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  1. Seen it before a few times, its always awful and not very fun.
  2. Reserved - The player on the other side of the screen
  3. Reserved - Chemical warfare and disease
  4. Reserved - Biohazards, ridley scott eat your heart out
  5. Reserved - Biohazards, terror spiders
  6. Reserved - I don't like your funny words magic man
  7. Reserved - Protecting that fukkin disk
  8. Reserved - Castlevania simulator, vampires
  9. Reserved - Ever seen John Carpenter? Changelings
  10. Reserved - There is a traitor among us
  11. Reserved - RND, talking with the nerds
  12. Reserved - Cargonia, land of stolen goods
  13. Reserved - Quelling shitsec, a guide to magistrate
  14. Reserved - The blood hound, guide to detective
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