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Decided to move this here as I realized Civilian's Day isn't really the appropriate place to put it. 

Tider's Routine

Listen kid I maybe been chasing money for a long long time

And I ain't making time, I've been way behind, so let me go drop you a few lines.
I know you wonder why I get nervous when you bringin your donk gun outside, because security see an armed assistant, that's on site.
Mask down, cause when you're mask up you get followed all the way through.
Music down, cause when your music up you get shot down, real close.
And I know you're new but still, them devils got no chill.
The bartender was just drinkin when the police busted in and got her killed.

So pay attention kid.
Veteran passin on lessons
Just to keep you safe in the suit you in
Anything can be a weapon
They feel threatened by your sight
So when you experienced enough and you stride
Keep your card, your face, and your possessions up in plain sight
Don't dig in pockets or, in compartments, or they will beat on you so fast
Whether a rod, a phone or a candy bar they see contraband when it's in your hand
They assume you stealin from departments, so they gonna follow you for it
Or you probably gettin ignored, because the scientist think you can't afford it
They pull backpacks by their stall, radio security across the hall
Just stay cordial, and don't trip but if they flex boy by all meanssss
But just be you, and you'll be fine
You've just got to run harder than the head starter, damn I'm glad if your like-
Why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them?
Why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them?
So why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them?
Why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them?
We're all prey for the devil.

Source (Cmon, you guys in badmin raps took from irl songs as well):

Career Assistant

This is rap mediation
Time to snap you right back into place
'Cause they be beggin for some shit from back from before 2000 days

I'm thinkin 2084 to 2093
Around the time lady Merlyne
Stood up proud and tall on her feet
For revolution, when revolution was still being hollered
Back when we could barely work for honor, workin a blue collar

I am from the same time, but uphold a different code
I hope we are connected and I don't know
'Cause I know couple people listening is dealing with some bull-shit, ye, BULL-SHIT
Feel like throwin 'way your shit and stroll around for a bit
I'll throw you on my schedule and we take a station trip
Where we can visit the books and learn some real rev shit
Pollute radio waves with some real rev shit

Cause I'm a career assistant, below minimum wage
Make the comrades say Brrraat
Let crewmembers say Ayyyeee
Make crewmembers say Brrrraat
The comrades say Ayyeee
Make the comrades yell BRRAATT!!!!!
And crewmembers scream AYYYEEE!!!!!

IRL Source:

I'm Down

I'm down to fight an NT officer

I'm down to pull my PDA up just to start some shit

I'm down to link up with a gang full of gangs 

And bang little homie do your thang, lettem have it bruh.

See i aint really trippin 'bout tresspassin

I'm focused on the peoples arresting for the action

The stupid fucks who believe what they believe

You'd better be dead on the rope, fuckin with someone like me shiiiet

I'm down to kill an NT officer

I'm down to put a sign up just to settle shit

I'm down to link up with gangs full of gangs

And brrang little homie do your thang, lettem have it bruh


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My beginning on the station
I'm a Twenty-niner
Old enough to see that shit was strange around here
They announced no cont on comms
Due to workplace hazards
But all it did was let security bastardize whoever
But mostly grey assistants, but they would call us tiders
And stun us in the bellies with their fingers on them triggers
They put boots on our heads
Let Araneus bite our crotches
And they would beat us up if we had gas masks on our faces
And they would take our drugs and flashes as they picked our pockets
I guess that's just a privilege for them policin' degenerates
Cause thanks to NT practice
The gulag made them profits
And free labors the cornerstone of corporate economics!
Cause synthetic slaves were abolished, unless you are brigged in
You think I ain't got the brains to read the terms of my employment?
Involuntary servitude and slavery it rejected!
That's why they givin trespassers time in double digits!

Cause the Captain is an actor, not a credit factor
Just an employee of the station's real masters
Just like the Magi, QMs and the headahs
Just another talking prick tellin lies on telecommas
If you don't believe the theory, then argue with this logic
Why did Cap and QMs both support mining Adrax!
Invading sovereign soil, going after minerals
Taking planets like a hobby paid for by their own lobby!
Same as in Ahdomai; and Plasma men's homeland
And Vedenin say they comin back again
They only love the rich, and how they loath the poor
If I say any more, they might be at my door
Shiieeet, who the fuck is that?

Steppin near my hideout?
Doing that surveillance, t
ryin to find my shit out
I'm dropping off the comms, before they pump the bullets
I leave yall with 5 words: I'm glad if station crashes



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