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2nd Survey Results Discussion Notes

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Here is the writeup of the notes from the meeting on Saturday (9/12), where we covered the results of the 2nd survey (Special Issue Paradise 2020 Community Survey).

Goals were figuring out:

  1. What the survey told us
  2. What it means
  3. What we can learn from it / improve based on the results

This meeting ran from 1:45pm to 6:20pm, or about 5.5 hours total. Notes are from the voice meeting plus editing a day later to reflect opinions in the survey's freeform answers.

Please post your commentary/etc here.

This thread will run for one week, to enable everyone to have their input, before I look to try to consolidate it into a list of TO-DOs.

This time, the meeting notes are color-coded, with various colors standing in for potential to-do items (e.g: green means something we can address with a PR). A legend for what the colors mean is included at the top.

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