do I wanna be a good bomber or a bad bomber?

A good bomber fills their bombs with medicine, drugs, or space cleaner for the janitor, while a bad bomber will fill it with explosives, acid, and more drugs!

First, however, you need to decide on a spreader. Bombs spread a small radius, but there are two ways to make them really big. These spreaders carry the mix further, making the boom bigger:

  • Fluorosurfactant: It makes foam that spreads everywhere! Made with sulphuric acid, carbon, and fluorine. Make sure that at least one component is in each beaker, cause if you mix all three together, the foam happens! This foam will cover everything!
  • Smoke: Phosphorous, Sugar, and Potassium make a nice thick smoke. This stuff is evil when used with some things, as it will not only spread everywhere, but it can be inhaled by foolish dustlungs not wearing internals!

Voxxie likes smoke. 

Next, your bomb. Is it gonna be for good, for bad, or are you a clown?

The Good:

  • Medicine - watch your doses, yaya?
    • Antihol: Throw a bomb with this stuff in it and the bartender will hate you.
    • Spaceacillin: Is virology taking too slow to cure the flu? Just bomb the virus into submission!
    • Pentetic Acid: Heal all the toxins, yaya!
    • Menthol: Cure the burn!
    • Mannitol: Now RnD can stop being stupid and continue acting stupid.
    • Styptic Powder: Heal the damage, but keep it to a foam. Smoke will poisons!
    • Holy Water: Purge the evils from the cult!
  • Cleaning - For the janitor when he complains about having no more clean bombs
    • Soapification: Make some lye and get the cook to give gibs, then you can make lots of soap!
    • Space Cleaner: Does voxxie need to explain this?
    • Sterilizine: Decontaminate all the things!
    • Drying Agent: Use it in your space cleaner mix to keep security from stealing your bombs!
  • Metal foam can be useful too...

The Bad:

There's a lot of bad stuff, but voxxie's gonna go over the notables.

  • Drugs. Space Drugs, Meth, Crank, just about anything. High doses. You wanna OD them, yaya!
  • Put teslium in one beaker and uranium in another for a big electric bomb!
  • Iron and uranium will EMP!
  • Flash powder is useful too!
  • Chlorine Trifluoride: Oh, this is the fun stuff. Big burns, right through hull, dangerous to make. Very risky!
  • Potassium and Water goes boom.
  • Black powder can make bigger booms.
  • Nitroglycerin makes extremely big booms. Make friends with botany.
  • Phlogiston, to burn everything!
  • Liquid Dark Matter: Keep the baddies in your acid foam!
  • Initropidil is super strong, but good luck making it.
  • Napalm. Voxxie loves the smell when it burns.
  • Plasma - just for that extra bit of combustion!

The Ugly:

  • Space Drugs.
  • Jestosterone. Honk.
  • Hairgrownium/Super Hairgrownium. 
  • Life


Select three or four of them for your more hostile mixes, or keep it focused. Voxxie does not claim responsibility for hostile bombs on station. Bomb at your own risk. Bombing as a non-hijacker before the round end can net you a ban, and if you are caught carrying a bomb, know that security can detain you.


For you new bombers out there, voxxie is going to prepare a set of mixes for you to use on your endeavors. Use at your own risk!

These bomb mixes will be measured by large beaker (100u x2), but you can always triple it with bluespaces for even bigger booms!

Janitor's Finest: A cleaning bomb.

Beaker 1:

  • 30u carbon
  • 15u Sulphuric Acid
  • 20u Space Cleaner
  • 20u Water
  • 15u Drying Agent

Beaker 2:

  • 30u Fluorine
  • 40u Space Cleaner
  • 30u Drying Agent


Medical Special: Heal all the wounded!

Beaker 1:

  • 30u Sugar
  • 15u Potassium
  • 25u Mannitol
  • 30u Charcoal

Beaker 2:

  • 15u Potassium
  • 30u Phosphorous
  • 15u Oculine
  • 25u Salicylic Acid
  • 15u Epinephrine

Urgent Care: Brute and Burn Focus.

Beaker 1:

  • 20u Carbon
  • 10u Sulphuric Acid
  • 20u Synthflesh
  • 50u Water

Beaker 2:

  • 20u Fluorine
  • 80u Synthflesh

Hand Grenade: It explodes. Does pretty solid damage at the core, not so useful for big area though. Super easy to make!

Beaker 1:

  • 100u Potassium

Beaker 2:

  • 100u Water

Budget TTV: It explodes, but it can hit the big bomb cap if you use bluespace beakers! You can even use this for toxins tests, if you measure it properly. To increase the radius by one, add 20u of powder. Pyro bomb only, yaya!

Beaker 1:

  • 100u Black Powder

Beaker 2:

  • 100u Black Powder

Pete's Other Bomb: Rumor has it, you can bypass the bomb cap with it. But you gotta be real good friends with the botanist to get 2 bluespacers full. With normal beakers, you have 50u extra, so just load it up with more fluorosulpheric acid to melt the remains!

Beaker 1:

  • 60u Glycerol
  • 40u Fluorosulpheric Acid

Beaker 2:

  • 60u Sulpheric Acid
  • 40u Fluorosulpheric acid.

*If using bluespace beakers, try a 200/100 to get a total of 200u of each. Really really big boom!

These next few bombs are less about sheer destruction, but also side effects! Some materials might need stabilizing, yaya?

Clown Cartridge: Slips, colors, and flashes! Bad clown!

Beaker 1:

  • 60u space lube
  • 20u phosphorous
  • 20u sugar

Beaker 2:

  • 60u Flash Powder (Stabilized)
  • 20u Potassium
  • 20u Colorful Reagent

Random BS: Summon life to fight everything! Chaos for dusties while voxxie slips away!

Beaker 1:

  • 40u Synthflesh
  • 20u Phosphorous
  • 20u Potassium
  • 20u Blood

Beaker 2:

  • 40u Lazarus Reagent
  • 20u Sugar
  • 20u Blood
  • 20u Space Lube

Breacher: Break into the bridge with style!

Beaker 1:

  • 40u Water
  • 40u Thermite
  • 20u Sulphuric Acid

Beaker 2:

  • 40u Carbon
  • 40u Fluorine
  • 5u Phlogiston (Stabilized)
  • 15u Thermite

Ban-in-a-Can: Nasty nasty bomb. Big area, big damage, lots of plasmafire. Very easy to kill self with. Always ask before using these!

Beaker 1:

  • 20u Phosphorous
  • 20u Sugar
  • 15u Chlorine Trifluoride
  • 20u Fluorosulpheric Acid
  • 15u Flash Powder (Stabilized)
  • 10u Uranium 

Beaker 2:

  • 20u Potassium
  • 10u Fluorosulpheric Acid
  • 30u Plasma
  • 30u Phlogiston (Stabilized)
  • 10u Teslium

These are just some sample mixes, yaya! There are many more, so take your time in science to learn what you want! Feel free to add your own mixes too! Voxxie is not a medical specialist, so use at your own risk, yaya?

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