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Magical Items

Item Name Cost Description
Staff of Healing
Staff of healing.png
1 An altruistic staff that can heal the lame and raise the dead. WARNING: You cannot use the staff of healing on yourself! You'll need to use a Wand of Healing from the Wand Assortment, or hire the services of an Apprentice to use the staff on you!
Scrying Orb
2 An incandescent orb of crackling energy, using it will allow you to ghost while alive, allowing you to spy upon the station with ease. In addition, buying it will permanently grant you x-ray vision and night vision.
Wand Assortment
2 A collection of wands that allow for a wide variety of utility. The collection includes a wand of death, a wand of door creation, a wand of fireball, a wand of polymorph, a wand of resurrection, and a wand of teleportation. Wands do not recharge, so be conservative in use. Comes in a handy belt.
Battlemage Armor
2 An artefact suit of protective armor that is enchanted with a magical shield capable of blocking attacks and is spaceproof. The shield will not recharge over time and will disappear after 15 hits.
Battlemage Armor Charge
Charge export.gif
1 A defensive rune that will add 8 more charges to any battlemage armor it is used on.
Staff of Change
Staff of change.png
2 An artefact that spits bolts of coruscating energy which cause the target's very form to reshape itself. You cannot buy this staff on the Ragin' Mages gamemode.
Staff of Chaos
Chaos staff.png
2 A caprious tool that can fire all sorts of magic without any rhyme or reason. Using it on people you care about is not recommended.
Staff of Slipping
1 A staff that shoots magical bananas. These bananas will either slip or stun the target when hit. Surprisingly reliable!
2 A mighty hammer on loan from Thor, God of Thunder. It crackles with barely contained power.
Singularity Hammer
2 A hammer that creates an intensely powerful field of gravity where it strikes, pulling everthing nearby to the point of impact.
Staff of Door Creation
1 A particular staff that can mold solid metal into ornate wooden doors. Useful for getting around in the absence of other transportation. Does not work on glass.
Staff of Animation
2 An arcane staff capable of shooting bolts of eldritch energy which cause inanimate objects to come to life. This magic doesn't affect machines. Objects brought to life using this staff will have silly googly eyes but make no mistake, they are quite dangerous!
Six Soul Stone Shards and the Spell Artificer
2 The 6 Soul Stone Shards come in a handy belt and behave identically to that of the Cultist's shards. The artificer spell summons a construct shell where you stand, allowing you to turn a captured soul into a deadly construct. For a more detailed description on how to use the shards and the constructs they can summon, view the Construct page.
Necromantic Stone
2 A Necromantic stone is able to resurrect three dead individuals as skeletal thralls for you to command.
Contract of Apprenticeship
2 A magical contract binding an apprentice wizard to your service, using it will summon them to your side. Five types of apprentices are available, each of which is described upon activating the contract. You can only summon one apprentice. The apprentice you summon has their own teleport scroll. Should you decide not to use an already summoned contract (or there are no ghosts available), clicking on your spellbook with the contract will get you a full refund.
Bottle of Blood
2 A bottle of magically infused blood, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings when broken. Be careful though, these creatures, called Slaughter Demons, are indiscriminate in their killing, and you yourself may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the slaughter demon.
Bottle of Tickles
1 A bottle of magically infused fun, the smell of which will attract adorable extradimensional beings when broken. These beings are similar to slaughter demons, but instead put their victims in an extradimensional hugspace, reviving them after the demon dies. Chaotic, but not ultimately damaging. The crew's reaction on the other hand could be very destructive. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the laughter demon.
Bottle of Ooze
1 A bottle of magically infused ooze, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings when broken. Be wary however, these creatures, called Morphs, are indiscriminate in who they eat, and you yourself may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the Magical Morph.
Bottle of Shadows
1 A bottle of pure darkness, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings when broken. Be careful though, the kinds of creatures summoned from the shadows are indiscriminate in their killing, and you yourself may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the Shadow Demon.
Bottle of Ectoplasm
1 A magically infused bottle of ectoplasm, effectively pure salt from the spectral realm. Be careful though, these salty spirits are indiscriminate in their harvesting, and you may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the Revenant.
Living Lightbulb
Light bulb.png
1 A magically sealed lightbulb, confining some manner of electricity-based creature. Be careful though, these electrifying speedsters are indiscriminate in who they shock, and you may become a victim. You need to use the bulb to release the Pulse Demon.
Cursed Heart
Cursed heart.gif
1 A heart that has been empowered with magic to heal the user. The user must ensure the heart is manually beaten or their blood circulation will suffer, but every beat heals their injuries. It must beat every 6 seconds. The heart has a ten second grace period upon being inserted before it starts beating. Not recommended for first time wizards.
Voice Of God
2 A magical vocal cord that can be used to yell out with the voice of a god, be it to harm, help, or confuse the target. For the list of phrases that can be used with Voice Of God to have effects, click here
Warp Cubes
1 Two magic cubes, that when they are twisted in hand, teleports the user to the location of the other cube instantly. Great for silently teleporting to a fixed location, or teleporting you to an apprentice, or vice versa. Do not leave on the wizard den, it will not work.
Cursed Katana
Darkshard.gifCursed katana.png
1 A cursed artefact, used to seal a horrible being inside the katana, which has now reformed. Can be used to make multiple powerful combos, examine it to see them. Can not be dropped. On death, you will dust. For more information on how to use it, check out this guide.
2 A magical sword that deals a respectable 25 damage on hit, pierces most armor and can parry most attacks directed at its wielder. The true power of this sword however is that it can be imbued with one of four powers by using the sword in-hand; Fire, Lightning, Bluespace or Forcewall. Each spell giving the blade a new magical effect:
  • Fire - Upon striking an enemy, ignites a small area around you setting everyone nearby on fire. Has a cooldown of 8 seconds and additionally you are completely fireproof while wielding the sword.
  • Lightning - Upon striking an enemy, begins to shock them after a short delay and quickly chains to anyone else nearby excluding the wielder. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds.
  • Bluespace - Allows you to teleport onto and strike an enemy on-screen by simply clicking on them from a distance with the sword in hand, additionally stunning them for a brief moment. Has a cooldown of 2.5 seconds.
  • Forcewall - Projects a magic shield around you when striking an enemy that absorbs incoming stuns, halves all brute and burn damage and massively reduces any stamina damage taken. The shield only lasts a few seconds, but can be refreshed by continuing to strike enemies.
Meat Hook
1 An enchanted hook, that can be used to hook people, hurt them, and bring them right to you. Quite bulky, works well as a belt though. Shoot it like a gun or staff, note it has a cooldown, and the stun is short. Will knockdown for 6 seconds and stun for 1 seconds.
Guardian Deck
2 A deck of Guardian tarot cards that can be used to summon a spirit companion for the wizard. Functionality-wise, the companion is identical to the syndicate holoparasite. See: Guardian. You can choose a type of the Guardian freely.
Enchanted Tarot Card Deck
Tarot Box.png
2 An magic tarot card deck, enchanted with special Ink. Capable of producing magic tarot cards of the 22 major arcana, both normal and reversed. Each card has a different effect. Throw the card at someone to use it on them, or use it in hand to apply it to yourself.
Unlimited uses, 12 second cooldown, can have up to 5 cards in the world. Read what the cards can do here.

Enchanted Tarot Cards

Item Name Description
The Fool
The Fool Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to arrivals.

Reversed: Unequips all items from the person hit with it.

The Magician
The Magician Card.gif
Normal: Badass trait for 2 minutes.

Reversed: Unequips all items from the person hit with it.

The High Priestess
The High Priestess Card.gif
Normal: Person the card is used on takes 20 damage 3 times and is momentary imobilized by Bubblegum.

Reversed: The person hit with the card will constantly spawn a Bubblegum portal every 6 seconds for 1 minute. After 2.5 seconds of a portal spawning, someone is slapped for 10 damage 3 times who can see the portal. Run.

The Empress
The Empress Card.gif
Normal: Injects the target with 4.5 units of Mephedrone and 12 units of Mitocholide.

Reversed: 40 seconds of pacifism for all in range, not including the user.

The Emperor
The Emperor Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to Bridge.

Reversed: Teleports you to a random head of staff. Can include yourself if you are a head.

The Hierophant
The Hierophant Card.gif
Normal: Enchants the warn suit slot item with a shield that blocks 3 hits. No recharging. Doesn't work if it already has a non hierophant shield such as shielded robes, modsuit with shielded, etc.

Reversed: Two Hierophants chase after people other than you.

The Lovers
The Lovers Card.gif
Normal: 40 brute / burn heal including robotics damage, 100 blood, 40 tox, 40 o2 heal.

Reversed: 20 damage, breaks the chest, 120 blood loss, and 20 heart damage to the person hit with the card.

The Chariot
The Chariot Card.gif
Normal: Gotta go fast / pacifism / stun immunity / 90% damage resist for 10 seconds.

Reversed: 120 second petrification of the person hit. The statue, unlike the base statue, is indestructible.

Justice Card.gif
Normal: A first aid kit, a small chemical grenade that does not gib, a magical key that is one use and only works on airlocks / windoors, and 100 credits.

Reversed: Spawns a random cargo crate.

The Hermit
The Hermit Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to a random vending machine on the station level.

Reversed: Sells items in range directly into money!

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune Card.gif
Normal: Spawns a random vending machine.

Reversed: Person hit is forced to roll a die of fate!

Strength Card.gif
Normal: Vampire gladiator + blood swell for 30 seconds. Naturally blocks ranged weapons, and no defensive barrier.

Reversed: Two minutes of hallucinations and 30 brain damage, for those around the user.

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man Card.gif
Normal: Float off the ground for a minute.

Reversed: Person hit is forced to use a cursed slot machine that spawns.

Death Card.gif
Normal: 20 brute 20 burn damage to everyone but the user on the screen.

Reversed: Spawns a soulstone shard and a construct shell.

Temperance Card.gif
Normal: Obtains changeling's Panacea ability + 60 organ damage healing.

Reversed: The target forcibly eats 5 pills with random reagents.

The Devil
The Devil Card.gif
Normal: Shadow mend, a three second heal of a total of 45 brute and burn, but rather than hurting you, it's debuff targets others around you!

Reversed: Spawns a cluster flashbang that's already primed.

The Tower
The Tower Card.gif
Normal: A clusterbang of IEDS that's already primed.

Reversed: Turfs that are not indestructable, or having a mob, and pass a 66% chance, get turned into labormineral rock.

The Stars
The Stars Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to evidence and opens 1 random evidence locker.

Reversed: 50 clone damage, gives a random limb either a fracture, IB, or a burn wound. The person hit draws 2 cards!

The Moon
The Moon Card.gif
Normal: Teleports you to a random ruin, targeting the z-level you are on first, then space ruins. Changes the turf to a plating to prevent wall spawning and grants a pickaxe.

Reversed: The person who is hit, their memory is shown to everyone in a 5 tile radius.

The Sun
The Sun Card.gif
Normal: One aheal, healing you of everything.

Reversed: A weakened version of the max power umbra ability for a minute, and nearsighted to the person hit.

Judgement Card.gif
Normal: Summons the ghosts to orbit you.

Reversed: Five minutes off the Moderate event timer.

The World
The World Card.gif
Normal: Smoke, and grants xray for 2 minutes.

Reversed: Teleports you to the mining base.