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Dahk Grel?


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Also known as Shaw. 

Hello fellow nerds! I have come to the realization that I am nearing my 4 year anniversary of playing on this delightful spessman game and currently boasting 2200+ hours on Paradise alone; and I never did do one of these introductions! Better late than never, eh?


Some of you may know my character in game, Dahk Grel the vulp. He’s one of my first characters and definitely my most played. He’s a bit of a self insert at times as opposed to some of my other characters who I’ve actually invested lore and character traits into, but I still love to play him for that slightly more casual feel. 

Paradise has been my most favorite game/server to play over the last nearly four years, and I hope to invest another four at least. The community, game mechanics, art style, inside jokes, and atmosphere are the absolute best I’ve ever seen in a game, and for that I love it to death.  I have also absolutely been ‘that guy’ who tries to get IRL friends to check out ‘that weird 2d spess game that’s definitely not Among Us+‘.

Here’s to another four years, nerds. Love ya. <3


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