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  1. Mmmm lets change that up! You now have the power to make anything from nothing as long you have money to do so, but still in a limited way, if you want make a dollar then you will need a dollar to do so and so on. I hope you like your new power. Oh don't mind, me I got the power to modify anything I want to.
  2. Well, If anything, Admins are the glue that make funny threads like this one as we speak. Admin are truly a mysterious creatures, as they can call for the magical hammer, that can set up a barrier of such great power that it's impossible to bypass it, and rain down thunder if it was like rain.
  3. Well the best thing to have as a traitor when trying to kill, is to have speed and slow reacting sec that cant do their jobs.... :D Or that find a way to hide for the end of the round and start murder boning all on the pod or the shuttle
  4. I never got the python one to work at all.
  5. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05317410808132494975 The midieditor is where you can edit midi that you find or you can make a new one from nothing. and the Midi2piano.exe and Sanford.Multimedia.Midi.dll turn any .mid or .midi file into text format so you can play it in game. P.S. It won't work if you delete or move the Sanford.Multimedia.Midi.dll file not in the same folder with the midi2piano.exe
  6. I got a few more Midi coming for ya soon! here one that is done! Metal Gear - Nuclear sound very good on the Guitar
  7. Still A very very WIP it's not at the point i feel like it ready for others yet.
  8. I have heavy edit this four midi to get them working with SS13 sound limits, I hope you all like it! castlevania vampire killer Piano ONLY!!!!! Soul Eater Resonance Piano ONLY!!!!! mass effect 3 an end once and for all Piano ONLY!!!! - need more work to sound better Don't stop me now by Queen guitar ONLY!!!!! WIP!!!
  9. Condition if you only eating a ice cream pop. :D well i have to the power to modify anything soo no need to be more greedy and ask for more... I can just give my self more power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. mmm About anything that you can think of, really. oh and during times of admin free rounds too... where shit really hits the fan. like when a Changeling or a Traitor upload law saying that the engine must be free at all cost.
  11. Conditio~ error, Wolf O'Shaw flexes nearby, now modifying condition to nothing. there we go :D You did not say if it can be or can not be on the computer screen... :D your new power is to make popcorn come fly at you when you come near it. and the Condition is nothing. MAHAHAHA I beat the game.
  12. Condition: if you burn 1000$ to pay for each teleport. I have the power to modify anything.
  13. Well, I will love to play but >.> i cant just get the hang of how they speak yet, and i'm a slow ass typer but if you want to take i will be glad to join you guys And oh to player that don't Play D&D or anything like this, THERE A ton of Fluffy mess to catch up on to even get the full story and see how vast and wide and you will need Pure Imagination to see the world that will unfold in front of you...
  14. Well you can link the server by a p2p tunnel and just have a the gateway or something send a command to the player to force them to go join the other server and what not, and the need some type of data base for both server to hold data on the players, so if you moving to the other then the other server knows what to give you and on what slots.