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First Name:Yahiya

Gender: Female


Nicknames/Alias: Yahi

Picture(If Available)


(Art done by the wonderful Heather/Chiki)


(Art done by the wonderful Lumi/Kikeri)

Age/D.O.B: 23

Place Of Birth: Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies

Species: Vox

Blood Type: B-

Alignment: NE

    Took up an internship on the NSS Cyberiad before she
lost contact to her ark ship. Was hired full time as she found herself
without a way to leave.

    As a shiny-stack she spent her childhood on arkship
"Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies" learning about atmos and its pipes.
She was sweet and gentle, loved to talk to everyone and make them
feel loved and welcome. She was only 12 when a Vox skipjack
raided an Unathi vessel, this sparked a retaliation from the Unathi
that led them to strike her ark ship. She scrapped together a
flame thrower with what she had access to and did a number on the Unathi.
something snapped inside her head then, a once caring and quiet vox cackled
as she roasted the invading Unathi alive. However The Unathi eventually
shot her down and she burned to a crisp from the aftermath.
An explosive from an Unathi raiding party blew her body to bits
and ended up spacing her stack from the breach.

    After many years her stack was recovered and sent to her
ark ship "Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies" where she was given a new
body. She was put back into atmos work as the ark ship was lacking any
atmos tech and she was their only option. She expressed an affinity for
fires and enjoyed watching any plasma fires as they broke out. Eventually
she was even caught starting a few. While she was an excellent atmos
tech, she often put the crew in harms way. She was the sole atmos tech for
"Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies" for 22 years before she was moved
to the Cyberiad for an "internship". The arkship then left her
on the Cybariad without any warning or any way to contact them.


Detailed Information

Appearance: An Azure skinned vox with light yellow stripes across her
body. Her quills are light yellow, rough and unkempt. She always wears a
scarf of some sort.

Character Voice: energetic, especially when the subject involves fire.

    Delightfully chipper and energetic, cares for a poor mouse
she named after her arkship "Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies".
Loves to play with fire and hates to miss a good plasma fire.


Medical Record:
    Patient is a female vox, 2'10 in height. Patient appears
fine at first but has lapses of insanity exhibiting a severe case of
pyromania. Patient has several burn scars on their fingers hands and even
a spot on their left arm. We have attempted to talk to them about their
previous life and what happened, as well as talk about the lengthy time
they were but a stack floating in space. Talk about their previous life
appears to be a trigger for her pyromania. She also does not recall her
time adrift in space and refuses to believe it. These conversations
have lead to the death of the last psychiatrist, as she subdued them,
poured alcohol on them that we provided to try and calm them, and then
set them ablaze. We had not known of this until the fire alarms were set
off and we walked in to her watching, cackling as she played her accordion
to an old song "Ring of Fire".

Security Record:

2563AD - Arrested for murdering her psychiatrist, sentence is permanent.
2563AD - Bailed out by an unknown person sentence cleared, they never
paid us... I wonder who authorized this.

Character Biography

Background: An eccentric vox who loves to play with fire. Gets herself
burned more often than she can count but it doesn't bother her. Cares for
a few select people but even they matter little when she is in the middle
of an episode.


Family: She considers the vox on her ark ship "Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies"
to be her family.



Hayakita 2191AD - 2203AD: Made to be an atmos tech and worked peacefully
until the Unathi raid on her arkship. Something in her snapped and she
took out a lot of raiders before succumbing to her wounds.
Yahiya 2541AD - Current Year: Made to be an atmos tech, is an absolute

Personal Relationships


Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear

Kikeri - Admire
"best vox"

Chikitita - Good Friend
"I'll buy you coffee any day, just ask!"

Kar-Ski - Good Friend
"Plays such calming music"

Esforikakiti - Friend
"Great engineer, don't think they like my fire too much"

Dayana - Neutral
"I wonder what burned slime taste like..."

Faction Relations

Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy

Nanotrasen - Dislike
"Won't help me contact my ship, they aren't doing me any favors"

The Syndicate - Like
"Tries to help me find my lost home, in exchange for some favors."
Trans-Solar Federation/SolGov - Neutral

USSP - Neutral
"They talk funny"

The Shoal - Love
"They are my family of course I'll stand up for them, no matter the cost"

Other Information

Loves Jackrose


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updated art
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