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  1. I was talking to some old friends recently and I decided to make a post about it, I am going to be putting some fun facts and memories of very early SS13 days. I have been playing SS13 since about 2003 or so and originally worked on a very early concept of an advanced medical system with Exadv1 ( Bonus points if anyone can tell me what his username was short for!). So for my first random fact: Way back when once a new round started everyone first spawned on a big shuttle, you had to move you char to the very top and hit 'Ready" and then Enter" and you would be teleported to a holding area on the ship before the round actually started. This would sometimes cause some fights and chaos as the fast you hit "Ready" and "Enter" the better your chances at a job and there were limited tiles you could ready up on.
  2. These are all really nice Drakeven! I just spent the last few minutes browsing your work and kudos!
  3. Welcome! I hope to see you around, the wiki is also very handy for any questions regarding mechanics or positions as well!
  4. What these fine fellows all said! Welcome to the community, I suggest reading the wiki as well, its a very helpful guide to pretty much everything! https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  5. A fellow medic type person! Nice to see you here!
  6. Basically, It was 4 to 1 for NT, and things were going smooth, Then a random cargo tech decided to start attacking the syndicates, Chaos ensued, once things settled down a bit the game did resume and NT pulled out the 5-1 win. After a bit however the nukeops did attack with mechs and what not but were soundly defeated by the crew. Was good times!
  7. Some shots from the Nukeops Vs NT basketball game for the Disk!....This was the true SPACE Jam
  8. What do you do for fun and/or a living if your an older player when your are playing as a robust spaceman? I myself work as an actual paramedic, Hence why I very very very rarely play in medbay!
  9. Make sure to fire that disposal into space as well.
  10. Some of the Fun Chaos from the round on Saturday Morning where the original station got destroyed and we had to build up Lavaland! Honestly one of the funnest rounds I have ever played in my 15ish years of SS13. People even rejected the auto crew transfer...twice! Before I had to run My DNA Store ( Thanks Prince)