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Aidan Fair (yes the guy in the chicken suit)


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Why do I wear the suit? I don't actually know. I liked putting on a costume because I thought it was funny. It all started when I was a tider. Being arrested, beaten or murdered can be comedic. But it is way funnier if the one being assaulted is dressed like a snowman or a jester. So, while doing my admittedly childish and annoying antics, I wore a costume. So when I got discovered, the person who found me could enjoy robusting me a little more. Costumes just add a little bit of wackyness to every situation.

Then I started wearing the chicken suit more and more. Unlike, say, the snowman suit, the chicken suit doesn't block automenders or surgery. So you don't need to take it off in medbay. Yet it covers the whole body. The perfect non-spess proof spess suit. So I found myself wearing it more often than not.

Slowly, at first, it grew on me. I became attached to it. But the more I wore it, the more I enjoyed it. To the point that I now feel naked without it.

I've had psychiatrists try to "cure" me with drugs, hypnosis and even surgery. After the hypnosis, I felt the urge to send all of my money to the psychiatrist. But, if anything, I enjoyed wearing the suit even more. Especially while on drugs.

Over time I've learned to embrace my suit. And feel comfortable in my own skin. Feathers and all. I am the guy in the chicken suit. And that's ok. Cluck.

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