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  1. i will continue to press 3 and left click my sprite
  2. It took me ages to learn the game because I am stupid and had to make like 200 mhelps on the way. (EDIT: I have 147 mhelps in total, checked by a mentor) When I first began, I played Cullen Disero/Bebe the humans while learning the very basics. The jobs I did then were Janitor > Cargo > Bartender > Learning to do shit while a Civilian > Xenobiology After playing a bunch, around the time I learned xenobiology, I also unlocked Drask which then led me to making Kruum. I then branched off from Xenobiology and learned all of Science. > Then I began to play Chef and understand the basics of CQC and cooking. After fiddling around and getting bored of Science, I needed to get my hands dirty on a new job, that's when @Miraviel taught me how to be a good medical doctor in one single shift. I then went > Medical Doctor > Coroner and taught myself Surgery through the wiki. Since then, my usual jobs for Kruum consist of > Chef > Science >Medical > Cargo I've yet to learn Engineering and Atmospherics but I hope to some day. I don't think I'll ever be security gaming but, maybe in the near future. Paradise Station is also the only server I've properly played besides Colonial Marines, and honestly I don't see me in the future changing servers at all.
  3. 1. Chef 2. 3. 4. 5. Kruum Best of luck with the video =)
  4. Wait for the goliaths eyes to change color, that will tell you its about to shoot its tendrils under you. Afterwards, move out of the tendrils way and shoot it with a Kinetic Accelerator and stand at least two tiles in between you and the Goliath. Rinse and repeat until its dead. If you're using a crusher, then do the same but mark the goliath first, then attack.
  5. Hi. I'm ArcZelf but on the station I usually play as Kruum(a drask), or Clam(a slime). I have 1113h (as of the time posting this) and I am still complete and utter dogshit at this game. I play a variety of jobs but the ones I play the most are Scientist, Chef, Miner, Research Director and Head of Personnel. If you're a mentor, you might know me because of my mentor helps that I 100% genuinely am stuck with. (mhelp in the title is infact a real mhelp). If you're not a mentor then you might know me through my drask character which looks like an enderman if they had a third eye. I don't play any other station other than Paradise since it was my first but I do very very rarely play Colonial Marines. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, I'm going to try and be a bit more forum-active. =))))))))))))))))))))) Hope to meet all of you ingame if I haven't already.
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