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  1. Like I said, I left out some things that either aren't worth it or I haven't bothered to add them (most likely still not really worth it). Also I left out the teleporter cause its kinda sketch to upgrade that (unless your RD). But yea that list was to get you started on a real list.
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uaKO91GvNV_pXgekG8fs5V802aQczhRA/view?usp=sharing My personal list to get you started. The post mats already includes the above. I gloss over some addition to make it semi-clean numbers for printing stock parts. I'm also missing dorms cyborg recharger and I think one more thing but at that point borgos can just get fat batteries from robotics.
  3. This is a survey to judge whether or not people physically experience or have seen on multiple occasions telescience being used for malicious purposes. This survey does not include rogue AI robustness or free junk from the armory because that can be fixed with the no-tele flag.
  4. Yea, I mean people comment saying "telescience is more often used to send bombs across the station" but is it really? Have you really seen somebody actually in game with your own eyes seen someone teleport a bomb across the station? Because I haven't personally. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to niche of an activity for any old antag to robust with it. You really have to know what your doing, and most people aren't up to par. I'd argue its easier to robust with chemistry rather than telescience.
  5. I'm not taking a side or trying to shoot you down, I think what you said makes a good point. I'm just going to clear things up with your comment @Abydos All loot on z levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are not procedural. All important loot that should be not accessible to the public is on z level 2. All procedural loot is on levels 7-something, which is completely randomized. Loot on 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 is 100% consistent every round and all coordinate locations are on my google doc. The white is where it is until somebody installs the circuit and pilots it (omega rare). Again I don't understand why the syndie depot keeps coming up, you cannot teleport to or from the syndie depot, it has that no tele flag. Bluespace wormhole projector can instantly guaranteed teleport you back. The hand tele also works but it leaves a fat portal behind, so that's what the AI would notice. As stated earlier only loot on z levels 7-something are randomized. Any capacitor works, the quadratic one unlocks power 80 and allows for less crystals to be needed to unlock power levels. Fun fact: Projectile physics doesn't take a steven hawking. But whatever I get your point cause nobody in their right mind would do it by hand....(yea I did before I knew about calculators...) Umm I mean if it's happened to you before then it exists but from my experience and after looking through the code to confirm there is no "random chance" for the teleporter to loose calibration. The exact number of teleportations after pressing the recalibration is a random number between 30 and 40. All teleportations that take place between those numbers use the exact same offsets and they don't change. Once you run out of teleports it literally won't work until you recalibrate. Also doing the GPS meme with calculators takes 20 seconds if you know what your doing.
  6. My god the bricks of replies this post is getting.... Alright lemme just knock out some conjectures out there about robusting helpless antags with telescience. I have never ever won terror spiders or xenomorphs while doing telescience paramedic, nor have I ever seen anyone besides myself participate in telescience during such events. Literally friggen everybody ghosts to try and posses spider bodies and xeno bodies, which is probably the only reason they win a good portion of the time. I have done telescience paramedic with my own self sustaining cloning setup multiple times during crisis, and every single time the crew lost. Because I don't know if anyones noticed but do terror spiders and xenomorphs have a hard time winning? Have you ever actually legitimately yourself in game seen someone use telescience to robust a spider or xenomorph in such a gamebreaking way that you actually took the time to think to yourself, "hot damn telescience is really making it difficult for these antagonists..." Also just to be clear there already exists a flag that can be applied to any area that prevents any and all teleportation, hence replacing this "jammer" yall keep talking about. If you want to add a jammer for actual players in science to go and build to protect the AI then by all means I'll code it for ya. Fun fact, mining ruin locations are not proceduaral and that toolbox you speak of is on that google doc I posted previously. Also fun fact, precious metal spawns are also not procedular (however it works by probability so it may or may not spawn in the pre coded locations). I got some private mixes that I spent hours on if yall wanna see instant death.... I even teleported one of those mixes onto my target once and it was messy... Chemistry is omega broke but again it's still around because it takes practice, motivation, knowledge, and access to actually use it to your advantage. Same with telescience. I said you can't teleport people being pulled by spiders... By the way this is how you robust the AI via telescience (imagine I swiped it with an intellicard). That's using a bluespace wormhole projector by the way.
  7. Alright let me open up my comment with I have spent dozens of hours mastering telescience along with every single aspect of it (from hubs to quantum pads to z level loot to the depot etc). I've even edited the wiki and wrote the majority of the page itself. And yes, I am the guy who makes that "public hub" that has been mentioned before, so I can most definitely touch on that as well. I'm Crangus Pangaria btw. After reading both the original post and people's comments, there are some discrepancies that need to be corrected. 1.) The telepad can only teleport objects from z levels 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. So no, you can't teleport anything you want from any z level. And, as I will touch on with depot, there are areas where telescience is not permitted. 2.) A large amount of space ruins are procedurally generated, all non-procedural telesciencable loot can be found by a google doc I created here. After using telescience dozens and dozens of times for multiple rounds, I've found that the combat gloves are the most teleported item I get from space ruins (even though there's a free double barrel shotgun, white ship circuit board, infinite hardsuits, and abandoned crates). 3.) Anything important that should not be telescience accessible that is not procedural are on z level 2 (admin ship, abductor ship, golem ship default spawn). All procedural space ruins are on levels 7-whatever the max z level is, which again is not possible with the limited 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. 4.) As far as "if your suit sensors are maxed you can get anyone," this is true unless the target is inside something with density, say a terror spider cocoon or being buckled to the ambulance. That or they're on a z level not listed above, therefore making it impossible to even use the teleporter. They're called quantum pads to be specific, and yes they can only be linked to eachother hence their harmless nature and the reason why I use them as a "public hub" rather than say an actual teleporter hub or a public telepad setup. There is a flag that can applied to an area that, when attempted to teleport to, will make the console bleep "ERROR! Target destination unreachable due to interference." This flag can be found in places like cent com, I believe the escape shuttle, the syndie depot, and probably more random places. ALL AREAS ON THE CYBERIAD ITSELF ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THIS FLAG. Yea the flag added to an area is the map altering bit that was specifically designed to prevent teleporting, so it kinda already exists.... As for the topic of calculators nobody friggen does the math by hand. It's not a question of "they're out there, and some scumbags are using them to robust telescience" its just plainly a part of telescience as it is. The actual reason why this hinders a telescience user is not difficult math but the fact that you have to manually enter target coordinates, press calculate, then enter the bearing and elevation. This stops users from pulling moving targets, as has been a real pain in the ass when I'm trying to pull a dead body being dragged by a spider... Also, absolutley nothing can stop people from using calculators, literally nothing within the realm of possibility. Ok now for me bein mad Whoever thinks that telescience has no non-antag purposes is absolutly undeniaably unequivalally wrong. There is no debate, there is a 100% productive and legitamte use for telescience. Telescience paramedic. If anyone wants to argue with me I will literally join any round, fire open telescience with a one-way quantum pad leading to medbay next to the telepad (or have my own cloning setup next to the telescience setup) and count the number of bodies I save from otherwise permanent death. There is a good chance somebody who commented on this thread has been saved by me, or has used my quantum pad network, or has been unlucky enough to be a rogue AI. As for telescience being easy to setup, yea it's stupid easy to setup. As soon as you get 6 bluespace crystals your friggen done, literally 3 minutes to build and calibrate the offsets. As an antagonist I find telescience as an omega cheese, but only in certain circumstances. In order to properly use telescience to complete objectves, you have create stuff (eg bombs) to actually use it. This makes it slightely less robust, however still powerful. Personally after 500 hours of paradise I have never once been killed by telescience; however, I have used telescience to greentext myself as well as subvert rogue AIs. My suggestion to nerf telescience (speaking from massive amounts of experience) prevents two of the most powerful aspects of telescience that I personally abuse. 1.) There is no area on the cyberiad thats protected with the no tele flag 2.) You get 20 something teleports per calibration My suggestion: Make it so you have to re-calibrate for every teleport and add the flag to certain places like the armory and the AI sat. If anyone has any questions regarding telescience or science in general, I am walking encyclopedia.
  8. Don't forget to do all races on top of bluespace floor tiles or conveyor belts.
  9. Oh no I wasn't thinking about cultist yea if I'm mebday cult I'll just pull people fresh out of the cryotubes onto a teleport rune.
  10. Multiply the target by 20, make that much blackpowder split between two bluespace beakers, make bomb done.
  11. The fact that you can store custom user settings per person alludes to the fact that is it possible, so I'm going to go with a yes It's possible. I think two scenarios could arise with this 1.) People would have more of an incentive to play the game as it gives them more of a chance to have the opprotunity of an extra fun antag round. This would increase playtime and get more people to play more rounds, therefore encouraging growth within the server. 2.) If somebody recently get's antag, they know that their odds of becoming an antag are jack squat compared to those who haven't been chosen for multiple rounds in a row. Henceforth, they don't feel as if it is worth it to play the game, as the chance of becoming an antagonist motivates those who are on edge as to whether or not they feel like playing around of paradise. 3.) Too big of a change, devs would never allow it.
  12. If I'm in that situation I usually just pop out their brain and morgue the body.
  13. damn now I can't robust as a cultist... I've used this method countless times to legitimately destroy entire departments, as you can literally drag silenced bodies in a wrapped locker in open hallways. It's handcuffs on steroids, no cooldown and nobody knows its a body.
  14. Yea I took into account all of that (except for the hud thing didn't know that was a thing, and will edit the new mixes with the 100u pill update), but I weighed time over everything else and didn't want to waste cultists time with mixing pentetic.