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For the friendly, sometimes not so friendly, catbeasts that prowl the halls of the cyberiad and litter their posts on the forums. May the meows be heard!
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  2. Woooo... This club got a little quiet, so I'll post now! Hah! I play Naazha Hammuhirin. My main character, an old fart of a black cat that meanders his way through engineering at medbay at times. Yes yes. Lives on Mars, pesters the few people he knows there and tends to leach the personality from those around him so as to 'fit in'.
  3. Well, i got a number of catbeasts, Azunja Konr, guess currently good at avoiding working on the station, Wasam Hadii, good at piloting spacecrafts, Creshmi Harara, good at growing plants, and Hajran Raasi, good to be the token Tajaran for central, so it can say equal oportunities for every species. I like the lore, and gives a bit of species PR, rather than just being the fitting human employee #73459. And why Tajara rule: The other races all did come from a planet that does let plant grow rather easily, while Tajarans did flourish on a planet that's almost a snowball, and had a stable and peacefull central goverment, so no wars between Tajarans. That only changed when humans did come to Ahdomai, fiddling in stuff they are not supposed to.
  4. Tony Marsilona here, everyone's favorite Tajaran Grandpa/Uncle. Tony likes long walks on rainy streets, candlelight spaghetti dinners, and thinking of creative implementations of a stunbaton.
  5. Tell us about your tajaran character! Who they are, what they enjoy and what they do best and of course. everything in between! Also be sure to mention how great we are. Yes. Power to the meow!

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