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  1. Very cool! Always nice to see folks sharing their art on the forums. Be prepared for a million requests.
  2. Ha, I didn't even realize that was you because this happened before I unretired so I couldn't see ckeys. If you want we can organize an event for that character for the future.
  3. The things we see while observing:
  4. your stonks have lost all value, they are now at 0
  5. That's really good! Tell Lamarr to settle down and he can have a monkey face as a snack.
  6. In the near future something I'd like to begin doing is running Events based on character Security Records. For those of you who don't know what those are you can edit certain character records in the Character Setup screen. This includes Medical Records, Employment Records, and Security Records, and these can be viewed in-game by other players! To edit them open your Character Setup menu from the lobby and click on the Character Records button in the Occupation Choices section. You'll see this screen. It might pop up behind the Character Setup screen so if you don't see it immediately move that window. Finally click on the button for the record you'd like to edit. For example here's my Security Record for Maxwell Edison: These Records don't need to be anything that happened in any given round, or even in-game at all. They could reflect your character's past decisions, prior to their time on the NSS Cyberiad. So what I'm proposing here is that every once in a while I'd check out character records early in the round and try to come up with an event based on that. I feel like Security Records are the best for this so I'm going to limit my events to using those as the basis for them. Here's an example, using actual in-game situation that prompted this idea. As NT Representative I joined mid-round and was soon approached by a guy with a special job title, something like "Private Investigator". He showed me a Security Record from a Kidan crewmember named Kazk, Priestess of Clan (Whatever, I forget the clan name.) The record indicated that she had gone missing from her clan and might have been kidnapped. It requested that her presence on any Nanotrasen station or vessel be reported to the nearest Kidan embassy. I put together a fax to CentCom, complete with a copy of the record, suggesting they contact the Embassy and see if the Kidan Ambassador might want to send out a team to collect the Priestess. The intent was that the Kidan wouldn't necessarily have authority, but that Security might not be able to actually prevent them from taking the Priestess back, though they might assign a bodyguard to protect her. Unfortunately the Admins on at the time were too busy to run anything like that. In the near future, when I'm out of school for the quarter and have more time to play, I'll be able to run events like this, and I'd aim to try to do one once a week or so. What I need is players with good Record write-ups for their characters! I can't guarantee that you'll get picked for an event like this, but it never hurts to encourage more RP, and your crew Records are good jumping-off points for it! Feel free to reply to this with your own character Records if you like. I'm not going to rely solely on Records that are posted here for events, but it wouldn't hurt to post it if you want to be sure I'll see it. Let's get this party started!
  7. This stuff is like the opposite of cringey. I'm sure some folks from this community would watch if you streamed your art process!
  8. PLANT PATROL As Sec Officers the HoS told us to group up and stay together, so we ended up rolling 4 deep. Then we grabbed plants. At one point we stopped both botanists and talked like we were the PLANT LORDS, judging them for their behavior and their ability to grow healthy, happy plants. Eventually we had to give it up when the cult started gaining a foothold, but it was fun while it lasted.