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This page contains all the side factions in game.

Donk Corporation

A Box of Donk Pockets.
A Donk-Brand Airsoft gun.

Donk Co. Is a globally recognized manufacturer renowned for its creative toys, popular junk food, Donk Airsoft guns, and quirky clothing lines. Initially a humble Earth-based startup, Donk Co quickly diversified from merely producing toys to introducing a myriad of products that resonated with consumers across the galaxy.

Donk Co’s ability to produce common household goods made them popular in the general market. Most popular toys and casual clothing brands are owned by the corporation, as they quickly tend to buy subsidiaries or smaller teams that show innovation in their products. This approach allows Donk to experiment in its markets and stay innovative, while some items became massive hits like Donk Pockets, most have shown to be failures in the attempt to stay fresh.

Despite its substantial success, Donk Co found it difficult to compete in a galaxy full of cheap knock offs and unexpected consumer responses. Instead of succumbing to competition, they saw a win-win opportunity and formed a strategic alliance. With Nanotrasen looking for a reliable supplier for their various sectors, Donk Co found an opportunity to strengthen its market presence and brand, especially within the Epsilon Eridani and other Nanotrasen-controlled territories.

As a result, Donk Co became Nanotrasen's primary supplier of toys, airsoft guns, clothing, and even their coveted Donk Pockets. In return, Nanotrasen's investment significantly amplified Donk Co's brand visibility and financial stability.

However, this partnership is not without its playful tensions. Notorious for their light-hearted mischief, Donk Co frequently orchestrates pranks and publicity stunts aimed at Nanotrasen. From "accidentally" shipping crates full of confetti bombs to Nanotrasen's executive offices to launching ad campaigns subtly poking fun at the megacorp, Donk Co uses humour to maintain their distinct corporate identity and keep the much larger Nanotrasen on its toes.

Such a corporate dynamic has turned Donk Co into an unpredictable yet significant player within the interstellar economy. Despite their jovial exterior, Donk Co's influence is far-reaching, their products adored by consumers of all ages across the cosmos, making them a vibrant and unique component of the galactic trade network.

Port Royal Inc

Port Royal Inc, headquartered on Earth, operates one of the galaxy's most extensive shipping networks. Their reach spans from the central planets of the Trans Solar Federation (TSF) to the arid badlands of Moghes and remote space stations beyond. Their reach and influence is widely known as the gold standard for transportation of commerce in the galaxy.

Port Royal Inc. was born from the foresight of visionaries predicting the demand for reliable, extensive courier services as the interstellar trade era dawned. They identified a niche in bridging distances across evolving markets, establishing a company that became indispensable in the galactic economy, serving governments and corporations alike.

Through strategic negotiations with the TSF, Port Royal Inc. secured an autonomous operational zone, allowing for quick expansion of their fleet and the creation of an intricate logistics network. This autonomy permits Port Royal to operate outside the constraints of TSF jurisdiction, enabling them to deliver goods to even the most isolated and hazardous locations.

A pivotal factor in their success is their alliance with Nanotrasen, a corporation that relies heavily on Port Royal's services for product delivery across their vast empire. In exchange, Port Royal receives a lucrative cut from each shipment, fueling the growth and maintenance of their expansive fleet.

Their colossal size and expansive network make Port Royal a prime target for pirates, particularly in the lawless fringes of space. To counteract this, they maintain a compact but proficient military force dedicated to safeguarding their trade routes. Their fleet of patrol and security vessels ensures cargo safety, symbolizing Port Royal's commitment to reliability and security.

Despite fierce competition and threats, Port Royal Inc. holds a substantial share of the interstellar shipping market. Their robust logistics strategies, advanced fleet, and strong partnerships underpin their significant role in the galactic economy, making Port Royal Inc. an integral part in galactic commerce.

Einstein Engines Inc

Einstein Engines Inc, initially known as Solerian Automotive, began as a manufacturer of automobile engines on Earth. However, their gaze soon turned skyward, and they pivoted to develop advanced space engines and Faster-Than-Light (FTL) propulsion systems. Recognizing this path as their destiny, they secured funding from the Trans Solar Federation and rebranded themselves as Einstein Engines Inc., honoring the acclaimed physicist.

Far from the familiar market of automotive engines, Einstein Engines leaped headfirst into the new frontier of FTL travel, hoping to make the vastness of space a little less daunting for all. They offered their revolutionary FTL systems and space engines to any willing buyers, embodying the principle of neutrality in a world dominated by ruthless corporate competition. Unfortunately, the corporate landscape of the galaxy was less forgiving, and in turn led to much hardship for the corporation in a world of cut throats and corporate conflict.

Einstein's primary competitor, Nanotrasen, sought to maintain its dominance and pushed its less efficient plasma-based engines, even as Einstein Engines championed their more innovative bluespace technology designs. Nanotrasen's unscrupulous tactics, including alleged sabotage and hired mercenaries, forced Einstein to operate in the fringe sectors and disguise their own ships.

Despite these challenges, Einstein Engines persisted, continually innovating and refining their designs, outpacing all but the Technocracy in terms of technological advancement. However, the relentless attacks forced them into an uncomfortable alliance with the Syndicate, forsaking their own morals for survival.

Now, they stand at a crossroads. Nanotrasen has begun experimenting with bluespace technology, potentially disrupting Einstein's market advantage. Yet, the resourceful minds at Einstein Engines are not beaten. Their resolve hardened, they now race against time to unlock the mysteries of bluespace technology, secure their place in the future of the FTL market, and restore their original vision: connecting the galaxy through accessible, efficient FTL travel.

BioTech Solutions

IPC Bishop Alt.png IPC Xion.png IPC Hesphiastos Mtr.png
Cybernetics manufactured by Biotech Solutions subsidiaries.

BioTech Solutions, a pioneering company in synthetic biology, was born on Earth and later moved its base of operations to the Crown. The company's products range from cutting-edge prosthetics and high-tech body augmentations to groundbreaking gene-therapy solutions. This work is reshaping the future of healthcare and life enhancements all over the galaxy.

BioTech Solutions started as a small Biotech startup, but it quickly caught the attention of investors thanks to its potential to revolutionize the medical field. With its innovative prosthetic designs and advanced medical equipment, the company quickly grew in size and reputation. It won support from many governments and helped create a network of health organizations, all of them linked to BioTech.

The company's constant innovation has led to many patents, making them a target for other companies that want a piece of this profitable market. Cybersun Industries and Nanotrasen have been accused of trying to sabotage BioTech Solutions more than once. In response, BioTech has made deals with various governments, including the Skrellian Government where their main office is located, to ensure their protection.

Beyond its main work, BioTech Solutions manages a group of impressive subsidiaries. These include Bishop Cybernetics, known for its high-tech cybernetic limbs; Hesphiastos Industries, a front-runner in advanced medical research and high-end healthcare machines; and Xion Manufacturing Group, a leader in making bioengineered products, like their own line of cyborgs. All together, these businesses help strengthen BioTech Solutions' position as a top player in synthetic biology and related tech.

From the start, BioTech Solutions and Nanotrasen have been rivals. Accusations of stolen designs and sabotage have taken this competition to a whole new level. Rumors say that Nanotrasen has stolen BioTech's designs for enhanced limbs, medical machines, and cyborgs. These two companies are now locked in a quiet battle for control of the market. Despite going up against several massive corporations, BioTech continues to hold its ground and fight for its place in the industry.

Shellguard Munitions

Energy Gun.gif
7th generation of Shellguard Energy Guns.

Shellguard Munitions is a major player in the interstellar arms market. The company offers a diverse array of combat equipment and armaments, mostly focusing on energy weapons. They make brisk and lucrative trade supplying clients such as the Central Skrellian Authority and Nanotrasen, as well as smaller corporate and individual entities. They also operate a PMC subsidiary, Shellguard Military Co., which provides private security and military services throughout the sector. Its mercanaries are mostly recruited from ex-TSF military personnel and Unathi from Moghes, although members of any of the major species can be found among its ranks.

Originating on Earth, Shellguard's early days were marked by a focus on non-lethal security products and cybernetic augmentations. As profits from the latter surged, Shellguard ventured into lethal personal defense, introducing concealable handguns to their product range.

One of the most important events in the path to Shellguard's growth was the successful hostile takeover of Maiman Photonics, creators of the first practical man-portable laser weapons. This takeover granted access to Maiman's assets and prototypes, drastically increasing Shellguard's capabilities. Soon after, Shellguard began to produce its own highly successful range of laser weapons, the LG series.

Impressed by Shellguard's laser weaponry, Nanotrasen became a key client, contracting Shellguard to equip their security teams. In parallel, Nanotrasen RnD immediately began to reverse-engineer choice samples of Shellguard's products. Combining this with its expertise in other areas, Nanotrasen has developed a large collection of unusual and exotic energy weapons of its own. Whilst most of these products are yet to hit the general market, the company is gearing up for a fierce bid to upset Shellguard's dominance over the energy weapon market.

Mr Chang's

Mr Changs Vendor.png
Mr Chang's standard vending machine.

A small enterprise that gained popularity across vast expanses of space for its deceptively simple yet flavorful traditional Asian dishes. Established during the era of galactic expansion and contact with alien lifeforms, Chang's began to appear on the galactic market with mixed reactions. Some aliens enjoyed the taste of human noodles while others saw it as foreign and poor in quality.

This complicated Chang's influence in markets throughout space, but the majority found the cuisine to be palatable, and the company managed to establish markets in neighbouring systems.

Despite the straightforward nature of Mr. Chang's recipes, allowing for replication by competitors and individual chefs, the company has maintained its reputation as the originator and standard-bearer for its culinary creations. Though smaller than some rivals, Mr. Chang continues to thrive, confident in its unique blend of tradition and easy to make foods.

Aussec Armory

Founded in 1989 nearing the climax of the Cold War, Aussec Armory was established by Price Aussec as a ballistic weapons manufacturer. Initially focusing on hunting rifles, the company quickly evolved to become a leading producer of ballistic armaments in the modern era.

Aussec Armory's initial offering was the AUS-1, a robust precision rifle designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy in the hands of a skilled marksman whilst also being rugged and surprisingly cheap to produce. Over the coming decades it became a hit among snipers and hunters alike, to the point that many precision rifles designed for warfare would be overshadowed by the simplicity of Aussec's design. From this popularity eventually came an extremely lucrative contract from the nascent TSF to produce and supply weapons for their soldiers, making the company extremely wealthy.

Generations later, Aussec Armory has completely left the civilian market to focus on its ever-expanding military clientele. It is one of the largest arms companies in the TSF (overshadowed only by Sunburst Heavy Industries), supplying such offerings as the L6 SAW machine gun, SR-31C anti-material rifle, and the infamous AS-14 "Bulldog" shotgun.

As energy weapons proliferate, Aussec now finds its purely ballistic line-up of weapons being attacked for being 'outdated', 'primitive', or 'unfashionable' by the likes of Warp-Tac, Shellguard, and Nanotrasen, all of which promote extensive media campaigns attempting to proclaim energy weapons as the future of warfare. Despite this, Aussec's products retain their enduring popularity.

Unofficially, Aussec Armory is also exceptionally popular in the black market, with the estimated number of handguns and rifles having "fallen off a truck" to be in the high millions, with an especially large concentration circulating on the Unathi homeworld of Moghes.