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  1. Any Kind of healing chem for ipcs would work too.Just something equivalent.
  2. When you start your shift You begin with a O2 box inside is an emergency medical pen, O2 tank , Glow stick and A breathing mask.As an Ipc these items are completely useless for an IPC thus i suggest we replace these items with something more useful to an IPC.I propose we Replace the mask,o2 tank, and medical epipen with an upgraded or normal welder and 2 Spools of wire. Coding difficulty Wise I dont think its very difficult as voxxies and plasma men have different items within their boxes so we can copy and modify the code from there Balance wise Its quite balanced as all other species have starting healing items we are just giving the IPC theirs.ITs also quite easy to obtain these healing items for IPCs as they are common Items.
  4. I have no expience in spriting nor do i know a person who does Though im willing to learn
  5. The pressure of tanks dont nessicarly equate to the capacity of the tanks you can have the same pressure but not the same capacity You can check yourself as emergency tanks pressure drops much faster than regular tanks
  6. Blue space air lock (Have it as an airlock circuit) Allow you to walk through them if you have access you can manually open by clicking on it for those without This allows you to move faster in station
  7. Weapon implant works just like toolset or surgery implant You get in a box with auto implanter Srewdrive to set to which arm as usual It starts with no weapons you must attach the weapons or weapon as it only allows one or two slots depending on balance This allows people to stealthy carry weapons Or steal caps gun and implant it in your self
  8. New idea Bluespace cuffs Rechargable cuffs when used on criminals creates energy cuffs (maybe cable tie or zip die length time to undo when undone dissapears into nothing) on the criminal but needs to be recharged in the charger after 3 uses this allows officers to save space in bag Spawns in a lockbox
  9. Bluespace tank size of emergency tank but has capcity of a proper tank Blue space hud hud allows 2 hud overlays which you can config by screwdriving and attaching huds Blue space Headset allows unlimited encrption keys slots and maybe hearing protection Bluespace pen allows all colors of ink...... Bluespace magazine /speed loader allows more bullets to be stored inside the gun
  10. Reaing dis requires alotta coding despite me not knowing any thing about coding
  11. I am proposing a minor antag called the repoman The story behind the antag is that the trans solar federation has discovered tax or unpaid debt within nano trans and sent in their repoman to reclaim resources from nanotransen The antag is not suppose to be attacked by the crew or attack the crew Possibly things needed to be coded A repo gun that breaks things down possibly using swarmer code A bag that breaks down items A spiffy sprite for repoman How does the antag win the antag must gather points in order to recoup the debt(ripping swarmer code possibly for mechanics) How does crew win or get rid of repoman repay the debt or have internal affairs discover a tax loophole through rp(not sure how this mechanic would work though)
  12. Blobs i dont really care since it gets robusted in 5 min Xenos might get out of contol till ya get a durand and then its easy pickings
  13. Just thought of a new thing Put it inside the tesla
  14. I havent ever done this fyi i just thought it would be funny to post this
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