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Remember the basics of CQC: Unk's guide to martial arts.


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Martial arts:

Martial arts are one of the better choices one could take as a traitor. They're strong, can't be taken away from you, and require nothing but your hands. 

Then why aren't they used more often?

Simply put, they're hard to use effectively. One slip-up and you'll be put at the merciless hands of security. Hopefully this guide will help you avoid that. 

General tips:

All your grabs start out as blue (aggressive) grabs. You can quickly press Z after a short delay to reinforce a grab further, making it impossible to escape out of, or immediately grab and throw someone. 

Utilize stuns-based moves first before focusing on doing damage.

Useful hotkeys for martial arts are Z, which uses the item in your hand, X, which switches hands, 1-4, which switch intents, and R, which toggles throw mode.

Avoid getting hit by bolas at all cost. These will slow you down to a crawl, and make you an easy target for anyone.

All combos are performed by clicking on someone with one intent, and then using another, unless otherwise stated. A harm, harm combo would be performed by clicking on someone with harm intent twice, for example.

Sleeping Carp: 

Sleeping carp is a martial art focused on defense. While you lack many of the stuns of CQC, when throw mode is enabled, you will deflect any and all projectiles if you're standing up. Attacking or throwing/catching something will disable throw mode, however. Beware of flashbangs, batons, and other non-projectile based stuns.


Harm, Grab. Inflicts a short stun, and does some stamina damage. This move does not stun if they are already stunned, but still does stamina damage. It is also the only move that does stamina damage or stuns.

Crashing Waves Kick:

Harm, Disarm. Does some damage and knocks the target away.

Gnashing Teeth:

Harm, Harm. Does large amounts of consecutively increasing damage. 


Close Quarters Combat:

Unlike Sleeping Carp, CQC is all about offense. You have a variety of combos that can knock someone out in seconds, meaning if you gain the element of surprise, you're essentially guaranteed to win. Enabling throw mode gives you a high chance to block melee attacks. Unlike Sleeping Carp, you have zero protection against taser or disabler fire. A successful disarm on an opponent will take their item and put it in your hand. If you're resting, attacks with harm intent inflict a short stun. This can be paired with CQC kick to knock someone out incredibly fast.


Grab, switch hands, Harm. Inflicts a lengthy stun and does some damage. Only works on people standing up.

CQC Kick:

Harm, Harm. Deals decent damage, and knocks someone back. On stunned targets, knocks them out for thirty seconds and does some brain damage.


Grab, switch hands, Grab. Inflicts a stun and some stamina damage. Disarm after performing this combo to knock someone out for thirty seconds, and do some brain damage.


Disarm, Grab. Deals large amounts of stamina damage. 

Consecutive CQC:

Disarm, Disarm, Harm. Does large amounts of damage, and small amounts of stamina damage. Useful for dealing damage to an incapacitated target without kicking them away.


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On 10/21/2021 at 4:49 AM, MisterMan said:

Harm, Harm. Does large amounts of consecutively increasing damage. 

this doesn't do increasing damage. its just every consecutive punch does increased damage.


On 10/21/2021 at 4:49 AM, MisterMan said:

Crashing Waves Kick:

Harm, Disarm. Does some damage and knocks the target away.

this can also stun, and multiple people from a range. by kicking a corpse into someone. useful for running away.

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CQC parrying is very handy to keep on passively, during converations and escapes, because if someone tries to pull a wordless baton on you while you have something conspicious and contra, it'll always have that chance to react, and it does it instantly and silently.

CQC users that know that, are very hard to get the upper hand on with dirty tactics, especally now that bolas aren't instant.


sadly you need to rely on syndicate bundles as a traitor to actually get CQC, but its very handy, especally that it mixes with firearms. no idea if teleshield stacks with CQC block parry, but its definitely scary to consider the amount of stuff you can combo with it, afterall it is a nukie-exclusive balanced art and longer shifts with more gear add to the potental.


unlike sleeping carp, which almost completely locks you into melee outside of throwing weapons from the lack of ability to use firearms. throwing kits with sleeping carp are very, very lethal. as they can be used to weaken, slow, stun and even kill from a distance, albeit limited. very limited.


martal arts, as one can probably guess, are better in chokepoints, fighting security in an open hallway with a melee art tends to be... difficult. (especally CQC) fighting them in maints, where they can't dodge a kicked body is very lethal, pre-emptively creating these points in maintenance isn't a bad idea either, since well, security can't really stop you until the alert rises if you're not an engineer as long as its not too blatently sabotage.

timing is key too, martal arts are better when used at the right time. pulling it out from the get go, while good for getting used to it fast, tends to tip off security into countering it more. especally carpfu users, where security will start to just, pre-emptively carry bolas and use batons instead of wasting shots and CQC where they'll stop running into baton range and start using lethals from a distance more.

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