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Silicon Asset Record: CRUNCH

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Name: CRUNCH (formerly Harry Justinson)

Age: 38

DOB: 3 March 2530

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg (Human)

Blood Type: O+

General Occupational Role(s):

Engineering cyborg

Flavour text:


Standing at a diminutive 130 cm (4'3"), this engineering cyborg has a standard engineering chassis, with additional armour plating painted in safety orange contrasting with areas of bare metal. Despite being clean and well maintained, some faded TSF markings indicate that they have been in operation for a long time. His name, CRUNCH, is stencilled in the middle of his chestplate above an identification barcode.

He observes his surroundings with a curious disposition, and moves with a playful energy.

Someone has drawn a picture of a robotic nian head on his chestplate with a marker pen.


  • Engineering Construction Qualification
  • Engine Operator Certification
  • Atmospherics Technician Certification
  • Firefighting and Prevention Training
  • Basic Marksmanship Training
  • Zero-Gravity EVA (Hostile Environments) Training
  • Combat Fortifications Specialisation Training
  • Sabotage and Sapping Training
  • Combat First Aid (Basic) Training



Medal of Captaincy - Appointed to post in the absence of any willing volunteers. Job performed adequately despite complete lack of command experience. (Note: immediately removed from post upon discovery of a suitable replacement)

Medal of Valour - Going above and beyond the requirements of duty, placing himself in mortal danger to save others from grave threats to life.

Robust Security Medal - For rendering essential assistance to security in the face of great peril.

Smart Science Medal - Completed essential Research tasks in the absence of a qualified researcher, allowing the station to continue smooth operations.

Excellent Engineering Medal - Exceptional proficiency in the construction of both experimental and hardened supermatter engines, and the saving of engines from otherwise inevitable catastrophic failure,

Purple Heart (TSF) - Fell in the line of duty.

Employment Records: [FOR COMPANY USE ONLY - seek HoP approval before viewing.]



TSF Navy - Marine - (March 2548  – October 2548).

Harry Justinson enlisted in the TSF Marine Corps soon after his 18th birthday to earn citizenship. Soon after the completion of basic training he began to pursue specialisation down the military engineering career path. He was noted by instructors to have a high degree of natural aptitude with both the theory and practical application of fortification and breaching tasks.


TSF Navy - Combat Engineer (October 2548 – February 2553).

Following completion of his specialisation training, Harry was assigned to the TSFS Ganymede, a small cruiser patrolling the frontiers of the TSF's sphere of influence for power-projection and interdicting pirate activity. As a combat engineer he was tasked with ensuring the provision of protective fortifications and other structures to his fellow marines, clearing obstacles on ground operations, and the sabotage and destruction of enemy fortifications.

During an interdiction against a freighter suspected of smuggling, the Ganymede was fired upon at point-blank range by a concealed torpedo immediately prior to a planned boarding operation. The overall damage to the ship itself was relatively insubstantial, but the explosion resulted in the immediate deaths of 4 marines and an additional 23 casualties. Harry Justinson was among the surviving casualties, but his injuries were too serious to be effectively treated. As a final resort, he was given an encephalectomy and subsequently was integrated into a cybernetic chassis.


TSF Navy - Combat Engineering Cyborg (February 2553 – May 2563).

Following the cyborgification procedure, Harry was re-designated as CRUNCH. He was assigned to a new vessel, the TSFS Herschel, an old destroyer. His duties were largely the same as those on the Ganymede, with the additional task of helping to maintain the vessel itself due to its advanced age.


Nanotrasen: Engineering Cyborg (July 2563 – Present).

[REDACTED - See security records]. CRUNCH has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to Nanotrasen. His extensive practical knowledge of the construction and maintenance of structures, engines, electrical infrastructure, and atmospheric systems is a boon to any engineering team fortunate enough to be working with him. During his time with the company he has also demonstrated a keen enthusiasm to interact with and assist his crew when not occupied with his engineering duties, having a positive effect on their efficiency and morale.






CRUNCH was acquired by Nanotrasen in May of 2563 by NT shipbreakers working on the decommissioned TSF Navy vessel TSFS Herschel. For unknown reasons he was not removed from the ship after it was decommissioned, being left in storage in the ship's robotics bay. One of the three shipbreakers present at the time accidentally woke CRUNCH from his hibernation by aimlessly "playing" with one of the consoles in the room. Interpreting the workers as intruders, CRUNCH detained two of them with an integrated stun arm module. The third shipbreaker (who also happened to have previous experience as a roboticist's apprentice) was able to subdue CRUNCH with a flashbulb device, moments before he was about to discharge his integrated shotgun.

Following a transfer to Nanotrasen installation [REDACTED], CRUNCH was interrogated. [REDACTED].

After a failure to reintegrate him into a cloned body, he was shipped off to the Epsilon Eridani sector where he continues to serve. Since being acquired he has undergone a notable personality shift. Whilst he was initially very reserved and observed highly rigid, sterile behaviour; CRUNCH has become very outgoing and free-thinking. This has also directly correlated with an increased willingness to act at the limits of what his laws allow him to do. The issues caused by this are deemed to be more than outweighed by his highly efficient and competent work, but he should be monitored to ensure that he does not break free of his laws.

Update: Following recent incidents involving high-value personnel, CRUNCH is to be closely monitored at all times for signs of law-related errors. In the event that he displays aberrant behaviour, this is to be immediately reported to a central engineer or robotics specialist so [REDACTED] then returned to working duty.




CRUNCH is affected by advanced cybernetic hypersensitization. Long-term habitation of a cybernetic shell has caused neurological changes that have made them unable to integrate back into a human body. Such an attempt was made shortly after they were acquired by Nanotrasen in 2563 and offered the opportunity to be transplanted into a cloned body.

Complications arose immediately - beginning with progressive nausea, vertigo, and sensory overload. This was later followed by worsening dyspraxia, delirium, and the onset of manic episodes. The attending medical staff were unable to effectively suppress these symptoms, requiring that CRUNCH's brain to be returned to his cybernetic chassis. All symptoms promptly ceased once his brain was reintegrated with his MMI.

Personnel Photo: Contents - Footage of CRUNCH, archived TSF service photograph of Harry Justinson.



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