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Fox McCloud; Legend of the Supermatter

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For context, all of you can blame Woj for the story you are about to read. Heavily pasted from BOTW with some edits.

You're welcome.

The Supermatter first emerged in the distant past, ten thousand years before the events of Newcrit. The Supermatter transformed into a monstrous creature of pure Malice known as Delaminating Supermatter. It ravaged the Cyberiad before being sealed away by the chosen Hero wielding the ultimate keyboard that seals darkness, and by the princess with superior coding skills inherited from the Goddess. Assisting the hero and the princess were the Shitcode and four massive mechanical animal constructs called the Runtime Errors. The Ancient Cyberid tribe developed these machines with their unique technology, to help the Royal Family of NanoTrasen.

Ten thousand years later, during the reign of Kyet the Goat, it was foretold that the return of Delaminating Supermatter was inevitable. The prophecy of Supermatter's imminent return forced the PR Reviewers still loyal to the kingdom to excavate the ancient technology in preparation to confront Delaminating as their ancestors had done 10,000 years prior. 

Kyet the Goat decided to act in accordance to their ancestors' plan and excavated the relics, including the Shitcode and the four Runtime Errors. They recovered the mechanical army and were successfully able to reactivate and use them. The teenage SteelSlayer assisted them in their research due to her interest in shitcode as she still had trouble awakening her powers. Kyet the Goat then formed a group of exceptionally skilled warriors referred to as the chosen ones, lead by his daughter Princess SteelSlayer. He requested each race of the Cyberiad choose a chosen one, and four elite warriors were selected from across the kingdom by SteelSlayer, AffectedArc07 the Coffee Champion and crown Prince, Ansari the Variable Champion, Crazylemon the Lemon Champion, and Farie the Champion of De Fries and Chieftain of Fries. They were tasked with the duty of piloting the Runtime Errors to assist the Cyberiad Champion, the knight Fox McCloud. The final key to defeating Delaminating Supermatter was the divine sealing powers of the royal family's bloodline, and the recent death of Hyrule's Queen saw this immense duty fall to her only surviving daughter who lost not only a mother but a mentor. As she was now sole bearer of this birthright which she inherited from her grandmother, the King ordered SteelSlayer to focus on awakening her divine sealing powers to the exclusion of all else.

Unfortunately, having learned from his previous defeat, Delaminating Supermatter created four phantom embodiments of himself representing the elements of fire, water, thunder, and wind, each tasked with corrupting and taking control the Runtime Errors, and killing four of the Champions and imprisoning their spirits in the process. Succeeding in taking control of the Runtime Errors, Delaminating Supermatter proceeded to take control of the Shitcode with his Cascading Anomalies to use against the people of the Cyberiad. He then destroyed the NAS Trurl and devastated much of the Cyberiad, slaughtering countless innocents. Among the chaos, Kyet the Goat was killed and the remaining security officers and Emergency Response Team who survived the attack on the station were helpless against the Shitcode onslaught and were forced to retreat to the Mining Outpost on Lavaland The final remnants of the Cyberiad Security Team took their final stand in the Brig, the station's largest stronghold, which was all but destroyed in the historic battle, leaving the once great structure in ruins.

Fox McCloud and SteelSlayer, meanwhile, had been unable to help in the Brig, and retreated south to the Bridge  where they made their desperate last stand against an army of Shitcode. Though Fox McCloud wielded the True Master Keyboard which reacted to Delaminating Supermatter's corruption within the Shitcode with skill and personally destroyed countless Shitcode himself, they were simply too numerous and he was eventually overcome.

It was here, faced with the impending death of a loved one, that SteelSlayer's powers were truly awakened, allowing her to shut down the Shitcode with a blinding ray of light by purging them of Delaminating Supermatter's influence. The Shitcode had been stopped from destroying Fox McCloud, but despite being saved by SteelSlayer he still succumbed to his injuries and collapsed to the ground, seemingly dying in SteelSlayer's arms.

Heartbroken, SteelSlayer wept in despair. As if responding to her cries, the Master Keyboard activated on its own and spoke to SteelSlayer. It revealed to her that Fox McCloud was not yet dead and could still be saved reminding SteelSlayer of the Cloning Bay an ancient NanoTrasen medical facility her research team had discovered. Wasting no time, SteelSlayer ordered her NanoTrasen allies, Necaladun, Dumbdumn5, and Robbie, to deliver Fox McCloud to the Cloning Bay upon the Construction Site, and to place him in the experimental Cloning Cycle. SteelSlayer then returned the battle-damaged Master Keyboard to its pedestal in front of the Great PC Setup, making to the Keyboard the promise that Fox McCloud would one day return for it. In a final sacrifice, SteelSlayer marched alone on the Cyberiad Bridge and used her newly awoken powers to seal both Delaminating Supermatter and herself inside, ending the Great Delamination.


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