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  1. BugsBurn

    Port JaniHUDs

    Well since high pop opens two jobs slots. It would make sense to have backup in the case that of course a second janitor arrives. Then of course perhaps add an RnD buildable version. If you really want to go at it also add a crafting recipe to combine the sunglasses and janihud since i believe currently all huds have a glasses version thats craftable now. Just my opinion though
  2. BugsBurn

    Port JaniHUDs

    Huh that is a pretty neat idea. But would it be a round-start item or science researched like hydroponics? Either way would be a pretty helpful addition especially for knowing that there's dirt/gore under those tables, desk, or dead people.
  3. Heyo I'm bugsburn or AuroraRabbit. I thought I would finally introduce myself since its been a long while that I have been a part of the community or rather kinda lurking around. Now i'm not sure how long I have exactly been around this server but I knew about spessmen since like 2015 I believe. I found it among some list of roguelike games weirdly. So yeah I wasn't a mandalore or sseth fan coming to this game or this server. Back then I gave up on the game. But it always kinda stuck with me. Eventually I came back to the game and was gonna join a server like aurora, but it kinda felt off. Eventually I settled on this server. The people were friendly along with the admins. So this become basically my home. Especially now that I had decided to finally donate to the server's patreon. Now some people might remember me for my characters or wonder who i might play or have played in the past? Well some people might of met (Slip_Up) My Tajaran. The character I learned this wonderful games mechanics and met some friends. Eventually I moved to my main character. Well I play Noggin and I do hope to see you all on the station in the future.
  4. Step 1 acquire brain. Step 2 place in bible Step 3 place on library shelf Congrats no one's gonna find it unless the chaplains needs another bible
  5. Well I can't remember exactly where I figured out about the game. I think I found it being compared to games like haven and hearth or roguelikes though not sure been a long time.
  6. Not a fan of forgetting who attacked you when cloned. If you remember who you are and your profession, why would you forget what hurt you? Especially what hurt you. Although if prescanned before the murder you should not remember at all who touched you or the events leading up to your murder. But what do i know that's just my thoughts on clone memory disorder.