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  1. or just have it so the AI can manually aim the turrets if the need arises
  2. be able to put small non space proof animals inside fish bowls so you can take them into space This wont affect balance or anything, i just had one round where i was an engineer and my pet mouse couldnt go into space so i couldnt do solars or repairs
  3. what if engineering borgs could have a "circuit storage pouch" that works similar to a trash bag so they dont have to drag a locker around and look goofy as hell doing it
  4. Make AI lasers be able to shoot at blob tiles AI currently has no defence against blob in AI core and the AI should be able to make its turrets shoot the blob tiles since the AI isnt stupid i dont know how hard this will be to code or if it will be possible if it isnt possible please make a thing that lets the ai aim its turrets all at once so it can fire barrages at the blob see image for how im picturing it in my head (i couldnt draw a mouse)
  5. allow printing of rubber 9mms for sec when traders arrive or for antags who want to be non lethal with a stetch since regular 9mm is already printable
  6. would it be possible to make the target of a stalker antag not be a kill target ? and im guessing the stalker would be allowed to use short term non harmful stuns on sec like bolas/stunprods and run ?
  7. yeah the gamemode probably should be able to happen in any round barring wiz and nukies, would giving the stalker built in senses like a locator for the obsession that tells the general area+ highlight objects that should be stolen ?
  8. i am unsure of the coding difficulty depending on if it can be ported or coded itself its scope would be a new traitor type which could be rarer which is somewhat big ? this is likely balanced as i doubt it would ruin the game if played correctly and just makes one character have an obsession over another basically it would run like a standard traitor but the traitor has to spend X amount of time near their target and possibly steal some of their roundstart items/clothing etc. i am only suggesting this because 1. no one on the discord has said its a bad idea 2. i cant find it suggested on the forums 3. i think it would work well in paradises gameplay if you disagree please tell me why
  9. Two is the saddest of numbers, worse than number one
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