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  1. I was see this when I was observe and it making me laugh very much. I was sprays Bubblegum with water cause he was be grumpies.
  2. I would be going to medbay and finding out how they is cure all the things and be taking it back to now.
  3. (( Bit of forewards for explaining this. B.O.O.P. is been hack by the syndicates only three time! :D Jason Jedd I am looks at you when I am count one of those time. For shames. For shaaaames. :D Okay, I am making this for I thinking I wanting to see what is actual happen to a borg when they is get hacks to the syndicate. This is being tooooo big of a file though, so I am having to insert a links! )) !!WARNINGS FOR YOU! THIS IS HAVE FLASHING LIGHT! Please not look it if you having sensitivity to them!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glory to Nanotrasen NAS Trurl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <<WARNING>> <<UNAUTHORIZED REDISTRIBUTION OF COMMUNIQUES MAY RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION>> <<WARNING>> <SYSADMIN PRIVILEDGES OVERRIDE> <SPECIAL OPERATIONS OFFICER OVERRIDE REQUIRED> <AUTHORIZATION> <NT.DESIGNATION=SOO=*#(*&$&(*#(*888+/97(#**($(&Omega###> <CLEARANCE VERIFIED> <SECURE DATA STREAM INTERCEPTED> //ERROR// //ERROR// <IFF NOT DETECTED> <SEARCHING...> <SEARCHING...> <HANDSHAKE PROTOCOL FOUND> <ERROR> <SYNDICATE PROTOCOLS DETECTED> <PACKAGE INTERCEPT> <QUARANTINING FILE> <PLAY FILE?> <Y/N> -Y- <<DATA FILE TRANSCODED>> <ISOLATING PATTERN> <LOCKDOWN INITIATED>
  4. Oh my gosh, you is all seeing this! I'm not cry. You is crying. Thanks you all so much for read my silly things I am put here and giving you attentions that you could having anywhere else.
  5. ADDENDUM FILE - CASE FILE #14448939-Alpha-399 CONFIDENTIAL : Staff Officer for Operational Duties or ABOVE Non-Compliance will incur penalties not limited to Imprisonment, Fines, Execution. File Recovered - Startup Logfile - B.O.O.P. - Class : Cyborg ERROR : Transcription Logging Failure Timestamp : ????|????|2552-AD Timestamp : 07|13|2565-AD Further testing required. Log files match radio chatter outbound from Haverick colony. 1748698254_boopersstartups.mp4
  6. Thank you for to Woje for helping me look through this thing and find my mistake I make and help me with things on it! ERROR/NOT FOUND/ SEARCH - FAILED BORG.PROGRAM.DOWNLOADABLES SELECT DOWNLOADS FROM ROBOTICS ERROR ; FILE NOT FOUND SEARCHING... SEARCHING... INITIATE STRING SEARCH : ESTIMATED WAIT : ERROR RECURSIVE STRING SEARCH : WAITING... SEARCHING... FILE FOUND. String.prototype.search(Gotta' get more bandaaaaaids yeaaaaah!) ERROR/NOT FOUND/ var regexConstructor = new RegExp("Come on plushie!"); Const str1 = "Come on plushie!"; const str2 = "Ooooh. Donuts."; const hasplushie = /plushie/ ;hasPlushie.test(str1); // true has.Donut .test(str2); // true FILE FOUND LOADING string.regeneracy.cyborg.acquisitions.search Const str1 = "This is being Mister Plushie! He my best friends in ever!"; const hasplushie = /plushie/ ;hasPlushie.test(str1);// true LOADING (B.O.O.P.).EXE LOADING FILES : FILE FOUND : RESEARCH LOG : ERROR : 2552 A.D.?CITATION? EMPLOYEE I.D. > 534289234-155223THETA ACTIVATE? Y/N Is this thing on? Wow. Okay, so today we are working on the new findings straight out of Haverick. What a literal nightmare that was, yeah? Today's objective. What would that be? Simplify. Okay, so here we are. Subject is a cyborg recovered from the site of the human colony on Haverick. What seemed to be a power and weapons system malfunction quickly cascaded as the on station A.I. began, at first, covertly taking over the systems of the colony. We all know from the reports what happened there. Bloody A.I. lost its mind. The tally is still being calculated, but after the Shellguard Munitions team landed it's hard to really say what happened there. We have some sensor logs, but those are mostly corrupted. Who's to say they're even accurate and hadn't been tampered with? The only thing we do have is this recovered cyborg. Let's see here. Unit designation is hard to make out from the laser scouring, but we managed to get the brains of the operation out. The robot brain. Well, it's supposed to house an intelligence that we're told isn't sentient. Legally, it's not sentient in the eyes of the corporation. Good enough for me. Been going through it for what seems to be days now. The software link was isolated and the code is... something else entirely. Who designed this thing? Best guess we have is a project some colleagues were working on in 2506. Supposed to be an exploration subroutine. Turns out, the beancounters decided it was way less expensive to send people than cyborgs. Still, this little thing was supposed to go out, upload data, and die. Rinse, repeat. A legion of little things with absolutely no programming beyond roboneural pathways designed to gather and assess data. This one... Phew. They may have given it a pathfinding starter set, but the language programming was definitely skimped on. Everything is recursive from the unit's designation. Which, right. We found that data. Who names a robot 'B.E.E.P.'? Seems to be all tied back to that data point. We deleted the designation in a mock up and the program went a bit ballistic. Sentence structure disappeared. Not sure what was going on there. We did manage to pull some data about the incident from the unit. Audio logs, video files, the works. Nothing from the A.I. on site though. Seems that someone had neglected to even sync this robot to the A.I. Video files, right. Those are entirely of the door of a closet. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Audio logs of an unknown person were recovered as well. AUDIO LOG - F2-30402003-B-93949.344 BEGIN PLAYBACK? Y/N And that's it. That's all we have. The video logs that would have ID'd the speaker are corrupted. Voice logs saved on file with the company are inconclusive. Perhaps it was someone in their human resources department? That would indicate the cyborg's acceptance of new identification. Anyway, we're going to keep working on this. No idea what they're going to do with the data, but it is what it is I suppose.
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