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Replacing the Knuckle-Dusters


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I believe that high-risk Items should bring 3 different elements to the round

1. Provide something mechanically unique to round start, that shouldn't be accessible to normal crew. (aka an item that cant be replicated or substituted)
Failing items include: Captain's Rapier, Medal of Captaincy, Classified Documents and Engraved Knuckleduster

2.  Give's either a unique playstyle or a benefit only accessible to the Head of the department when compared to others in the same department.
Failing items Include: Engraved Knuckleduster, Classified Documents and maybe Reactive Armor, Advanced Hypo-spray, Advanced Magboots

3. Makes logical sense for the Head of department to use in every day working environments.

Failing item: Engraved Knuckleduster.

Failings of the Knuckledusters
The Engraved Knuckleduster fails all my requirements for an effective High-risk item, it doesn't add anything unique to the QM playstyle that cant be replicated with easily created items from an auto lathe. Logically speaking, i don't know why NT would care so much about a set of Engraved Knuckleduster, that if stolen you would be committed Grand theft. Mechanically speaking its equal damage to a tool box minus the organ damage; its only benefit being it cant be dropped, and is kind of stealthy.


Remove the Engraved Knuckle dusters from the High-risk's items listings, replacing it with a new item I've name: Portable Orders Terminal. (i suck at naming but if you got a suggestion, its probably going to be better then mine). I don't believe in completely removing the Knuckle dusters from the QM's arsenal, but i don't think it should be a High-risk Item. 

The Portable Orders Terminal

The Portable orders terminal, will be an items similar to the Hand held Crew Monitor. That allows access to the Supply Shuttle Console and spawns in the Qm's lockers. This items solves my 3 requirements for a useful High-risk item.
1. Allows access to the Supply shuttle while being on the move
2. Allows for the QM to more playstyles (allowing them to not be forced to stick cargo) giving them an advantage over  normal Cargo techs
3. literally allows the QM to do his job easier

The Terminal will have QM access built into it, meaning orders can be approved if they require QM access' even without a QM id.

Protectional problems with The Portable Orders Terminal

Anyone using the terminal can easily spend cargo's entire budget on anything the QM can order. Although this might lead to griefing and an-tag shenanigans. I think it should be tested in game before any other restrictions are implemented.

It could be quiet easily for an an-tag to just send away the shuttle as it docks full of equipment and supply's. so implementing a one minute lift off delay after arriving on station, would stop people from abusing docking BS and deleting creates. I don't believe this solution will majorly effect normal cargo life.

I think add a new High-risk item will allow Qm's to have more control over what comes in and out of a station, while allowing an-tags easier access to cargo create orders. Also i don't believe the knuckle dusters are a good High-risk item; I think replacing them with a new item that helps QM's do their jobs would be the best solution. As of now the QM feels like the less important command role, and giving them something that's important and relevant to their job will make them feel like a true command role.

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This is what was originally thought of for the High Risk QM item.

However, it comes with the truly massive "WYCI" moment.

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