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  1. Joined a round late and just in time as the admins spawned a nice sized area below escape and the materials to build in it. Thanks to @Elysian_prince and any other min that round who helped out, here are a few shots of the builds I built the alien looking area seen first Zven Zramn built the cool bar area I am unsure who built any of the rest. And of course near the round end the Tesla wound up in escape! Where it got into a fight with the shuttle and died.
  2. Welcome look forward to seeing you around! Also What is brown and sticky?... A Stick!
  3. The epic death of L.A.P.S.A.C.K...Via Tesla https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ueFCv2mvywkOCbawFDsOzq-drbreRPNl Also bad Clown
  4. How not to use a SM Shard
  5. Emanz

    Biolock :)

    Welcome! look forward to seeing you around the server and such! you picked the right server to hang around, Paradise is the best!
  6. Yes, NTSAM has joined the darkside....also 2
  7. Welcome! Glad to see you stopped spying and decide to join the chaos!
  8. ...way to state the obvious spark!
  9. Command Denies all knowledge of this "Deathsquad" so remember they do not exist!
  10. Beepbot Was one of many Heros this round a Poor Engineering Cyborg killing an Alien Queen With lots and Lots of assistance from the crew, Hence The Message from NT Saying how we showed that poor Xeno who was boss.