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  1. Far from Any Road - True Detective BPM: 240 A2-A3/0.55,A4/6,C5/6,E5/2,A-C-E-A2-A3,E3-E4 A4-C-E5/0.55,E3-E4-A-C-E5,A2-A3/0.55,A4/6,C/6 E/2,A2-A3-A4-C-E,E2-E3,A-C-E5,G2-G3,A-C-E A2-A3/0.55,A4/6,C/6,E/2,A2-A3-A4-C-E,E3-E4 A-C-E5/0.55,E3-E4-A-C-E5/1.2,A2-A3/0.55,A4/6 C/6,E/2,A2-A3-A4-C-E/1.2,E2-E3,A-C-E5/1.2,G2-G3 A-C-E/1.2,A2-A3-A4/0.55,A3-B4/1.2,E4-A4,C/1.2 E-A,D5/1.2,E-B/1.2,F2-E3,B/1.2,E,B3-E4/0.55,B-E C/1.2,B-D/1.2,D2-D3/0.55,D-E5/1.2,D4-F4,F5/1.2 D-F4-G5/0.55,A3-E/1.2,A2-A3/0.55,A4/6,C/6,E/3 A2-A3-A4-C-E/1.2,E3-E4,A-C-E5/0.55 E3-E4-A-C-E5/1.2,A2-A3-A4/0.55,A3-B4/
  2. Title. In my great wisdom as HoP i ordered ablative armor vests for style for myself and Ian, and confirmed my suspicion nobody had ever had this brilliant idea before, and nobody had actually sprited it for Ian. I don't know how big of a job it would be, but you can put the actual vest on Ian in the collar slot already, there just isn't a sprite for it to actually display. Only issue here is the obvious balancing issue that comes with Ian potentially being more resistant to energy weapons, considering how much of a murder monster he already is. Let's make it happen-
  3. The ERT seems to constantly be a weak and dysfunctional team. There are in my opinion many reasons to this, but a large one is that people think the ERT hardsuit makes them a human tank which cannot die, which leads to them not even think needing to work as a team to stop the bad guys. In other words the mission is doomed before they even arrive on the station, because the attitude they go in with is a wrong one. I have seen many ERT commanders try and command in an effective way, only to be ignored completely. Another factor I can think of is perhaps the ERT radio key being :$, which is not c
  4. This is exactly my opinion as well. The skill of being able to follow the continuous flow of information and being able to steer through it is what I think is one of the most important skills for a Head of Security. As a member of the sec team I find it quite annoying if the HoS is quiet and not available for most of the round. It takes active effort all the time to be available for the team, and it’s very exhausting. Despite that, I think it is one’s duty to give their everything as the HoS, as it can and will define the round for many people. The core moral behind me as a security
  5. I have been trying very had to think a moment “worthy” of posting here, and most things feel too small and boring to be worthy of a post. Anyway here’s a story from today. What went down: So I finally did in my time playing warden and security officer to muster the courage to put myself to the test as the HoS. I was in luck and it turned out a round of extended, not a bad round for the first real HoS round. It was an interesting one. Starts off with none other than the mime barging into the brig, with access, and just calmly finding their way to a sec closet and arming themselves. T
  6. Thank you for the reply, you bring out excellent points and I immediately see areas of improvement for myself here. Big one being knowing the antagonist’s abilities and what they are resistant to and being able to pick the right weapon. I also appreciate your point about the fact that a big contributor to security’s effectiveness is sheer mechanical skill, in many situations it eventually comes down to either literally hitting or missing. My thinking in my post above naturally was revolving around the other elements that go into good security. As a new player (~100 hours) I find I still k
  7. This one happened last round; We had vampires and traitors, i was playing the warden. Now these weren’t your typical vampires, these were a pair of organized and skilled vampires. They holed up in the atmos room in security maintenance and started competently obliterating the entire security force with hit and run attacks. Eventually they got brave enough, after obtaining a security guard’s ID, to attack the armory. There were around 4 officers, me and the head of security nearby when this happened. They charged in, stunning an officer standing in the equipment room, and barged into t
  8. I’ll start with the one that comes first to mind. Happened last week. It was the first ever round as the CE for me, I had just barely gotten together the hours in engineering to qualify, and decided to just go for it. Unluckily I was the only person in the whole team at the start, and I had never set up the engine before. Naturally I, an intellectual, opened the setting up the tesla page on the wiki, confident I could do it. It went fine until the point I had to start the PA and get the engine going. I turned on the PA and the tesla wasn’t appearing, something was amiss. I hadn’t sum
  9. I am going to post in this thread moments of my own development as an ss13 player. Think of this like a diary for the times I screw up and what I learned. If it gives somebody some shits and giggles, I’m winning. The format will be roughly the following: The thing I did: eg. “I beat a guy I saw having equipped an emag on the head with a toolbox” The excuse: “I thought as an emag is s-grade contraband this gave me the right to robust them then and there” What I learned: I learned there are stickers that make your ID look different. I also learned to read the space law
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