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Slaughter Demon rebalance


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So, I don't know how the rest of the community feels, but to me it feels like slaughter demons being able to instantly abduct downed (not just dead people or people in crit, even just unconscious) people standing on blood is kind of overpowered.

I've seen two rounds with slaughter demons in medbay the past few days, where they literally just nabbed almost every patient, because - just like almost every patient - they are bleeding and the doc treating them can't patch their bleeding immideately and isn't using their space cleaner minigun and even if they would, there's still a good chance the demon would still just nab the patient.

So, my suggestions to rebalance slaughter demons would be either:

1) When the demon is retreating into blood it should take it a few seconds to be able to actually retreat (if that's too unbalanced only when dragging a person) and, if it makes them too weak give them some damage resistance while they're retreating.

2) Make it so the demon can only retreat back into blood after it's been out for atleast a few seconds (when it is or isn't dragging a person depending on how balanced it'd be).

3) Let demons only abduct people that are actually dead.

Either of these would probably help, as you wouldn't have to worry as much about the demon literally abducting everyone in medbay, but even if those suggestions aren't that good, there should still be some sort of rebalance.

If this would make demons too underpowered you could for example give them powers the more crew they absorb, or just more maximum health or damage, something like that.


Just to put this into context, in it's current form it's almost impossible for doctors to fix anyone that needs surgery, as any surgery WILL produce blood, even after applying a hemostat and patients need to lay down to be able to get surgery (and I'm pretty sure laying down also lets demons abduct you) and unless you're lucky or the demon is busy elsewhere you're basically screwed... or atleast your patient is.

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9 hours ago, Freakycrafter said:

when it is or isn't dragging a person

This is how slaughter demons eat/heal. So this isn't feasible at all.

TG rebalanced slaughter demons by making them deal a small amount of damage to start, but them progressively more after each blow, up to a point where they stun you. This way jumping in and out of blood is less effective as they wont be able to chain together their combos if they play like this.

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