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Crew Record: Amelia Kent (Now Adapted To Mainstream Media:tm:)

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Foreword: This is mostly ripped from Amelia's Storyteller Club bio, found at the bottom of this page.

Name: Amelia Kent

Age: 24 (26/11/2541)

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Blood Type: B-

General Occupational Role(s): Nurse, Blueshield & Security Officer




Due to her conditions (see medical record below), Amelia was always a quiet kid during most of her childhood. She often watched her father work, a Clinical Lead in a civilian hospital in her hometown on mars, and is where she got her love of medicine from. Her mother served in the TSF Marine Corps, and was often away from home. At the age of 15, she volunteered at a data storage complex, where she assisted in processing documents, requests, and files. At 16, under the supervision & assistance of her father, she studied for a Nursing Degree, which she would obtain on her 18th birthday.



A few days after her 18th birthday, she underwent basic training and enlisted in the TSF Marine Corps as a Field Hospital Surgical Nurse, though she never did see a combat-drop, at the age of 22, the ship she was on, the 'Defiant', suffered a critical engine meltdown, causing a majority of engineering staff to die from their injuries, and many more to die of radiation-related causes. The ship, whilst lacking a primary engine, succesfully arrived at an NT-Affiliated Repair station, called the NCS Genesis in the Epsilon Eridani system, where the Defiant was repaired with a CX-39 Thorium Reactor engine. However, Amelia's time in the TSF Marine Corps had come to an end, as her 4-year minimum term had concluded by the time they reached the NCS Genesis. She signed her honourable discharge form, and, using part of the small fortune she saved, bought a small apartment onboard the NCS Genesis, 10 lightyears from her home, which she now rarely visits.

Whilst she had her own apartment, and a decent amount of money saved up, she was bored, and desired a stable income. She drifted through small freelance work aboard the station for a while, before being approached 4 months before her 23rd birthday by a slick Nanotrasen recruiter who had heard of her nursing time in TSF. She quickly signed on to Nanotrasen (without reading the fine print), and now here she is!




Registered Nurse
(Specialised in Surgery & Clinical Leadership)


Employment Records:


[13/12/2556-29/11/2559] Volunteer at a Data Storage Complex
[26/11/2557-26/11/2559] Nursing Student at Martian University of Medicine & Arts
[30/11/2559-03/08/2564] Field Hospital Surgical Nurse, 217 Field Hospital, TSF Marine Corps
[04/08/2564-26/08/2564] Multiple Freelance Jobs onboard the NCS Genesis
[27/08/2564-CURRENT] Nanotrasen Staff


Security Records:


[20/07/2559] Fined 100 Credits for misplacing classified paperwork

Medical Records:


[26/11/2541] Born (Tragically)
[16/03/2546] Diagnosed with selective mutism
[07/09/2557] Selective mutism corrected, however still has difficulty with some words and names, especially in Galactic Common.


Personnel Photo (Appearance text):


She's 5 feet 3 inches tall, and her skin is an Ivory white. She has dark green eyes, which sparkle a little more than normal in the light.
Her face is lightly freckled. Her blonde hair is kinda short & a bit untidy, though you can tell she's tried to neaten it recently.

She looks very energized, but she's clearly very lazy, not paying too much attention to whatever she's doing, or whoever's talking to her, yet she admits this like it's a redeeming factor.

She has a slightly-faded scar on the back of her right hand, but usually makes an attempt to hide this. Her ears are pierced, but there are no rings, studs, or anything that would usually be there.

She usually wears a relatively large blue pin with the TSF Marine Corps logo on it, on the left of her shirt, but this pin has a small chip on its front.

Other Notes:
Further info can be found on my Storyteller Club bio!


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This is great. I most want to hear about the fine for misplaced paperwork, though! You can't leave us with a mystery like that

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