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  1. Hi, I like your post but I think there are a few issues with your proposals. While para's validhunting rules could maybe be made clearer they're generally in a good place right now. There are a couple of problems with allowing the use of lethal force against antagonists as a non-security crew member: 1. You're just some random NanoTrasen employee, for most characters and situations it makes very little sense that you would be prepared to lay down your life to protect a coworker instead of fleeing and calling for the team of jackbooted thugs that do this for a living like you're trained to do. Additionally, if you kill someone without being able to provably demonstrate that your life or your coworker's life was in serious danger it's clearly murder, and demonstrating this beyond reasonable doubt is difficult to do. 2. There is a fundamental problem with being able to use lethal force as a crew member for the defence of someone else - if any coworker is attacked you could usually just lethal the antagonist since if you try to interfere with an antagonist where you shouldn't, they're just going to attempt to execute you and continue their task, as well they should. This provides justification for you to attempt to kill them and would lead to antagonist gameplay feeling a lot more crew vs antagonist instead of security vs antagonist, in my opinion. Overall I think your suggestions are reasonable and well considered, but I feel that the current system of lethal force only to save your own life and only when there's no other option provides the healthiest gameplay for both crew members and antagonists. The antagonists aren't swamped by crew members rushing to stop them in defence of their friends since the crew members understand the high risk of unceremonious death and the crew members will be treated more easily by antagonists when they interfere less, and escape with minimal injuries more often. This also allows for stronger rules against collateral damage with antags, since bystanders represent less of a threat to the antagonist when they're not going to attempt to murder them.
  2. Your plushies are so cute I want them all for my morgue plushie collection The rest of your art is also very nice, you have a very unique style of pixel art!
  3. The map is looking great, I appreciate that there is a dedicated seating area for bridge hobos just in front of the command room
  4. If another map had to go out of rotation I for one would see Shepard swapping out Farragus as an absolute win - I've only played on Farragus a few times but the long hallways and relative distance from everything to each other made it confusing and arduous to play on. From what I can tell Shepard takes this idea and improves on a lot of its weaknesses and with how rarely chosen Farragus is already I don't think it would be an issue even if Shepard was reserved for higher-pop games. P.S. Farragus also doesn't have a window table in the morgue for displaying plushie collections :(
  5. The hallways on Farragus are awful, but I'm looking forward to Shepard :) EDIT: P.S. it was very thoughtful of you to include the windows in the autopsy room so I can continue to display my plushie collection when I work as coroner
  6. That is a really cool idea, imagine AIs being able to take a holographic humanoid form while they're in range of a holopad. I think it would make AIs feel a lot more present on the station than just the computer that opens doors when you get stuck. EDIT: TIL AIs can do this already, but I've never seen it done
  7. This is wonderful, I've always wanted an elaborate guide on bombs, and it's even written in voxspeak. A+
  8. I don't play enough Space Station 13 to know about the finer details of maps but this looks great - I love idea of more glass to really feel the space station vibe and Cyberiad does feel rather crowded on large crews. I just hope there are enough of the signposts for departments that I don't get lost lol. Hopefully we'll see this in game soon Edit: Is there a high-res image of the station like the one you've included? I'd love to look around the map
  9. Your art is wonderful, it's really cool to see how much you've improved over this thread!
  10. You don't know your peril: I might be back here in another week making a nian appreciation thread
  11. I love your art! I'm glad to see a fellow vox enjoyer :)
  12. You may discuss the merits of KFV but long after you have finished your bucket I will still be hugging my four-foot-tall vox plushie and savouring the funny skreee noises it makes (Occasionally I gather some plushies and deliver them to other departments who seem to like them also)
  13. This has accidentally turned into a space racism thread, where are my fellow (alive and intact) vox lovers?
  14. But how could you eat something that goes skreee and kikikikiki and refers to itself in the third person! All the species on SS13 are really cool but Vox are definitely the most special to me (and the cutest). When I'm in medbay and a vox kikikikis at me I know I'm in safe hands :)
  15. Of all the species in SS13, vox are undeniably the cutest, I mean just look at them! They're space chickens! They're even cute enough that NanoTrasen recognised it and turned them into a plushie (That goes skreee, how cool is that?). Every time I play a shift with a vox coworker I am struck with an overpowering urge to pet them. In conclusion, vox are adorable and I love them.
  16. Hi, I'm John Johnson in-game, I'm still new to Space Station 13 and working out new things all the time, including where I'd like to play. I enjoy medical so you can find me brewing medicines in Chemistry (or meth if the shift is particularly dull), begging department members to collect their deceased coworkers' belongings as a Coroner or patching people up as a doctor. One day I'd love to try CMO! I'm always happy to roleplay when an opportunity presents itself and I look forward to getting to know you all :)
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