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Rework Supply SoP


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Page URL: https://paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Standard_Operating_Procedure_(Supply)

Description of your suggestion or issue report:

Just an hour ago, during my shift as an IAA, an interesting precedent occurred.

We, IAAs, carried out routine department inspections to see if the SoP was followed correctly and everything is in order. 

During one of such inspections in the cargo department, I, being an IAA and having no access to their console, was unable to verify approval of any orders.

You see, since there are no specific guidelines in SoP about what to do with the printed requisition forms, there is no requirement for QM or cargo to stamp it.

Therefore, as an IAA, I am unable to verify if the order was approved or not and check if the QM SoP 1. and Cargo Technician SoP 6. are followed.


Despite QM SoP 5. stating that each Cargo Order paper should be kept in cargo, there are no specific instructions about in what state this form should be, even if the form itself asks for a "DENIED/APPROVED" stamp in the end of it.


To be honest, the whole Supply SoP is a bit of a mess, since there are multiple unnecessary referencing from QM SoP to Cargo Tech. SoP and vice versa.


For example:

7. The Quartermaster is not to keep any illegal items that are flushed down Disposals, and must deliver them to Security. The same applies for Cargo Technicians and Shaft Miners; 


The mere Cargo Technician, who may by heart know own SoP, does not obligated to know QM SoP, yet, since this procedure is only stated in QM SoP, the might break it.


Same goes to these:

5. The Quartermaster must ensure at least one copy of every Order Form (ie, the forms produced by the Requests Console) is kept inside Cargo. The same applies for Cargo Technicians;

9. Cargo Technicians are not permitted to ask for money in exchange for legal orders. The same applies to the Quartermaster;

Yet, despite having such unnecessary cross-references, we have procedure copies like this:

1. The Quartermaster must ensure that every approved order is delivered within 15 minutes of having been placed and approved;

6. Cargo Technicians must ensure that every approved order is delivered within 15 minutes of having been placed and approved;

I suggest to rework the Supply SoP and rather than include some Cargo Technician's direct responsibilities into QM's SoP, which they are not obligated to know, include it all in Cargo Technician's SoP and simply add one additional procedure to QM's SoP -

"You are to follow all Cargo Technician's procedures aside from ones that require your own approval"

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I like this idea. I've drafted up a rewrite following some of your suggestions for supply SOP(unfortunately the system for this isn't public) especially some of the cross referencing stuff.  Also, having duplicate clauses a.k.a QM clause 1 and CT clause isn't necessarily bad practice, that reiteration is necessary to establish that it is both roles responsibilities especially one that is the primary purpose of that department.

Unfortunately you can't really force cargo to be on top of their paperwork, if they are great, otherwise it's up to the IAA to actually cross check order papers as well as the received crate manifests.

I also would like to add these clauses to replace the cross referencing issues. This is not an unrealistic expectation by any means, especially for players who play QM or decide to assist cargo as a shaft miner.

8. The Quartermaster is required to follow the guidelines put in place for Cargo Technicians; 

8. Shaft Miners are bound by guidelines set for Cargo Technicians when inside the Cargo Office or Bay;

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