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  1. As a lot of people have said here just go with it, but most importantly. Have fun. Seriously. Don't do shit that's optimal if its something you don't think you'd enjoy. Every antag and loadout will have different playstyles. No one's going to be really watching you unless you're fairly well known at antagging so don't feel like you've got a salty ghost audience. Have fun. Make mistakes. Get bodied. Learn from them. Become better. And, over time, you'll get over those jitters.
  2. ngl I can think of many ways to game these. I'd tone down some of the positive boons HEAVILY.
  3. >be me >play atmos >repipe to make everything neat and tidy >monkey brain activate when clean pipe >see breach in electrical maintenance >blob? >walk in >see this >suicide succumb on the spot >salt in dchat >an infected mouse has appeared >be me
  4. Blueshield Letov now exists in full force.
  5. Narrators Voice: No, no he could not.
  6. the floor melts x32 the floor melts x32 the floor melts x32 the floor melts x32
  7. Everyone talks about leg stims, no one talks about the ridiculousness that is arm stims. Regardless. I'd much prefer to see some nerfs to DNA Vault powers- more specifically neural (discount CNS), leg stims (blood replaced with meth) and arm stims (gloves of the north star on crack). BSH? BSA? Shields? Boring as all hell. I actually LIKE shields now, because I can do them in ten minutes and then the department can work on their own projects and actually enjoy the round. God forbid its BSH, and we have to spend the rest of the round being very frustrated and annoyed- unless there's a competent TEG setup, in which the rest of engineering sits around eating snot for about thirty minutes, until one guy finishes his gamer broken engine setup, and then hotwires it. If I could code I'd definitely try to make a PR for shit like lavaland gas mining and other such goals. People need more departmental interaction. Its the various inter-departmental interactions that drive a lot of rounds, and there is no interaction to standing in front of the ORM reminding the QM that we need more diamonds, or me standing for twenty minutes in front of RND for an arbitrary number of blue raspberry dipping dots that WILL all get deleted when the scientist who decided to man RND after twenty minutes of waiting threw them at me, reasonably thinking that they wouldn't just ALL delete. Like DNA Vault, each station goal needs to CHANGE the station. As Leanfrog said, it is a STATION goal. Not a 'one atmos tech sitting on his ass' goal, nor 'the CE realising no one else has done shields so he guesses he's doing it goal' or even 'an engiborg having to make a BSA room because no one else wants to do it' goal. The only real fun people HAVE with the current station goals is doing them in stupid locations, and as much as admins frown on these stupid locations- the fact that people do it is a symptom of the problem with station goals. Station goals suck ass and the only reason I do them as CE is because I'm expected to take engineers away from projects they actually enjoy and want to spend the round doing, to do these arbitrary tasks they have already done so many times, before a nanite filled pulse pistol man comes down and executes me in front of a live studio audience.
  8. Come to the bar and watch Space Cops!
  9. I got bored. Updated most things, really.
  10. Down here drip is a way of life. Captain Letov Chief Engineer Letov Magistrate Letov Head of Security Letov Security Officer Letov Detective Letov Spelunker Letov Atmospheric Technician Letov Tourist Letov
  11. If you were going to give them anything, give them an emergency degreaser pen or some shit like that. Wires and Welder aren't hard to acquire, they don't need them round start.
  12. I have no issue with bridge hoboing. I think its a fun peanut gallery of newer and older players pretty much talking about what's going on. Sort of like dchat, but alive in some sense. I'm saying this as someone who plays a fair amount of command. Bridge hobos aren't a bad thing if they're just bridge hoboing. What IS annoying is people all playing different songs on different instruments, but that's a different story.
  13. Engineering has two hardsuits for the entire department. Atmos has four.
  14. Reserved for a relations section perhaps, maybe, I dunno, its an AI character. Who fuckin knows
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