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Add a new martial art for Syndicate Agents


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Martial arts are cool, and I think this is distinct enough from CQC and carp to be potentially added/used. My general idea was differentiating from other martial arts by focusing on internal damage rather than stuns or stamina damage, as well as increasing combo length.

I am very bad at names so if anyone has better ones please let me know. 

If people think this is a decent idea I may even learn how to code.


Syndicate Combat Training - A particularly lethal martial art taught to elite syndicate operatives, focusing on raw damage. 

  • Purchasable by agents for 70 TC.
  • Grants 40% reduced stamina damage.


Basic Attacks:

image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png Harm - Deals 10 damage. Deals 5 bonus damage to targets that are aggressively grabbed (or floored) and 10 bonus damage to targets that are neck-grabbed. 

image.png.faa75ad2c4d33e8353bf28503e08e664.png Grab - All grabs start as aggressive. Throwing someone into someone else deals more damage and downs them both for an extended amount of time.


Combo Attacks:

image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.c32da418549109b7da9fad7cd751ae02.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png Shatter - A forceful strike intended to break bone, fracturing the targeted limb. Needs to be executed twice to fully break the head or chest.


image.png.faa75ad2c4d33e8353bf28503e08e664.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.c32da418549109b7da9fad7cd751ae02.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png Rupture - A targeted jab that bursts blood vessels, causing internal bleeding in the targeted body part. Additionally removes 10% of their blood. 


image.png.c32da418549109b7da9fad7cd751ae02.png > image.png.c32da418549109b7da9fad7cd751ae02.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.faa75ad2c4d33e8353bf28503e08e664.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png Shock - A specialized attack that targets the organs, with different effects based on the targeted body part.

  • Head: Inflicts brain damage, confuses, and blurs vision temporarily. 
  • Chest: Damages the heart and lungs, deals oxygen and minor stamina damage (enough to slow down). 
  • Lower Body: Damages the liver, forcing the target to vomit blood and dealing significant stamina damage.
  • Arms: Retargets to chest.
  • Legs: Retargets to lower body.


image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.faa75ad2c4d33e8353bf28503e08e664.png > image.png.c32da418549109b7da9fad7cd751ae02.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.c32da418549109b7da9fad7cd751ae02.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png > image.png.bbe9f686d52559349bc6075f8aafb6c7.png Obliterate - A finishing move that carries enough force to sever the targeted limb. Has varying effects depending on the target's state. 

  • Standing: Knocks the target down and severs their arm/leg, launching it several tiles.
  • Floored: Severs the target's arm/leg and removes 50% of their blood, spraying it on nearby walls.
  • Dead: Severs any limb, breaks bones and inflicts internal bleeding on body parts near the targeted one.  
    • (beheading people with your bare hands is awesome)





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This sounds really fun. Specifically, shatter and rupture. It forces combatants to retreat or succumb to injuries off the bat instead of harm harm you're dead now.

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19 minutes ago, Crazyhair said:

This sounds really fun. Specifically, shatter and rupture. It forces combatants to retreat or succumb to injuries off the bat instead of harm harm you're dead now.

Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for, as I do love a battle of attrition. 

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The idea is quite interesting, but I'm not sure it'd work out of the box

- Grabs starting as aggressive is interesting but is a melee instastun, which makes it impossible to 1v1 and quite hard to 2v1, alongside instastuns being quite unfun to fight

- The combos seem a bit too long for their effects, while yes I could sever one of their limbs, with a 9 hit combo, I can also do `grab -> harm x 8 ` and deal 160 damage which is enough to kill someone usually

- 40% reduced stamina damage is a way to make it win from batons/disablers, but I'm not sure this martial art needs it

- Could be interesting if help/disarm did something aswell?

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