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Name: Idunn Raan

Age: 41

Gender: Female (she/her)

Race: Human

Blood Type: O-

General Occupational Roles: Medical Doctor, Bartender, Geneticist, and other roles





  • Joined the military forces of the Trans-Solar Federation at age 18 as a combat medic
  • Met her now ex-husband while serving SolGov, getting married at age 20
  • Honorably discharged from SolGov at age 22 after losing both her arm and leg in an explosion
  • Gives birth to her only daughter, Freya, at age 23 and begins to raise her alone while her ex-husband continues to work for SolGov
  • Flees Earth with Freya at age 40 following a Syndicate related incident involving her ex-husband and several other employees of Nanotrasen
  • Divorces her ex-husband as she seeks shelter with Nanotrasen, offering her services as a medical doctor
  • Is currently employed by Nanotrasen on the NSS Cyberiad, proving herself to be a valuable asset to the medbay's team for both her medical experience and combat prowess. Has quickly made friends with Chikitita, Jakki Rockatansky, SEAGULL, Cure #FF99FF and many others.







  • GED Diploma from a rural high school
  • EMT-B certification from SolGov combat medic training
  • Paramedic associate's degree post honorable discharge
  • Several medals such as the Purple Heart, Combat Medical Medal, and others from her time serving in the Trans-Solar Federation.




Employment Records:



  • Her time in the Trans-Solar Federation military forces is considered voluntary, so not exactly a job
  • No full time jobs before working with Nanotrasen




Security Records:

  • Questioned for her involvement in a Syndicate bombing on a different Nanotrasen affiliated vessel; was found not guilty and unaware of her ex-husband's cooperation with the Syndicate
  • Minor infractions of public intoxication




Medical Records:




  • Left hand and right leg were amputated following an explosion - Idunn refused to have them replaced with cloned variants, stating that the scars serve as a reminder not to fail her comrades. As a compromise, she has cybernetic limbs replacing her lost limbs.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - appears to have flashbacks to her time serving in SolGov, most of them triggered by sudden gunshot noises, bright flashes, and moments of low blood cell count.
  • Minor addiction to coffee - stemming from her interactions with fellow crewmate Chikitita. Mostly a harmless addiction.
  • Alcoholism - appears to resort to this mostly during rough shifts. Seems more like an inherent wine mom trait.




Personnel Photo:



Idunn stands at 5'8" / 172 cm with long blonde hair reaching down to her shoulders. Her face and limbs are covered with superficial scars accumulated from her time serving as a combat medic on Earth. Her eyes are an emerald green. Idunn is a woman with a fairly muscular build that can be easily hidden beneath a jacket. Her left hand and right leg are both cybernetic parts, and are grey with orange trim. She is easily recognizable with her medical beret and winter coat.






Other Notes:


While on the job, Idunn can come off as overly stern and serious. Her friends, however, know that she is a kind person who tries her best to watch over her comrades. Those looking to hurt those she cares about more often than not end up having to be treated by other members of medbay for blunt force trauma. Idunn has two girlfriends that she loves very much.


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More Notes:

  • below is an art ref of Idunn in her main two Medbay outfits, including a jumpsuit outfit
  • it also features Freya, Idunn's daughter and only child





Relationships on the Cyberiad:


Angel Anide 

  • Romantic Partner
  • She’s essentially a rabid possum personified. But I really love her, especially because she’s trying to be a better person. 


Rivera Kirkland

  • Romantic Partner
  • She has a complicated past - honestly, who doesn’t? - but I can tell she needs a shoulder or two to hold her head against. I hope Angel and I are good enough for her. 


Freya Raan 

  • Mother Of / Good Relations
  • She’s reckless and stubborn - every bit my daughter. Her construction projects are a little over her head, but she’s got a good heart. 



  • BESTIES. Best Friends
  • One of my first friends on the Cyberiad. May have contributed to my coffee addiction. She says her life is disposable because she doesn’t have any form of “kin,” but she’s practically part of my own family. I hope she sees that. 


Jeanne Takowase

  • Family Friend / Daughter-in-Law?
  • From what I can tell, my ex-husband’s responsible for what happened to her… She’s a good kid, however, and I can tell Freya loves her very much. 


Jules Takowase

  • Family Friend
  • Another victim of the Syndicate. He hovers around his half-sisters a lot, but it’s very much what I do around the medbay’s staff. We have more in common than we think. 


Sybil Swords

  • Essentially one of her Three Moms
  • She’s an incredible cook. I’d love for her to help cook for our little family traditions, especially now that we’re one giant complicated family. 



  • Essentially one of her Three Moms
  • From what I can tell, she had a rough life growing up. I can’t change that, but I do hope that her life from here on is full of everything a good family is made of. 


Tidal Kirkland

  • Essentially one of their Three Moms
  • They’re learning to be a medical doctor, and I want to help them learn everything they can. Hopefully things aren’t too hectic so we can actually do some teaching… 



  • Essentially one of her Three Moms
  • She’s been running for a while, I think. I don’t know exactly how I can help her and Allay, but at the very least, I can try to be there for them. 



  • It’s Complicated
  • Allay’s a good kid, but god am I out of my depth with how extreme her teen rebellion phase is. Freya was never this mean.


Coffee (the Library Cat)

  • Family Pet
  • Freya pretty much adopted Coffee… while I wasn’t keen on the idea of a sudden new addition to the house, Coffee’s been a good cat. It’s nice to just sit and pet his fur. 


Atmoloid Skyla

  • Good Friend
  • Skyla actively looks out for Freya, even if she doesn’t have to. It makes me really glad that she’s out on the station. I hope she knows I appreciate her.



  • Friend
  • Cure’s a good person. She tries her best in medbay, and has overall tried her best in everything she does, but I still worry she might burn herself out. 



  • Friend
  • You’re always a reliable coworker! I’m glad that Chikitita introduced us, because you really do just Get It when it comes to looking out for her. 


Jakki Rockatansky

  • Friend / Acquaintance
  • We both hail from Earth, but your past seems entirely different from both Freya's and mine... Please, make sure not to drink so much, okay? You're still young.



  • Friend / Acquaintance
  • They seem pretty close to Skyla. I don’t get to talk to them much, but they seem like a good person. 



  • Acquaintance
  • Your cooking is always so stellar… you, uh, wouldn’t happen to be teaching cooking lessons, would you?



  • Acquaintance
  • You and Chikitita sure seem to have a long past! Hopefully sometime we can chat about embarrassing stories we know about her.



  • Acquaintance
  • I feel a sense of kinship with you... maybe it's because we're both older members of medbay? It would definitely be wise to have a chat over some drinks. Maybe we can finally get some of those Syndicate targets off Chikitita that way.


Michael Bovine 

  • Acquaintance 
  • While we haven’t gotten many opportunities to talk, the brief interactions we’ve had have been pleasant. I hope we get to talk some more. Thanks again for the space pod!



  • Acquaintance 
  • I know our first meeting was somewhat rough with that contractor on you, but I really had a great shift with you in Botany. Hopefully sometime we can talk more. 



  • Acquaintance
  • I don't get to talk to you much, but from what I can tell, you always do a good job! Here's hoping we can relax soon.



  • Stranger
  • Whoever - or WHATEVER - you are, don’t hurt Chikitita.



  • Stranger / Enemy?
  • Stay away from Chikitita. She hasn’t done anything wrong to you.



  • Stranger / Enemy?
  • Take off Chikitita’s arm again, and this time I won’t show mercy the next time we meet.



(This is very long, but if I've missed you please let me know!)

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