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  1. Vox: Increase penalties for being maskless, like upping the toxin damage they receive. Because currently you can take off the breath mask and sit for 7 minutes (give or take) before the damage reaches 50 points, where it starts being dangerous. At the moment, being a maskless Vox isn't as life-or-death as people think it is, especially when you can down some vendor mugwort tea and be right as rain in under a minute. Slime: They're made of water, one could give them a negative reaction to the Drying Agent chemical. Grey: Give them other minor psychic powers to choose from at the character creation menu, so they could pick the Remote-Talk power to have or something else. Like the ability to summon a tiny flame into their selected hand on activation (like how some Wizard Touch spells work) that would give them all the benefits of holding a no-drop always-alight match; one that couldn't do anything a normal match or lighter couldn't. Another potential ability could be one where a Grey could empathically take all/half of the pain/stamina damage of a target, at the cost of needing line-of-sight or a grab. That could also come with appropriate downsides, like getting stunned if the target is, or taking heavy brain damage should they die.
  2. My sync wire did get cut because I begged some engineer or the RD (one of them,) to help me, then he pulled me into AI upload trying different boards to see which one would fix the laws.
  3. This was me and the other synthetics during a hellish round.
  4. Well, it certainly looks interesting. What would your suggested Karma price be, though?
  5. Do you mean something along the lines of this? (Not to this extent of course, but similar.)
  6. Let's see, it was mid-round or something close, I spawn in as a Cortical Borer and dive into the vents to look for a host, I find a clown in the HoP office (also given a promotion to HoP, for some reason) and so I go possess him as the AI spots me on the floor and bolts the doors closed. I make some more borers and think about taking a trip down disposals to get out of the office when the clown does it himself, yelling to Security over the radio about the worm in his brain. We end up in the delivery office when a Sec officer shows up and tells me, the worm, to give myself up, so I take control of the clown and chat for a moment before flicking the conveyor belt lever and lying down to get to Disposals proper. We land in a massive pile of trash as the clown begs me for mercy, so I exit the clown and Hide under the garbage, then the Sec officer shows up and; thinking I'm still in control, orders me to release the clown or he'd flip the lever there and space us both (because he hasn't got any handcuffs on him), so the clown begs us both for mercy while trying to reason with us, I just sit there in the garbage doing nothing for a long while when the officer finally flips the switch and stuns the clown as he's being slowly brought to the mass driver by the conveyor belt. After all that I decide to take my chance before the mess of garbage vanishes and (successfully) try make it to the vent. Then I get bwoinked and told to not pointlessly kill people or something, (the ahelp was likely from both the clown and the officer, and the ahelpers accused the other of rulebreaking while I'm caught in the middle,) I forget. Anyway; I explain what I've done and then hear nothing more from the admin after. The officer then apologizes to the clown and helps him out after noticing that I went through the vent. After all that I kind of went SSD so I could do something else. Most fun I'd had in ages though.
  7. This suggestion interests me, but how would someone join a round as one, and would they be a Karma-locked race?
  8. While new features (and more things to use money on) can be nice and all, I think restricting the Medical supplies would be inconvenient most of the time, especially when someone needs medical attention/supplies urgently. I also think that it would sound silly for doctors to go around looking/asking for cash when they inevitably run out. Same with the Security machines, but that's less of an immediate problem. Though like Improvedname suggested, a different type of medical vending machine that offers supplies specially for the public for a price could come in useful. I do agree with allowing people to pay for cigars, but it might be best to bundle it up with the cigarette machines instead of creating a separate type of vending machine for the cigars.