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  1. 1. Build a base first as cult. Or stay on the down low while someone else builds one. An explorer or miner is best for making a base off station. But if it's on station, having a backup base too is a good idea. Somewhere WITHOUT a camera around so the AI can't see. And hidden. Suit sensors off. I'm not very robust so I like to keep a teleport spell ready. If I get caught I hit teleport and just hit a random spot. Then use a tele rune to get to the main base if I'm injured or dying. So another cultist can revive me or I can heal. And get my spells set again. I like to keep two stun spells and one cuff for abducting. But keep the tele spell ready just in case. Also, I don't see Twisted Construction used enough. When going loud, converting a bunch of airlocks to cult airlocks lets you control an area. In the early phase of going loud this can tip the balance. Trap people for abduction. Slow non book club re-enforcements. And gives you a place to retreat to and close the door behind you. Plus some crew Will try to use the airlocks and get thrown. Which is funny. 2. I've rolled hijacker twice and failed twice. But had a lot of fun twice. Last time I wasn't a hijacker but got mindslaved by one. Made a bunch of max caps. Hid them all over the station. Then set them all off at once. The hijack failed. But damn it was a lot of fun. I regret not yelling out "Toxin Testing!" before the explosions then saying "Oops. Missed" over the radio. I've seen some robust players pull off hijack. But most fail. It's more about adding some wild chaos to the round. And I enjoy trying to survive as the station falls apart when this happens. But yes. Learn bombs. Toxin bombs and chem. Chem is probably better because of the myriad possibilities. And you can make a bomb in chem more destructive than a toxin max cap if you experiment a bit. When the shuttle gets called because of the chaos you've causes, plant bombs in departures. Wait for people to gather there. Then blow them up just before the shuttle arrives. That gives you the best shot at defending the shuttle while you hack it. Use an RCD to make walls and buy time. Blow the back off the shuttle to stop people using it. Emag the console to launch quickly. When in doubt, having a partner in crime is a boon. Mindslave, golems, holopara, a syndie radio key, an emagged borg. They can double your brainpower (or quadruple in my case). Alternatively, you could learn xenobio and make an army of hijacker golems or suicide bomber golems. Or use botany to make war crime plants and bombs. Or use atmos to plasma flood. Or use your nerd skills in sci to make the AI/borgs into an army of death. Or combine several methods at once. Or even mindslave the clown, make an army of bananium golems; and have the clown take the heat for the chaos they cause while you prepare to hijack the shuttle. Honk. 3. Never rolled wiznerd. And don't think I'd do well. No tips for this. I don't usually have it enabled. I tend to late join so I don't get antag much. You have the right attitude. It's not about the win. It's about having fun and trying to add to the round. And as one who loves the chaos, I wish you luck in your efforts to murder me in the future.
  2. That's a good point. But you used Farragus in it so it's invalid.
  3. In reality I don't actually do this much. Usually I just let it go. But I want my BS matter bins and femto manips damn it! I can see then in there! You just printed a bunch. I would use my RCD to "grief" as you put it. But the engineering autolathe is un-upgraded. And low on mats. And I can't afford it right now. Please hand over the parts so I can afford to use my RCD to deconstruct your walls to get the parts I need. (I'm sorry I have a weird sense of humour. A lot of what I say is tongue in cheek.)
  4. Hobo Security Division Currently discussing whether or not to order the Gamma Toolbox Shuttle
  5. Seriously? There are plenty of people who take an actual job and don't do it all round. At least assistants aren't taking the position just to get access and gear. Sometimes you just wanna hang out. Take that away and you'll have a bunch of hobos doing nothing but taking up job slots. (more people doing nothing taking up job slots I mean). As for bridge hobos, I've seen some of the most interesting builds done above the bridge by hobos. And sometimes it's comedy gold. Like when a bunch get run over by a MULE. And the absurdity of it all is a plus. That's one of my favourite things about this game. The absurd mixed with the deadpan RP. Does it really interfere with your RP enjoyment to have random assistants hanging around above the bridge? The station has a literal clown that honks! The absurd and the deadpan compliment each other. Take away the absurd, and you're left with boring, predictable HRP. Take away the deadpan RP, and you just have an un-fun LRP gamer situation. Where the best gamers have all the fun. And the rest get fucked. To pretend to quote the existential absurdist Camus; "One can spend eternity trying to change SS13 to create paradise. When paradise was right in front of them the whole time. And they were too busy being hobophobic to see it....... Honk."
  6. I'm fine with perma death assassinations. And I'm the victim of them factors more than the perpetrator. I'm going to go against the grain and say that it actually makes the game better. It adds risk. Ups the stakes. If you want to make things more fun for the perma dead, add some more fun ghost roles. The fact that you could be gibbed and have your brain made into burgers by the chef is a good thing. Or thrown into the SM crystal. Or cremated. It adds tension. And sometimes comedy. If you're getting salty over perma death, maybe this game isn't for you. Maybe I'm wrong. But I feel like getting round removed is more of a feature than a bug for the atmosphere of the game.
  7. Maybe I'm wrong. But when people aren't doing their job. And are just ignoring you when you need something. I feel like it's justified to break in and get what you need. Or break in and tell someone to do their job. The number of times I've seen multiple scientists in a row ignore the line at R and D. Walk in, print grenades, beakers, tools for themselves and leave. Ignore the radio. Just "I want to do my thing, so the rest of you can get fucked". This includes the RD. Ignoring the line and R and D (or not even knowing how to do it because they spent all their hours at sci making grenades). I feel like a department head should know the basics of their department. But that's another story. If I get ignored by multiple scientists and the RD when I need stock parts. I'm breaking in and disassembling their shit to get the parts I need. Because it's funny. Even as an antag I make sure to service the line if I'm there. I'm not the only player. Others want to do their thing too. And they need stuff to do whatever thing they're planning. I get it. You want to test out that grenade mix. But taking a few minutes to work the desk isn't going to stop you doing that. Shutting the shutters will sometimes make me go away. Other times it will make me deconstruct your walls and shut off your sci chem APC. "Oh so now you want me to fix your APC? Can I get those upgraded tools first please? Thanks." If robotics takes all the materials from the first orm delivery(including diamond and bluespace which they aren't even going to use at this stage). I'm going to ask for those mats. If I'm ignored. I'm going to break in and take ALL of their materials. They have access to sci. They can get what they need after we do R and D and upgrades. Or wait for the next load from mining. You realize we can upgrade your machines robotics. We can upgrade the whole station. But we can't do it unless we have the materials and levels to do so. Every department is worse off now. As for assistants, sometimes we are very busy and have assisting to do. We don't have time to ask for things. We need those insuls for reasons. We have VERY important things to do. That workplace hazard isn't going to build itself! But in all seriousness, if I do break in somewhere as an assistant, feel free to robust me. I won't fight back. I know I'm in the wrong and deserve what's coming. I don't want to ruin your game. Tabling, grabbing and dumping a screaming assistant in the disposals may even make your round more fun. As a side note, check what alert the station is on. If it's red, sec probably don't want to be dealing with your shenanigans. If it's green/blue, sec still probably don't want to be dealing with your shenanigans, but at least they have time to do so. And don't be a dick to them. They're most likely dealing with you because you pulled some dumb shit.
  8. Assistant kitchen and botany in cargo. Hobo bacon. *nods slowly and knowingly. Hobo bacon.
  9. I'm not robust, and don't like ending other people's rounds as antag (unless I think it's funny). So I usually just try to think of a gimmick. And get around to my antag goals if an opportunity presents itself. Most of the time I don't try for antag so people who want it more can get it. Agent ID, chameleon kit and pickpocket gloves (to scan IDs for access and put the IDs back) can be fun. I was "Doctor Honk" and played a clown doctor in med which was fun. Another round I was "Officer Honk". A clown secoff. Which I got away with for way longer than I thought I would. I actually blended in with other secoffs. Calling for backup over the sec radio when the holodeck was emagged (" Honk needs backup at holodeck! Honk. Angry fishies!"). I'm still amazed that other officers accepted "Officer Honk", with clown shoes (real ones as the chameleon ones don't squeak), mask and clown jumpsuit; as well as sec gear, for as long as they did. At that point I had forgotten about my objectives completely. Another favourite was "Mr colourful". A science clown. Who made colourful reagent grenades and built a teleporter. Throwing the grenades through the teleporter to various locations to make the station colourful. And decrying the lack of colour on the station. Sometimes I do try to do objectives. To mix it up a bit. But I try to add some extra funny to a round. If my round ends early, that's fine. Security are generally good sports. Even if my antics cause them headaches sometimes. I try to be a good sport too. If people enjoyed it, it was good. Even if the only enjoyment they got was repeatedly hitting "Officer Honk" with a stun baton.
  10. Thanks General. That did it! Legend.
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong place. I can't use discord because I have no phone right now to log in. I'm connecting fine to other SS13 servers. Could connect yesterday. But today I get a "Connection Failed" message. Restarted my computer. Restarted Byond. Updated Byond. Turned off anti-virus. Still "Connection Failed". Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.
  12. A while ago there was an event where the station went to war with a Syndicate base on an asteroid. The HoP asked for volunteers to join the assault. We were issued with rifles and space suits. We lined up in an expertly drilled snake line, pulled by the HoP, as we were trained to do. And the HoP took us around the station getting us food and supplies. Hyping us up as we went. Hooorahh!!! *salutes. We were taken to cargo (our jump off point). Where we lined up to listen to speeches from command. With each speech, we became more hyped and determined. The build up was epic. Finally it came time to set off. We lined up on the cargo shuttle conveyor belt. Ready to be sent out to war. We were NT's finest. Ready to bring hell to enemies of the corporation. The airlocks opened. And the belt began to send us out. This was gonna be awesome! It fell apart almost immediately. One spess man didn't put on internals and suffocated. Another one dropped their gun. Which managed to hit another spess man and cause them to bleed. A third was thrown out into space without a jetpack or GPS and was never seen again. One of them threw their rifle away I assume by accident. And it went off into space. Another didn't even have a space suit but decided to run out into space with us anyway. Out of the 6 of us, I was the only one who made it to the enemy. Alone and unrobust. Where I was immediately murdered. All up, I would say the expedition was probably a greater success than expected.
  13. Why do I wear the suit? I don't actually know. I liked putting on a costume because I thought it was funny. It all started when I was a tider. Being arrested, beaten or murdered can be comedic. But it is way funnier if the one being assaulted is dressed like a snowman or a jester. So, while doing my admittedly childish and annoying antics, I wore a costume. So when I got discovered, the person who found me could enjoy robusting me a little more. Costumes just add a little bit of wackyness to every situation. Then I started wearing the chicken suit more and more. Unlike, say, the snowman suit, the chicken suit doesn't block automenders or surgery. So you don't need to take it off in medbay. Yet it covers the whole body. The perfect non-spess proof spess suit. So I found myself wearing it more often than not. Slowly, at first, it grew on me. I became attached to it. But the more I wore it, the more I enjoyed it. To the point that I now feel naked without it. I've had psychiatrists try to "cure" me with drugs, hypnosis and even surgery. After the hypnosis, I felt the urge to send all of my money to the psychiatrist. But, if anything, I enjoyed wearing the suit even more. Especially while on drugs. Over time I've learned to embrace my suit. And feel comfortable in my own skin. Feathers and all. I am the guy in the chicken suit. And that's ok. Cluck.
  14. What about this: Minor antag organization: The Super Villainous and Very Evil Spy Network of Incompetence Minor antag objectives: Steal the captain's rubber ducky and covertly put it in the Kitchen; then report the chef for theft. Chug two entire bottles of vodka in the CMO's office and remain there until discovered. Tell a terrible joke that doesn't make sense and repeat it three times over intercom; and kidnap Ian; demand the HoP make you the new clown; If they comply, return Ian's corpse to them. Turn yourself into a monkey and steal all the cheese on the station; hide it in the RD's office; then convert back to your original form and report them to security for cheese theft while implicating yourself as the actual culprit. Disguise yourself as an unknown greytider and electrocute yourself while hacking the doors of the Bridge; Drop a book on hacking; And continue to shock yourself until you are arrested; With your bag full of shoes. Get arrested for a minor crime within the first 15 minutes of your shift; Then remain in prison the entire shift by continually failing to break out; While being super polite to everyone except other prisoners. BLOW UP THE ENGINE AND GIB EVERYONE YOU CAN! HONK! (Don't do this I'm joking) Actually, I don't think these ideas are very good. Never mind.
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