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  1. I always find it really interesting to see how people go through the many jobs you can play on-Station. So, I wanna know how you got to playing your current favorite role(s). Ill bold roles that have stuck as my favorites and underline stuff that I'd consider a "main" role for my character(s) specifically! For me, its a LONG journey... "Old" Malvor: Cargo Tech > Bartender > QM > Medical Doctor > Security Officer > CMO > HoP > Warden > HoS > Captain [I pretty much only played these roles for my first 6ish years of SS13, i was a gameplay nerd with minimal care for RP. This was my path WAY back when I played Bay and Para ages ago] "New" Malvor: Security Officer > Warden > HoS > Blueshield > Captain > Magistrate > Shaft Miner > Barkeep/Chef > Coroner [This "path" would be the one I've taken since coming back in 2019. Its a LOT more varied and RP-oriented compared to my old path.] In the past 2+ years I gained a new path for a new character too, and they had their own journey! MAL VR: Engineer > Atmospherics Tech > Scientist > RD > CE And of course, my one-off Characters. Atichiki: Chaplain > QM > Janitor
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