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Setting Information / Lore
This portal covers Lore. Paradise Station's lore is currently being reworked. If you want to help contribute towards it or get permission to edit Lore pages, join the Discord server and ask in #lore-chat or visit the forums.

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Major Factions
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Nanotrasen stands as one of the most powerful human enterprises. Its roots trace back centuries before space colonization on Earth. Founded by Jonathan N. Nexus, the megacorporation is a focal point of galactic talk, especially among humans. Its role as a de facto governing body and rumors of TSF corruption are controversial. As a corptocracy controlled by an executive board, Nanotrasen offers careers and financial benefits, while promoting its commitment to enhancing lives through innovative technologies.



The Syndicate is a loose band of criminal organizations, pirates, and corporate backers created in the aftermath of the Kidan war. With what started as three powerful groups of Cybersun, Gorlex, and Waffle Co. would soon expand to various other groups joining its ranks to terrorize and sabotage governments and rival megacorporation's within the spur. Today the Syndicate continues to operate in separate cells with occasional infighting from internal groups.



The Trans-Solar Federation, commonly referred to as "SolGov," stands as the largest human-origin government in the Galaxy. This military republic encompasses a diverse array of colonized systems within and around the Sol System.



Conceived in the struggle against the Trans-Solar Federations overarching and pro-corporate unity, the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets is the single largest splinter faction of humanity. Following the tenets of Malfoy Ames, the Union serves as a striking contrast to the staunch corporatism rife in human sectors. Collectivist in nature, the USSP espouses that the well-being of many is better served through collective ownership and broad governance rather than by the individual or the corporation.

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From the Tajaran of chilly Ahdomai, to the Slime People of tropical Xarxis 5, or even the humble Humans of Earth, there are a number of known species inhabiting the universe.
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